Four patterns of behavior that are changing me today.

You need to organize your information, do what you do, set your goals, and share that goal in any form. And when we do things, we are quick to judge quickly and act quickly.

Only then will there be a change.

I should do it in my heart alone. I have to. This is it. This is it. After two years of doing nothing, I made no change.

Of course, this may be because I am just weak, but after two years of experimenting and testing me over the past two years, I think I am such a person. And the behavioral pattern that helps me in the recent years is the conclusion.

The best environment and mode of action I can make is the next four.

1. Organize your information in your cloud environment.

For example, even if it is a simple story, I will not finish it. If you think it will help me in the long run, summarize the articles you read in three lines and save them in my original notes. I do not care about tools like Evernote or anything else. I just wrote the original notes all the time and save them in the original notes.
Here are some important points to summarize. I do not mean to summarize what I was studying at school. Only the information they need me, only summary information, and touches me … no, I mean its contents only 'leaving'. For example, is it the eight strategies of writing "Paolo Koellou" I read today? (Remember PPSS) I read the article

I left a sentence saying, 'Writing shows my spirit'. This was what I needed and it was about me. In fact, and doing so, it is definitely stamped on memory.

Oh, the 'My Cloud Environments' here is not unique, it's just my slack-trelle-one note-google drive. Here are my resumes, photos, various pops, and some resources. If you have an Internet connection wherever you are, it's an environment that helps you to unfold yourself. Of course, the most common environment is 'Send to me Kakao Talk' feature. Well, actually, I'd rather write Evernote, but Evernote is still not that good. I can not get used to it any more

After all, the information that you have organized or saved is useful in various situations, such as when you work or talk later. Above all, who am I? It makes it clearer what I like myself. Should I say I'm deepening myself?

2. Whatever it is, even if it is merely interesting, it does so with a clear goal.

It is my life point that I realized after I had spent a few years of stupid time. Well, for example, I really like writing. In the beginning, I started writing about my thoughts in more and more humorous ways, so I started to write on Facebook in 2012, and responded well to my friends, and from 2014-5 I started to write ' I started to accept 'friends' and it seems that I have written really funny since then. This brunch is my own writing center of writing life. But this, no matter how much I like it, it gets cloudy because there is no goal.

There is always a lot of writing. There are still half a dozen writings, and when I live, the writing is naturally framed in my head, and there are many things that I should write once. Most of these things, however, disappear in the name of 'Once Upon a Time'. Just like when I eat once.

Even if it is my favorite thing, it will disappear if I set my goal. In the end, I wonder if this was my favorite thing. My favorite thing, however, is that the things I do need to do seem to be stressful from the moment I have no goal.

Even if it is an easy matter, a favorite thing, I make a clear aim even if I do an interest mainly . It is a drink and it sets clear goals even if it is playing.

The article uploads the article to the brunch once a week, one day at a time.

The chief will do it twice a week, one day.

Drink two bottles to eat, and just two bottles to go home.

Today I go to Starbucks. Go and read the book 50p. Or today I read ten articles.

Like this.

Note that you do not set the total time it takes to work. To set goals and manage time, it seems that too much energy is put into managing the work itself . I just set goals and achieve goals . (Of course, today 's reading 500p is not aimed at reckless goals, such as' the country is a certain level of human performance'

In conclusion, if you do this, 'Oh, this day was a trashy life!' 'But what did you do today?' .

3. Share the goals you have set up in any form.

The goal I set up like this, from the time I finished my thoughts, has become enormous. Should we say that we have been given a goal in almost everything? It was like having the task assigned to each task management / task management. What do you do when and how long. It was all from shopping to important things.

But this is another goal, and if you set the goal, it remains the goal. I know I have to achieve it, but I do not know why I have to run to achieve it?

So the solution I set up is 'to share in any form' . I would like to inform the outside that I set up a goal (via friends or SNS) and record it in my personal scheduler, and write it in my private blog. But somehow, I share.

Of course, the smartest way to share is to use your smartphone. For example, it is a kind of sharing for me to measure my weight continuously by linking the health app with Xiao Mei scale. I share exercise, which allows me to see and run the goal of getting rid of or flesh out. I do not want to express this as sharing, but I would like to say that it is a record or visualization, but when I think about various objectives in various forms and approaches, it seems that "sharing" seems to be the best thing.

The advantage of this sharing is that it is shared and archived simultaneously. In fact, I had to divide the archiving process separately, and I wanted to sort out the goals I had set up and the activities / records that reached that goal separately on the blog. Archiving was also a huge thing,

I share my goals and achievements with my favorite platform. When I build it up, my life is archived .

The more I share this, the easier it is to achieve my goals, the more I understand myself, and the more I "do" things.

I wanna do it in I did it! Is it the easiest way to get to where you are? It feels like a feedback action with no feedback about the goals you set yourself. Should it be the occurrence of feedback itself?

4. Rather than prioritizing and dealing with work, we commit to doing one thing at that time, and the rest are brought to justice – dismissal.

