Brands with heritage and legacy never fall.

Fila Korea 's stock has been playing very hard in the past two months. It was 47,500 won per week as of February 15th of this year, and I shot 79,600 this morning on April 1st (now 77,600 won). 1.8 times at first sight? A tremendous growth of around. Only about 45 days … How did you come up with this … I want to investigate and analyze …

In fact, I bought three weeks of Fila Korea stocks at the end of February (I bought 3 weeks, but I can not believe that the appraisal profit is 38,700 won and the profit rate is 19%.) I thought that a company with a heritage like Fila would rise sometime . (If i bought 1,000 weeks, iMac Pro is right …)

It is a little bit of my own standards, but I follow heritage and legacy on the basis of a brand I believe, love and invest (…?). And even though I have heritage and legacy among the places I've seen so far, I have not seen a place to walk around.

For me, two words have the following definition.

The presence of heritage means that there is a tradition and history unique to the company or brand and that the general public is perceiving and enjoying it. The brand is a tradition that has it alone, and that does not help at all. It must be recognized and enjoyed by the general public unconditionally. For example, Fila Korea was formerly Fila, and many remember the look of Fila, which was worn by American athletes (especially tennis) in the past 7-8 years (not accurate). This is heritage.

However, the brand's heritage does not have to take into account the taste of all the public here. For example, Fila does not need to make a product with a black color. Fila = white, red, dark blue . And, the "public" need not necessarily be a large number. I have just heard of Fila Korea, I have a lot of brands with heritage. I also know (…) from the brand of mother-of-a-kind crafts, even from the few hundred followers I was in, I felt the brand's heritage.

The fact that there is a heritage is, in summary, in a sentence, 'I have been doing something steadily about one field, left a footprint, and the public knows what kind of footprint it is .' It is a brand that comes with a sense of uniqueness. The question of whether Starbucks also has a Heritage is not clear yet whether Starbucks' business itself is a space (based on space) that does not have a 'specific footprint' like an unmanned product.

Legacy means that the company or brand has walked the path, and that by pursuing it something has made people "embrace" the philosophy . Well, where there is a "philosophy" of heritage, but if the heritage is to agree with philosophy, agree and agree, should the legacy be said to give in, admire and praise?

The term 'degree' as used here refers to what is often called 'for humanity', 'for nature', 'sustainable', and so on. Considering that most companies and brands are private companies, it's hard to keep this (though it's not necessary to keep it true, but keeping the degree is a huge branding, marketing factor from another point of view, It is difficult to say what companies and brands have legacy yet. It's hard to argue about superman in the human world. But there are a lot of companies and brands that want to have this legacy. There are many places that are aimed at social ventures or local communities.

I always support companies and brands with heritage and legacy.

Anything based on a grounded philosophy, it seems to be so if you do it steadily.

I am going to buy more shares of Fila Korea, Starbucks, Apple, and Blizzard.

* Cover photo Source: Fila Korea's official website 'Brand History' first image.


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