I do not know the road traffic

# 1 The road above is not an unlimited space. Space above the puzzle. Let's keep in mind.

If you do not seem to be able to drive, reading this article might be helpful. If someone who is a good driver reads it, 'Is it for granted?' It is an article to say.

I am on the road and I am good at traffic arrangements. If this car goes away and the car goes to here, it will be clear soon. There are two cases where two cars face each other.

Usually this case can be compressed for three reasons.

One is that they know enough about the law, but they can not communicate.

One is because both of them know that the way they know is stretching the best

The last one is both driving, so I do not know what this situation is and I should stay still . It is not my fault . .

When driving, that is, when there is a vehicle on the road (whether it is on any road, on the highway or in the alley), your car is not a " vehicle on infinite space " space. It is my car to move one space within a limited puzzle . It is not like that jigsaw puzzle, but it does not exist. If there are 20 squares in total , there are 21 squares. Puzzle that moves one by one and keeps moving all the way and moves the squares …! The situation on the road is just that. Depending on the environment or situation, it may be 80 spaces in 100 spaces, 20 spaces in 100 spaces, or 99 spaces in 100 spaces.

I mean, 'I can not get out of here if I pull my car out this way! So no! " Rather than think of it as a bigger picture, you have to think, "If I pull my car out this way, this road will be pierced." Then, depending on the time and circumstances of the individual, I decided to send five people and follow me, or I would be out of my car for about ten minutes. I can have it for ten minutes. " I do not think the road is blocked by your mistake, but even if you give up only one Taiwan, I think you have enough rights to get out of your vehicle.

In addition, there is something people forget sometimes, but if the car is blocked, you can communicate . First, you can use the flicker.

The headlights on the front of the car are 'Do not know who I am !!' Or 'I can not see my forehead, Haibam!' It is not intended. It is primarily a means of communication . A very good means of communicating to others easily my intention and purpose, and to inform my location. It is really a place to get 'my vision' in the true sense of the country road and the gum gum … From that point of view, the upward light is true in a real gum gum neighborhood. And if you see the car coming in front of you while you are going up and down, it is a good idea to turn it off. When I can not see the progress of my car, it slows me down and I do not want to be able to do the high light. (It does not seem moment when I face the corner at the corner.)

And besides these flickers, a very good communication means. Window down and speak . It would be better if you could have a body language as well … and most of the traffic problems that are easy to do when you do this.

There are two memorable things in the past that have been arranged without traffic on the road.

1. I was on my way to work. Ah I am not a vehicle, but a pedestrian. Crossing the crosswalk. U-turn was possible six round-trip lanes. In other words, A-> B is a common section where the first lane of the proceeding road is a left-turn waiting zone and can be turned on. But then there was a huge truck (I was scared when I ran it on the highway, that big truck that was horrible to go to next door! I do not know how many tons …) I was doing Uton, but of course the length was short, I do not know what's going on with the motorcycle driver waiting for a signal, but there's a motorcycle behind the car. I found it and wanted to hit the back of a real hi-bar …. I went hurried (I was crossing the road with a blue light on the crossing, and the truck was trying to turn on when the pedestrian signal was blue). He wants me to come forward. The vehicles behind you go back. You stick to the right. This means that the truck has a space to pull back further. After I controlled the cars, the truck driver went to a place where I could see it as a side mirror, 'Uncle, I've got everything!' I could not see your eyes, but when I saw the side mirror, I immediately began to take care of it. The pedestrian signal is 25 seconds or 30 seconds. I was really on my way to work, and I could not get over the road. I did not know what would have happened if I did not handle it when the pedestrian signal was blighted. I did not like motorcycle drivers and riders on the right side of the road. Again, above the road is not an unlimited space, but a space above the puzzle.

2. I went to a friend's wedding. Where in Gyeonggi province, it was very good in spring. Where is the wedding hall? It was like next to me …. It was like going around … It was just like … It was nice to have a cherry blossom viewing in spring (remembering that the cherry blossoms bloomed). And the incoming length was quite a round two lane level. When I first went to the wedding, I went in smoothly, but when it came out, I did not drive, but the teacher was driving! It was the wedding ceremony of my tutor, and I was driving with my former tutor! ) It is illegal parking in the wide two-lane lines of the wide … So, it was such a situation that the cars became a one-lane road at the moment when it was damaged from cooking. However, it was the situation which was progressed by sense of each other to some extent. Suddenly, at some point, the car just stopped. I'm not going in five minutes. In or out. Looking at the situation, I could not see the situation. So at that time, I was going to get off the car and yelling. ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ I am also very funny. I wondered what it was like … I was in a wedding dress at the time, so I was in a suit, and I was a pretty tie in a black suit. I have a similar tie to my burgundy color! After all, I walked so briskly and arrived at the entrance to the vehicles. Oh my god. In some voyages, there is illegal parking on a very important road, and the cherry blossoms are gone! In that circumstance, two big cars were trying to pass at the same time, but were interlocked with each other, so neither the vehicle nor the vehicle could enter. I immediately approached the car and let the window down, explaining the situation. And I explained everything to each of the five vehicles in the back. So I got some space to secure the car that I had secured a certain distance, and then the front car moved, and then I pulled out one! Hurray! That way I get a tropic at once. Then, again, the next time, this time, the cars that I gave you give me the tropics. Everyone knew me as an employee … I was in that neighborhood for the first time… I was conducting perfectly like that conductor anyway. After ten minutes, I got a tutor. Tutor and friends were laughing from there. As a wedding girl, I wore cherry blossoms in front of me, and I was in a forsythia. I was in charge of a suit and a car. I do not know the situation behind it, but I'm guessing it will probably be no more. Space above the puzzle above the road . If you get over the puzzle and get lost in touch. Well, the car should be pushed.

3. For those who do not know by reference, traffic jams, honey tips when conducting a car, After confronting the driver's eyes exactly, he laughs and gives a signal + voice by using his hand and voice . I do not smile. Fighters among Korean drivers are scattered all over the country. It is most effective to use the signal received from the military. People listen very well. The stop signal is to hold the fist tightly (I do not just hold it but feel it, feel the fist while communicating), and when I finish holding the fist, the car stops as well. The feeling of progress signal hand waving with palm facing toward me. Depending on the width and speed of this hand gesture, the speed of the opponent's vehicle can be adjusted to some extent, so it should be used appropriately. When you move your vehicle, you hold your fist, but you can show your palm to a vehicle that has already stopped. Then when you lower your hand, the vehicle starts to move. Oral signals should not be 'Ori Oriai ~'. I'm not professional. The verbal signal is' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Let 's go through the tropics from here. Here it is. I'm going to let you guys go quickly now. Everyone understands that everyone is listening.


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