I decided to live a quarterly life.

I'm busy, I'm not feeling well, I have no strength.

When I lived with various excuses, I was not living my life but I was living my life.

I did not live a life, but life was striking me, and I was thinking of what I was going to live, not living as I thought.

It has been 2 months since I did not write.

This is the first time since I've decided to write.

Writing is refining me to me. I was in the process of becoming a real person, and I had not been doing this for two months, so I was busy, I was not feeling well , I had no strength, and my physical excuse was leading to mental deprivation.

So let's take all of ourselves and leave our plans for the future.

The more you plan and publish the plan , the more likely it is to succeed. And at least when you can not do as planned, you can have time to be ashamed of yourself. If you have to live a shameful life, you should be shy enough when you have to be ashamed. Then I will not have that kind of behavior, thoughts, modalities and lives.

Suddenly you are planning to make a plan for your life. Even corporate branding takes years, and the branding of one person is no different. Considering my personal inclination, taste, interest and curiosity, the goal of three years is meaningless, and the longer life goals / plans seem more meaningless.

Of course, the direction of life as a result of the whole life has already been fixed several years ago.

A life that follows its essence, and is not touched by its essence . Is the greatest banner of life

Do I live a shameful life?

Are I keeping a fair moral rating?

Am I really doing my best in my life?

Do I really live the 'life'?

Is the criterion for thinking and acting.

A plan within three years to be able to take and attain things that do not deviate from these standards and banners, and that are not shaken, and that are appropriate for my inclination / taste / interest / curiosity.

I think it would be better to make such a plan.

First of all, three years from now, my goal is to start my business . It's a shameful and sudden plan, but the sentences I've seen recently hit the heart with the phrase "If you want to live your life the most, you have to start a business," and you do not like it when you work. Being full of things I like, I set a short-term goal to 'start my business' to solve and achieve all of that. One day in the summer of 2021, thirty-three I begin my business.

So, I decided to split up the plans a bit more to achieve the goal in the next three years.

First of all, when I look back on my life pattern and trajectory, I have been changed or learned about something quarterly. When I was a college student, it seemed like it took a while to understand and understand one thing.

In fact, I thought that only one month was sufficient to know or understand something, but only until a few months ago, but knowing or understanding something within a month's time obviously helps to 'understand' I was in a state of being trapped in the moon. '

Country people a month, and a month to lovable doentong beaten beaten confusing to get out of his ego, and come again out I yirwonae the objective without having a subjective view, in other words, buried in nature to understand even fall into egotism about something It takes a month to follow the essence without becoming.

The optimal life cycle for me is three months , that is , a quarter.

If so, let's set up twelve 3-month-old branches for the goal three years later. I thought of it, and I could not predict me in three months. Amazon has plans and predictions, but I can not predict me in three months yet, so the results of next year say that it was already done last year (not just this sentence). I know that I am a person with images that will pop out everywhere unless I am only against my banner and standards.

We decided to make only the first quarterly plans and goals of every moment.

The time of writing is July 25, 2018. The average 2nd quarter has been over 4, 5 and 6 months, and it has already passed 25 days for the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th months. As a starting point.

First quarter plan (Q3 2018)

1. Start YouTube and upload three videos.

I want to create content that I always dreamed about, reading books and talking about books. It is not a book review, nor a book recommendation. I just want to revive my own habits that hosted a reading group. I only read books and talk about my own viewpoints and ways of digesting them. You can analyze the book itself, talk about the writer, book it in a sentence, talk about your own experience, read a book and throw it.

Basically, intro / outro with after-effects, proper shooting technology, and proper cut editing technology through Premiere Pro are required and should be polished.

2. Make four posts in the brunch.

In fact, there are a lot of grit and a lot of saved articles. But I am ripe enough in my mind, there is no writing that I swallowed. It requires a time to rule the mind, a time to face good things, and a habit and time to find the source of inspiration in order to make it sound. I am a growing person as I write. It is not solved that you are sitting still, but you have to take time out of your mind to see people on the way to work.

3. Find healthy eating habits and exercise patterns.

My health was not so good. Take a break from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your recommended calorie, and get up in the morning to get back in the habit of stretching, walking in the evening, and home training. To do this, you'll have to make sure you get your work done at work, cut down on external commitments, and just stay home and watch YouTube.

4. Pronunciation, vocalization, facial expression and writing.

I do not say anything unnecessary. We do not have unnecessary conversation with others. These two sentences in my heart have made me a man who has crushed my pronunciation and vocalization. As I was tired of facing so many students in the past, I lost my face because I did not have a facial expression, and I lost my writing because of the blurred text for quick information when teaching. When you have all the opportunities for dialog and handwriting in the future, you have to do your best.

5. One day on the weekend, I go to a cafe and have time for myself.

I think that it is almost the only act that feels really good when it should do it. Even if you are tired, even if you do not have a job, there seems to be no habit of refining yourself as you go to a café with a laptop and a book, and looking back at yourself again. In the early hours, it became more and more precious. We need a posture that shakes the temptation of the body and pursues the fulness of the mind.

6. Completion of 4th Night of Coding and build blog for portfolio.

embarrassed. I am only applying for the first, second, and third classes of the coding night classes, and all three lectures are all. Coding night classes starting on August 1 will be completed by all the courses, and I will build my personal blog as a result. The current Wibble-based portfolio does not fit my mindset, and Tistory does not satisfy my heart either because I use the skins created by others. You have to invest all evening for about two weeks.

7. Decrease alcohol consumption and avoid unnecessary consumption.

I am a wine lover. I enjoy drinking so much, but I have not eaten alcohol, but alcohol has eaten me. The more I drink, the more my mind becomes clearer, the more I write, the more I think things get sorted out, the faster the thinking process goes, the more I enjoy drinking, and now I know that I am not really what I am. Things that were drunk quickly and picked up quickly could be picked up only if they were taken again. I like to function as a whole myself. Also unnecessary consumption eventually caught my entire lifestyle and taste. I will not spend any more unnecessary consumption. In fact, for people who love people, unnecessary consumption means 'I will not buy alcohol and rice for my friends anymore' … sad but I can not help it. Someday, when I'm in a situation where the price of rice and the price of alcohol is at least unrestricted for the money, I want to start consuming again … unnecessary … again. We need the courage and the ability to stop the mind that refuses and abets.

I will spend the July, August, and September, and I will write a review at the end of September.

My life is two months and six days from today.

A magazine that will take three years. Be ashamed 3 months


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