This is what I want to say. It's a bit different from doing things in priority order.
Let me give you a priority, um … Let's take the example of a home after work. I have to come to my house to do things

Change clothes. Washing. Clean the house. Preparing rice. Eat rice. washing dishes. Read on Facebook (Read the good posts from some of the places you set up first). The cat will play in the fall. Processing your phone contact. Hobby (this could be writing, playing, reading)

It is like this. The list is not that bad, but it is actually quite busy and hard work for about 4 hours before you go to work and fall asleep. I used to treat them by priority . I had the fastest food, first in the hobby, in the middle of the fall, and in the early hours I read the Facebook article, and when I was less interested, I washed dishes, changed clothes, or washed. Priority criteria itself was 'what I think is important' from the start, and since it changed every time, I had to deal with it a lot at the same time.

But as I did this, it does not seem to be doing anything right, and above all , it has been a difficult time to set the 'priority'.

It is as simple as the one listed above, and here 's the house lighting. If you add an outer worker to find out what's good and list up to three, prepare for work, and research data, etc., your priorities will be very troublesome. In fact, all three are so important that they can not be overlooked . Interior is urgent, outer is urgent, and work is urgent. In this case, I turned on the computer and put several windows on it. Of course, this takes two to three times longer than the time required to get in touch with something. But it is hard to be easy to admit, this is the top three things overlap in priority, what should I do ..? It felt like this . And there are other things above. It takes so much time, sleeping late, tired. Vicious cycle.

So I decided to change my behavior policy, immersion + summary judgment / disposition policy (?) . However, this applies only when using computers or smart devices. When reading an analogue book … it is possible. I will write this next.

It is the same situation as above.

Change clothes. Washing. Clean the house. Preparing rice. Eat rice. washing dishes. Read on Facebook (Read the good posts from some of the places you set up first). The cat will play in the fall. Processing your phone contact. Hobby (this could be writing, playing, reading)

Here 's how to choose the interior lighting. It is the same situation that I added the outer researcher 's finding the good thing and listing up to three, preparing the work, and researching the data.

In this case, the all-in + final judgment / summary judgment is to reduce the time to worry about the priority setting, quickly judge what needs to be done immediately, and act quickly . It is more important to make quick judgments than to act quickly here. If you are weighing things like 'Which is more efficient' or 'Which is more important to me', time has already passed. Judge quickly. At the same time as I think about it, I have to judge it.

For example, when you get home, you turn on your computer. Wash and change clothes while the computer is turned on. Then prepare the rice immediately. I eat rice quickly. Then sit on the computer. I go over my face to facebook and open a new tab with additional tabs for articles or windows that might be of interest. Then search for the lights and quickly bring up a new window that looks okay. The outer is the same.

In this way, 3 to 40 windows are floating in an instant.

This is an important point. Do not choose it right away, but sort out the selection 'Ji' quickly.

Then, read through the articles one by one, summarize the summaries (act 1 above), and immediately turn off the window without fuss. If you take the dispositions one by one, you can read one, compare one, read more than one, read one, and save much more time than this. 2 ~ 30 windows disappear in an instant. The same goes for outer purchases and lighting purchases. It takes a long time to view one by one, but it is much easier and quicker to select when you view several images at the same time.

That's a bit, that's what it is. When there is one option, one longs for the choice. However, the existing prioritized action was to present each option one by one. Though you can choose carefully and deeply, it certainly took a lot of time. This change, however, leaves dozens of choices at once. And then make the selection quicker . You may not be more careful or deep in your choice, but well. My life is not likely to shake because I am less cautious about reading an article or reading a light.

( Of course, the act of making such a quick decision is a judgment that I believe in myself quickly because I understand what I like about myself, how I judge someone about something, However ,

I do not want to do that, but I do not want to do that. "" I do not want to do that. " If you do, you can save a lot of time.

Above all, if you do this, it's nice to have a wider view of the job. Even when you are researching the data, this way, it's really easy to frame. When I close the window one by one with dozens of materials / papers / articles at once, it becomes clear what I need to do. When I set up the frame and put the window back on it, I do not have a few windows at that time. I have already made many choices and my eyes have grown in between. If so, what remains is my own data that I thought through the process.

Anyway, this time saved a lot of time after changing the behavior in such a way as a quick judgment / disposition. And something, I believed in myself at the moment, I had a lot of fun betting, so I got more involved. (I do not think it's fun to be quick to judge whether this will help me or not,

And above all, the sense of accomplishment of the act of 'closing the window' is quite ecstatic.

My recent behavior patterns, four things.

Organize information, set goals, and share goals in whatever form. And when we do things, we are quick to judge quickly and act quickly .

The most helpful and pleasing thing in taking these four modes of behavior was that,

I was able to know more clearly who I am. I like what I like and what I hate. I know what I know. I do not know what.

It was like I was constantly talking to myself. Higher, deeper mood.


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