I retired! Leave the company

I retired! Exactly speaking, in the private education market , Exit !

This is the first time I've ever written a cry or a story about a reader.

Starting in November 2015, I spent two years and four months in Seoul's private education market.

One year as deputy director of the Orbischool Self-Governing College ,

He is one year and four months from the Daechi-dong era Talent Academy as a representative of English contents under a wonderful English teacher.

When I was in high school, I read 'Seo Young Woong' author 'Good Morning! I was enrolled in the Department of English Education at Hannam University in Daejeon because I was dreaming of my teacher with the cartoon "Teacher" . I studied double majoring in Korean language education, and I did many other activities.

I wanted to be a teacher for a variety of activities. I think that the person who took the word "life" as a job had to have a lot of experience as a living person first, and that it would really help students a lot .

Well, when the students said, 'Sir, I want to be a DJ!' So let's start with the exam! "Instead of saying, 'To be a DJ, first listen to lots of music and digging! And find your favorite DJs! ' I wanted to answer. Any experience requires that knowledge is turned into wisdom, and it is delivered to the other person with more wonderful words.

However, this is a very interesting thing, TEDxDaejeon, Mindoka, MICE academy and various other activities, such as the evangelism is a must. These activities were much more interesting than the teacher itself. Really, it was not so fun to communicate, collaborate and communicate with our team members.

As I lived that way, I became very interested in the language, which is the most common means of communication, communication, and communication among these people. In fact, I had been interested in the charm of language since before.

In this situation, rather than being a teacher right now, I would like to study more than I would like to see. I quickly prepared my graduate school and entered the foreign language cognitive science and master's course in Korea University.

Since then, I have been working in academies to solve my own problems with the concept of independence. It was teaching, and teaching was still one of the major concerns. A public school teacher who has experienced private education. It'll be great. There are also things that started to work.

In fact … I think it will be too long to write more, so I will talk about it roughly. Interestingly, interest in language and interest in linguistics are always superlative, but nowadays there is interest in design, brand, and start-up sciences. I got up to the top level of study and set a little bit of study. I'm studying different now.

So I did not graduate from thesis. I would like to write a wonderful paper when I can afford it. (Wish of all students)

And at the school I moved, I combined my interest in design and transformed my position as an ' editor of design' . I do not know if it's the right way to do it, but I've been using Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Acrobat to take a lot of textbooks for my own purposes. . Oh, it's probably the nicest of my teaching materials in Daechi-dong.

However, interest in this design, along with the interest in the start-up scene, exploded at the highest level, the best, the best, and the best . I want to do a wonderful job in communicating with my team members and making a wonderful job. " I got my resume here and there was only one chance to get a job interview in one place.

In fact, I think I was fortunate enough to have an interview, just because I have not had enough history, experience, and qualities to go there. Anyway, the one hour interview that took place there, my own position. It became a great opportunity to accurately diagnose the current address. It is a time that is so grateful that you think about it now.

No matter how you think, I will have to live by bumping. I want to be a community, I want to be with wonderful people, and of course I am going to make a great effort to become a wonderful person.

These thoughts.

And while I am pleased that I am working now, I am convinced that my soul is not what the compass points to. I boldly went out of my way without any measures.

Interestingly, interest in linguistics, interest in a series of entrepreneurs, interest in design, and interest in a brand all have the same bases. 'What do you value in life and what do you want to do with your banner?' The answer to this question seems to be different for each of the above processes. And am I the only answer? Is not this the answer !? No, I think that's the answer. I think.

After all, the road as a linguistics scholar has been completed to some extent, and the way of the teacher who has gone through private education has been completed to some extent.

I keep refining my essence, thinking who I am, thinking what I want. And, hard, I prepare myself and go to a new place.

I do not prepare my resume, I have to prepare myself, send the records and the facts, and I will be happy to welcome you in that new place. I am thrilled to think of walking a new road. I try to walk three ways, and my favorite poet, Robert Frost 's' Two Roads' does not help me. Huh. At this point, I have to change to another awards. Huh

I am going to write a lot of thoughts that I have stayed in the private education market slowly (it seems that I always say that I write).

After all, I left.


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