# Communication # Communication # Insight # Data What's next?

I think so.

Before about 2010? After 2008, we were caught in the word ' communication ' . Those who do not know who speak and say communication are seen as pioneers, and even his words seem right. It is true. This is the first time we have known and accepted the fact that if we 'talk' properly, we can get 1 + 1 = 100 instead of 1 + 1 = 2.

And since a little time has passed since there have been a lot of people doing communication and bullshit (just as borrowers have borrowed the word communication), the word is no longer a word with its meaning, It seems like the # communication # communication that seems to be common these days. It's really sad. I think that the communication that is done properly has the power to process … (Well, nowadays it seems that the word "communication" is being used with proper assortment, because the level of the whole people has been raised, I do not think it's because the person who uses the word Hutong communication is different from the person who writes truthfully)

And with the next word, 'Insight' appeared. Many leaders at the time were suddenly born (IT-based), and we were thrilled at the end of many leaders, and found that what they were saying was all their 'insights'. At that time, the book 'Honchongtong' was one of the same context in which it became famous. 'insight'. 'Insight'. We began to be attracted to the end result (or something in progress) of a person's unique cognitive step, such as 'consolation'. It is true. The insights of many great people were enough to impress the world and lead them.

And after some time, it is insight. Insight is great. You have insight. (Perhaps this was not the one who started to bite the mouth for someone in the upper class who was attracted to Insight, and I think they are the same people who started to borrow the above communication) Insight is no longer Insight. (* It is a strange, but the word "Insight" has come from the media (that is the media?).) The word Insight seems to be very contaminated. Obviously, Insight is something that is great for the development of the world and the development of the individual. In particular, the insights in their books, words, and interviews that have created something have always hit my back. (Of course, Insight also seems to be having a recovery now, but this also increases the level of people + the degree of contamination is somewhat lower.) But now, in a world surrounded by so much content, Their product, their display, their actual behavior, the actual culture of the company, the banner that the brand pursues, and the banner that it displays (and as we see it) , It seems that Insight is becoming more insightful as it becomes an insight to extract and dig directly from the phenomenon, and nowadays, it is called essence.)

(* Of course, I do not have the essence of 'I do not have the essence', 'I do not understand the essence'

And the next word, no. It is the word that just started to appear. I think the word "caught" will soon be 'data' .

Of course, you may have forgotten the word "block chain" because you are shaking the world (it seems to be just shaking our country), but in fact we faced the virtual revolution of the fourth revolution, And then I came across 'Deep Running', and I found that the source and main factor that enabled them were 'data'.

We became able to change a lot by knowing the importance of the data. No, in fact, should we say that we have data that we can now use to accumulate lots of data, have an 'eye', and accumulate, utilize, and interpret the 'ways'? Performance marketing, which most companies are doing nowadays, is also the basis for a variety of "Big Data Blahs".

And a little time did not flow. Right now, just right. 'Great data'. There is also a sentence such as 'Data is important too'. I also think that this is the same person who is fascinated by the data and who is not familiar with the data, and who is the same person as the person mentioned above. The word data is not yet contaminated, but it is trying to be contaminated. Fortunately, or of course, I do not think that 'data' is of a different nature from 'communication' or 'insight', so it will not be contaminated. Data needs to show data to speak. And I make stats, find meaningful differences, and then step on to the next step. I think it is the area that the Villans can not access. Of course, it is arbitrary hypothesis, experimental control.

The word "data" has not yet been caught. thank God.

In fact, what I really wanted to say is from now on.

The communication -> insight -> data we have shown so far, though, is not really what we were trying to show or try to do with each word, as many great leaders (though it is a very dangerous approach to trusting and leaning on what is a great worker) , merely that one, just they gaeppak hard and fierce debate, struggling hard (alone or with team members or markets or with customers or government and so on) to continue running, talking, and thinking, looking, build, some of them I think that things are just 'communication', 'insight', 'data' and so on .

They just did what they were doing .

On the contrary, communication. Insight. Those who are caught in words such as data simply follow the word and follow it.

There is a sapphire-warp hypothesis. It is also a hypothesis that is mainly dealt with in the film 'Contact'. The point is that the way and behavior of understanding the three aspects is related to the grammatical system of the person's language (the language influences thinking) Sapir Whorf hypothesis' ) And this hypothesis is obsolete. I am not sure that it is wrong to prove that I am wrong, but I am wondering if there is a lot of individual language data to be accumulated later, It is because there are so many variables that affect a person's life and can not be tested against a person at once. In fact, it is very easy to find cases that are against the sentence "Language dominates thinking." In other words, a person is not confined to the prison of language.

This is what I want to say.

Do you do what you want to do, live in a world on words.

Or will they live in a world beneath the words , trapped in the world of words?

Will the language be caught or caught?

The Insight that the leader says and the insight that Billon speaks are different from those in the hierarchy.

Which world would you belong to?

I feel a sense of discomfort when I wear it. I will live hard and loyal loyalty … I will not be doing this but I will read the book.

* It is strange, but nowadays there are many new 'words' in the world, so it seems to be fortunate that the existing 'words' are less likely to be contaminated. For example, 'data' and 'deep running' were not enough before they became contaminated. The word 'block chain' appeared and the bilinges moved to that side. (For example, There is OOO who says to put chain in)

** Billy, but Billon is still running around studying # Big Data # block chains and so on. thank God. When they are here, let's move on to the next step.

*** If anything, it is a high probability that Billion is the person who is the Sapphire-Warp hypothesis, what is the theory, what theory. (I … am I …?)

**** In fact, 'data' has the ambiguity to deal with the same steps as above, but I brought friends who were in different categories to talk about the current phenomena.


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