Developed for lifestyle optimization

In fact, the original dream title was 'For a bit more lifestyle' .

But I think I will walk on the clouds too much, so I changed my terms boldly. Of course, the term optimization is far from that of a person's life and I thought that the point of view and angle of 'lifestyle' could be disturbed or degraded at the moment of use, but in this article, I have changed the concept of 'fat lifestyle', which is a bundle, into a more angular expression called 'lifestyle optimization'.

The usual optimization term leads to pseudo cost, efficiency, efficiency, margin increase, and higher return on investment. The best examples of 'optimizations' that we can access are window optimizations, Mac optimizations, web optimizations, and search result optimizations. In fact, if you look at 'optimization' or 'optimization' itself, there are very large quantities of concepts and uses anywhere, whether in the dictionary, the knowledge base, or the wiki. In fact, I look at the concept of optimization used in mathematics, and I think I will put it down thinking "I should not write this …." I want to talk about it except.

If we define the concept of 'optimizing' in terms of the terms used in these peripheral categories, and examples, we will take the most appropriate attitude in the most appropriate way for the purpose, and continuously, repeatedly, It is a 'state' of the most suitable conditions that can be realized as much as possible.

The longer the definition of the fact is, the better the definition can not be said to be a good definition, but today I hold it for a long time. And if I confess, my understanding of this is still far from being understood.

Here, "lifestyle" is not a definition of life style or definition of a set or a group of prototypes (ie, it does not refer to the "New Yorker's lifestyle"), but a variety of tastes and ideas (That is, it is not until one or two words or one or two sentences are defined, to understand the "lifestyle" of the person, to exchange tens of thousands of words and spend a lot of time together) What you see is "lifestyle" where you can talk to 'him' where 's where to go … sunshine is good Sunday afternoon, today is Harris'!)

The definition of "lifestyle" I see is the same as above, so I can not lengthen the story about lifestyle. In fact, this article itself has taken out a tool called 'optimization' to discuss 'lifestyle'. The idea of ' lifestyle' will become clearer if you try to analyze the concept of lifestyle through the optimization tool and dismantle it.

Returning to the optimization story again, the definition of optimization in my mind is actually a 'fit' word.

And this fit is closer to liquid than to solid, closer to personal than public, and closer to deep structure than surface structure. In addition, it is multifaceted, close to infinity rather than one-time, has continuity rather than temporality, and can be seen to have recursion rather than one-way, in fact. The above-mentioned properties are summarized as follows.

The definition of the above optimization can be seen as the combination of the two structures, which means that the term 'most suitable condition to realize for purpose' should exist, of course.

1) take the appropriate attitude in the appropriate manner

2) consistently, repeatedly, reproducibly

Can be seen as two structures.

These two structures complement each other and interact to form the term 'optimization' .

As you may have noticed, the two structures above are actually sentences that are often encountered in life or in books.

First , it is a structure that has to face a lot in 'problem solving situation' and it is a structure that has to face each other. More precisely, it refers to 'modified behavior after problem recognition' in the problem solving situation. This allows us to 'solve' the problem directly.

The second is 'a metric to see if statistics or experiments are being done in statistics'. (Actually, not exactly "Is it possible to reproduce? And was the appropriate group settings? Including the most important, but I think most 'optimizes' I think I can explain this concept brings) in statistics, a measure eventually 'to see the significant difference' And make the difference when you look at it with insights to get meaningful results in that study .

In other words, a life that seems to be trendy and hip, something just wonderful, 'pure life', pure chill music is backwards, and only selected stores are going to visit without care, in other words

It can be said that there is a problematic situation, that it is recognized, and that it takes a modified behavior (meaning the purpose of the person concerned) that gives a meaningful result through the right scale .

Life is literally optimized. Optimized lifestyle.

If we structured it in the way that we put numbering again

1. Lifestyle optimization

1.0 Your lifestyle –

1.0 What purpose do you have

1.1 Take the right attitude, in the right way,

1.1.1 Is it the right way? (According to purpose)

1.1.2 Is it appropriate? (According to purpose)

1.1.3 Is it a complementary measure to take the right attitude in the right way?

1.2 Continuously, repetitively, reproducibly

1.2.1 Is it done consistently? (Not temporary)

1.2.2 Is it done repeatedly? (Not one-time)

1.2.3 Is it reproducible? (Is it reproducible in other situations)

1.2.4 Is it continuous, iterative, reproducible?

1.3 Are the above categories in your "state" rather than outside?

Can be seen as.

Of course, this is purely brain-based, based on my personal knowledge and imagination, so it is not scientific at all, and reliability is also close to zero, so do not be blind. Also, 1.0 equates lifestyle and purpose. Literally. That's what it is. It separates from the moment of separation, merges the moment of merging, loses its implication in any way, and expresses with just the same number.

So far, if you have a discussion of lifestyle optimization, I'll talk about the practical ideas and actions to accomplish this from the next article. Also, various examples are likely to be made as examples tailored to my personal situation.

Actually, if I had a little more experience, I would have been a little wiser, if I could see a lot more variety, I would be able to talk about really cool and real thoughts and actions, I am sorry to be unable to unfold as much as I have thoughts, but I want to try to review my own lifestyle optimization.

When I first thought about writing this article, I thought it would be very concise and short, but I am personally sad because it seems to be a defensive writing with many words.

I remember this.

"I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter."
  – Blasie Pascal

I do not have time to write short letters, so I write long. The mathematician Pascal says.

The less I see the essential essence, the less mature the mind is, the longer the writing becomes.

I can face a little deeper and write a shorter article.


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