I thought about why I wrote this.

I wrote a letter today, and I made a temporary save on the castle. There are 39 articles that have been saved temporarily. I want to write it separately, so I have 10 more posts that I have just captured, so I think I have about 50 stories.

The first brunch started on February 1, 2016.

So far, 31 articles have been published in brunch. In fact, there are a lot more articles written on the INSTANA facebook than on the brunch. I just write in brunch to write what I thought while I chewed. Facebook and Insta are the writings of one-eyed peasants, mostly made up of one thought.

I found it in 2012 when I discovered "I like to write" I do not even know it, and I live with it in my mind. I often write my assignments and essays on my friends, By 2014, I thought I would. Then, in the year 2016, I thought that I should write a brunch and write it as a writer.

It was writing that started as a hobby, but now it has more of my life than ever.

It seems that 0.1% of the whole process of writing a letter is actually less than writing, publishing or publishing it. Of course, this is the most important last step …

The text in the article is my usual tone , the flow in my writing is the flow of my usual thoughts , and the material in the article is usually around me. Instruments that dictated the article is the idea of my experience or my idea of life, the subject is a new article from the dream, I dream in the morning from the floating moment, and all that is the subject of the article to sleep just before, with even repetitive posts I also meet.

I do not include myself in the above-mentioned article for other purposes, my friend's request, or my work in the company, but I am self-projected. It is as if my part is like my image in the river, it depends on the strength, flow and clearness of the river .

Writing … writing is like feeling confronted with growth . The more I write, the more I think, the more I feel like I am .

A lot of new people recently read my article funny and told me it was good. It made me grow so much and let me meet lots of good people.

There is no single page but posts and comments. There are many people who have come close to me mentally through the interaction of writing and liking. I am ashamed and I will not tell anyone. I'm a shy person.

My writing always has no subject, it has no direction and no direction, but I have an accurate argument, I want to talk easily, I want to catch up with my thoughts and continue with it. I thought about why my writing was like this, my life, my thoughts, myself.

Life that always follows the thought, the line of thought.

Well … it's funny to write.

Finally, to add a word, yesterday, in a conversation with the tinder who had a conversation with the tenderer, I saw the texts written in the INSTA and heard the words "I am very cute".

Yes, the writing resembles me. So I …


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