Did you forget the legacy

I used to be history. When I was in high school, when I was still looking at four social inquiry areas

(I thought it was not that long ago, but now it looks like it was a long time ago, 10 years ago)

I had modern and contemporary history, world history, and national history. I had heard of history classes that existed at the time. When I saw my friends who listened to these three, I said, "Do you listen to the three?"

You have to be friends in the break time. Do you know what happened in 1884? Is not that crazy? ㅇ Yes, right after 10 years of reform. That's what I'm talking about. Gapo reform is going from top to bottom. What was 1970? I must have achieved $ 10 billion. I played like this.

It was a joke, but it really was. I think that it is a term that is somewhat common even if it is not certain because it was discussed in the high school curriculum level. Of course, there are some who say that it was 1894 when there was a Donghak peasant movement, but I think it is about the time when 'modern day' was started anyway.

I've been talking about that many years of history. I memorize the year, understand the meaning of it, memorize it, what effect it has, what history it becomes. I tried to understand Korean history, modern history, and world history, but it was quite helpful. I have a lot of memories about the facts of history because I have studied with myself. (But I am in grade 4 of Korean history exam. I know a lot, but I do not know much …)

I remember studying a lot in the 4.19 Revolution (1960), the 5.18 Gwangju Democracy Movement (1980) and the 6.10 Democratic Uprising (1987). In particular, the Gwangju Democratization Movement has seen many films through the film, and it seems to be in my mind even though it has been exposed through various historical papers.

Personally, I like to connect cause and effect, to think about the effect, reason and meaning of connection, and history seems to be able to make these processes much clearer. In addition, there is a tendency for personal life to accumulate through experience, which really delivers these experiences in comparison to the results obtained. I'm getting the blood that people spilled, I get a line of sentences.

Today I was reminded of the things I forgot to look at the taxi driver.

Is the life of one person entirely part of the person?

Everybody thinks it is. I think so too.

My life is my part. I study, I explore, I make money, I think and I communicate.
No one cares for my life, I have to take care of my body, and mine should take care of me.

Of course it is.

But sometimes I feel like this. Where did I start writing this laptop? And where does the iPhone that is playing my favorite music next to me start from?

Of course this is the right thing to buy my money for. It started with my fingertips.

But did this laptop appear in a moment? I wonder if the technology and design of the iPhone have come to light in a moment.

no. Of course, these are LG's company. It may have been the experience, thoughts and sacrifices of many people, even though Apple is a commodity created within the capitalist system.

Before the laptop came out, a personal computer, a PC would come out. In order to make it, someone would have taken a boat and devoted himself to research. Before the PC came, Aniak would have come out, and I do not know the exact context, but like Allan Turing of the movie 'Imitation Games', there would have been a situation where we had to weigh human life (war) with new technology.

In this life I live now, everything I enjoy in this whole life of mine is neither for me nor for me. (I do not think that it would be mine, even if I paid for it if I did not make it 100%, but I did not make it.) To rent for the duration of my life)

The rental system is capitalism, so it is possible to borrow money by paying. This capitalism would have been made by someone's blood and sweat.

And we actually know everything about technology and capital leasing. And these are compared to what I have suffered (work), and are worth making an exchange.

Capitalism is like this, what about democracy?

Sometimes we often forgot to live, 'From the time we were born! Someone has come into my preference by pressing the F10 key in my life economy: capitalism. Social system: I set it to democracy. I started in that state. I think that 's because it' s not natural.

Like capitalism, democracy is made up of someone's blood, sweat, thoughts, and skills, just like the above. And it is older than capitalism. Capitalism is a system that started in earnest when the explosion of goods occurred, that is, when 'surplus goods' appeared. Democracy, on the other hand, began a long time ago. It started in Greece as everyone knows (so I know).

These two systems are not for personal life but for personal life. The knowledge of mankind and everything piled up. Human heritage. Legacy .

(I think this word "legacy" is a vocabulary that expresses what I want to express more than anything else.

I think in our lives there is an obligation to continue + to build this legacy in the life of the individual.

Again, I live in a lot of things in this life, 'thankfully', 'renting' a lot of things without 'royalty.' This building is made up of someone's pain and trial and error. This electricity. I can borrow these technologies for life if I only pay 'current price'. How grateful it is.

