Bulletproof Boy Scouts BTS. The name that embodies the beauty of being

"No, how could you see those kids dancing?"

One day, he turned his head around the night of the bulletproof boy band and turned his tongue out to his less fortunate husband as if he had lost his word.

Why? What's wrong with that?

How could a woman who forgot about forty turn her BTS every night? What the hell happened to me?

I want to say that I was the 'very special event' when I met the BTS, which was the last time the Boys Group was the New Kids on the Block, and I do not care about Idol and K-pop, but since no one would understand it, I will say that it was 'pure chance'.

Some hearts are falling down and disgust with people. Those were the days when I was just barely disturbing my mind. Unlike me, which seemed to be a pathetic endeavor, BTS 's warm news, which gave Korean pride to me, was decorating the floor every day.

'What the hell are the kids in the US?

So I saw the bulletproof boys. I just noticed that my heart was strangely upsetting just by looking at the children.
The bulletproof dance was full of strength, the message was excellent, and above all the seven boys were truly 'sunny'. The unadorned smiles of those children faithfully surrendered me without a doubt. I was happy to see them, and I was laughing brightly at the moment.

I was assimilated with their fandom "Ami" that there was no exit of the duck, and for a while I used to see and watch them and comfort them for a day. There is a ventilator in my body and mind that is discharged. It was. I was bulletproof at the time.

Their eyes are not arrogant. Their humility comes from the sun.

So the BTS came inside me and comforted me sick and sad, and they told me the joy of being. And now it is the biggest inspirational name for me in the future.

Nevertheless, it was almost impossible for me to understand such people around me. These emotions and phenomena that made me entertain and comfort were fun, and there was no one to talk about it. When we talk about bulletproof, the first thing that comes back is "What idol?" "I like it so much, but …"

It was a prejudice and embarrassment to say 'listen to idol music' and 'enjoy mature culture if you are a mature person'. I like 'Bach' and enjoy classical music. And 'taste' is not necessarily limited to one genre. It was interesting that the responses were matched with the motif of their song 'Idol' anyway.

It was not an exception for her husband. One winter last winter, we had a couple fight with BTS.

It was the day when I saw 'Bohemian Rhapsody' with my husband and family. When all of us were fascinated by Freddy Mercury's brilliant aura, he said to himself, "I'm not really interested in that story."

"It's fun to see pathetic children like BTS and that's not funny?"

I knew that my husband had overturned the burdens he had built on me, and that we were raising his voice every day for almost a month without saying a word, that the foreign husbands could not know the comfort and catharsis the BTS handed to the Koreans, The queen and the BTS should not be able to go beyond just the standard of authority and respect. I spoke to my husband.

I am comforted to see those children, it is like receiving comfort from people watching the wild flowers"  

That was the most accurate expression. Actually, that's what worked for me.

I still speak to people. The real strength of bulletproof boys is in their 'innocence'. When many idols and stars are in narcissistic play, only one of them is pure and their innocence is 'radiated' into the world.

A childlike smile and clear face comes from innocence

I can say that this is my opinion. But if you ask people who like Bulletproof Boys, you will be surprised to hear more of the same answer than you think.

Another strength that has made them today is the 'endless self-innovation', which has a very important touch point. It is not expecting 'charismatic of genius' such as Freddie Mercury, but showing how ordinary ordinary children go beyond their limit every moment.

In fact, the BTS, which literally "conquered" America, the world's most lucrative and vast majority of the world, is now a 'giant flow and phenomenon,' and that alone is a certain 'difference' And to try to resemble the "power" that made it possible. Is this the ability to catch the 'stream of the times' and is it mature?

I control my own little desires to tempt young boys, and my whole body is broken. I practice all night and constantly grind and polish my life.

The reason why they are so precious to us is that they are proving each moment to us in their own existence how they are born as a human being and embody the beauty of being in their lives.

So today they shake us up, so today we are comforted by them, and so today I am. Someday dreaming to comfort the world with them. I do.

Today, all the 'Aunt Amy' s who are obsessed with her husband and watching bulletproof are strong. We can only express ourselves and my joy today without fail.


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