The life of a person is a whole individual. So your life is right for you.

If you think about it a little more, I think many things like this legacy are occupying your personal life.

Let's just list what I think right now.

Paradigms such as capitalism and democracy. Numerous classics . A philosophy that is a star for many. Scientific technology that makes life easier and easier. Basic science that helps us to understand the nature of the world (including the science of the future). The polite manners to keep thinking about when humans live with humans. Stable national system etc.?

In fact, it depends on what category the country is placed in and what perspective it is placed on. If you put the country as a single item, it will surely be one of the legacy.

It is up to you to choose how much of the above you want to give to your life. It is okay to assign only 1% to all but the individual domain. But I think it should not be 0%.

I think it would be a wonderful life to study and explore things in that legacy area (I think it's great to explore those things in my standards, because I can assign more focus to my personal life, I also know that I can not live by following those things.

There is definitely a person who can hardly focus on his own life, his life, and he is not the wrong person.

In fact, the beginning of the proposition that "Everyone who lives right is right" starts with "Everyone is right" rather than "Live correctly." Whatever life he is, he is right in his eyes. 'Being alive correctly' certainly belongs to the domain of society or the legacy, not to the domain of the individual.

However, when everyone begins to live a 'personal life', the legacy begins to fall and collapse gradually as nobody begins to care about the legacy that we have built up and maintained.

The notion of 'paying for money', which we have for granted, is the idea that 'my opinion is reflected in society'. 'I do not know whether I am a butterfly or a butterfly or a butterfly is a land,' <! Because, on Earth, gravity is gravitational gravitational! "The idea of basic science disappears and disappears.

When these disappear, it is obvious that our life will no longer be able to live and maintain the 'personal life' anymore. So we should always pay attention to these legacy. If every 'person' is a 1% allocation .

I was able to see the person who guarded the legacy through the taxi driver 'Jambaekbok' I saw today. Personal life was important to Mr. I have to raise my daughter and keep my last will of the wife I left. So he could not keep the legacy given to mankind. That was not to be 0%. 0.0001% I do not know if it looked like it did not. However, he visited Gwangju and realized again that he had to keep the legacy with a simple thought, and rushed for legacy. 'Dad left the guest. Dad 's got to do' through. Perhaps the resurgence of the legacy would have started with the idea of 'how a person …'.

How people

How can a person shoot a person without a reason

How can a person not help a sick person

How can a man end up paying so much money

How can a man lie like that

Not all of these ideas are due to legacy. Thoughts appear first, and in the process of their manifestation, naturally, naturally, seems to be aimed at preserving human heritage through legacy.

Legacy from the beginning. The heritage of mankind. Because human beings are piled up as human beings grow. If you are a human being, you are what you are when you think you should be. It is the things piled up looking for the essence of human life. It is not unusual either. It's just a person.

The moment Legacy waved the moment, I rushed for it.

I knew that it should not be shaken.

No matter how personal life matters, I knew the importance of legacy.

I am not a huge patriot, a great democracy fighter, a huge capitalist devotee or a critic of capitalism. It is not the person who protects a certain philosophy, but it is unconditionally right in a certain area. It is not this.

However, I think that I did not forget to buy Legacy too much today.

Silk demonstration. Not only gatherings, but the development of science. On the development of thought. In communication of people. Something for a better world. I thought for them that I did not do anything.

I was very excited about these legacy and did not think it would be appreciated.

I told my story to the world through these legacy, and I did not think about their feet.

I can live an exciting life because of these legacy, but I did not think about the weight of blood on it.

Right now my personal life is so small that I can not protect many legacy.

I should always think of them.

Legacy 's first meaning is the legacy of a dead person. The second meaning is heritage of the past.

I have come back to see if I had thought of this first meaning as 'the way of my life' and the second meaning as 'historical site'.

The first meaning of the legacy is "the way the person lived, the traces of his personal life, the ways he has done for the second purpose," and the second meaning of legacy is " I must always remind myself that 'things to get out'.

I think it was a really nice person because Jabok Bok kept his legacy and kept his legacy. I wonder if I can live such a great life.

At the end of the film, I heard the taxi passenger say, "Gwanghwamun."

What am I doing for legacy.


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