I tried to create a number table service for a lecturer who is standing in line.

In fact, I created a dawonedu-entry (web) service around the end of last December. It has been 3 months since the service launch (?), And it goes smoothly except for one server explosion (?) Case and writes to organize it. Of course, not created thing alone, the total charge of the PM i, development Sligo car was proceeding left the place called outsourcing. So, please do not go in (server) because the server cost is out (???) and GA data is polluted so do not really go in !!! (???) Do not search in Google Do not search Google My business is polluted !!! (???)

The total number of participants is as follows.

(Client side) PM 1 person – general planning and communication

(Client side) 1 designer (3 day work part timer) – Web detail page charge

(Outsourcing) Development Team 1 planner – Communication and development language – Korean interpreter.

(Outsourcing) Development Team One of the most advanced technicians – I made a lot of strange terminology.

(Outsourcing) Development Team – Intermediate Engineer – I made a lot of strange terminology.

(Outsourcing) Development Team UI Designer 1 person – Wireframe jacket.

The outsourcing team, Slickawa , communicated through JANDI , except for the first one and the first meeting. To share the opinions, the files were exchanged through the grass, the lighter, but faster conversations were made, and the files close to the final or confirmed version were exchanged via e-mail and chatted a little more formally (for example, I have not been able to do this for a while,

In addition, there were two people who were in charge of offline line clerks, two or three meetings, and two meetings with the representative.

Since its initial development, there have been 4 actions, including two additional development and server optimization tasks, total development cost … It is the secret of the aftermath (if you have any questions, please contact Jujie Moya) .   I heard less than I thought. It also costs less if people … . I have gone to myself, but the results that come out of the birth of this service are so clear (= brand awareness) that I was able to go myself happily. For reference, the reason for the increase in sales as a result of the birth of the service is not the recognition of the brand but the service for the daily instructor who finishes the lesson even if it is not the service in the beginning (that is, Rather than focusing on the primary goal, such as immediate sales increase, it was aimed at capturing the qualitative parts such as recognizing what kind of place it is for customers and trying to solve the inconvenience of customers. Three months later, this strategy seems to have worked.

Anyway the services that mean, and 'Jin Hyun-woo T number ticket issuing service' in one sentence gritty, gritty commentary this, "Daechi ilta instructor hyeongang! Get your number at home easily the day before you need to queue! " to be. If I put together my copy, 'Only in the plural education!' I will be able to …

In order to make it understandable to the general public, Daechi-dong distributes number plates to determine the order of the positions of the teachers in order to listen to the front lines of the teachers. (About 8:30 in the morning?) So many students / parents start climbing from the dawn to get the number for the front number. (Oh, you can think of the pork cutlet that came out of the Baek Jong – won broadcasting line.) It 's the same.) In severe cases, there are some people who come out from the night before 2 or 4 o'clock in the morning. (It is obvious that Iitta lecturer's front row is merit, and besides, it is the lecture of Hyun Woo-jin who made the money of the thirties in the Republic of Korea!) (G-Dragon is the first place in the army. Will Hyun-woo Jin T be 2nd?))

The provision of such an off-line numbering table was intended to reduce the physical strength of the students, the physical strength of the parents, the difficulty of the staff, and the difficulty of all of them. So I decided to make a numbering service with Lim Chun – kyun as the first (yes). Starting from the end of November, we opened the service in the middle of December and three days before the start of the class. I wonder how much time I spent at night … Actually, it's hard to work on accelerator more than night shift.

In fact, while planning this service, we have kept in mind the fact that 'Our school is so special !!!', but in fact it just basically said, 'No, now everyone is waiting in line for breakfast, It's not a waste, "he said. All the staff of the institute think that. In fact, there are about 500 to 1,000 prefecture students per month, or their parents, or their parents (who say they have been in the line) for a few hours, and this is a huge social loss!

The service planning process was as follows.

In fact, the ACA2000 is a basic program that the academy uses, and many things in the school industry are not as 'process-equipped' or 'data-based' as it is impossible to use the existing service planning methodology. I thought that it was better to create a service in my judgment. So, let us know that the outcome may be very different from that of existing service planners.

1. Identify current situation and identify needs

a. Ask the practitioner about the current situation. (What is the total offline lane clerking process now?

b. I hear about the inconvenience to the practitioner.

c. Listen to the practitioner for improvement.

* There was no real offline line clerk (user) to ask opinion. I thought that it was a very clear phenomenon that 'I want to line up offline' in fact, because I do not have enough time to plan for the service. There are also a few shh)

** In fact, at this stage, I think it would be a great planner to ask sharp questions, but in fact, the sharp question I thought was actually a very blunt question, just focused on listening well.

2. Service Planning – Asking the Essence & Understanding the Reality

a. What is this service to solve?

b. What can we provide?

c. How and where can we roll this service?

In fact, the second part seems to be the most important and influential part. I think these 2 times are going well, so I think the service is going well.

If a is a question that makes me think about the essence, it was a question that made b and c make a service 'without being in the ideal' . I first talked to the staffs and the delegates by focusing on the question "the first a " . At first, "Let's go to the seat reservation like movie ticket seats!" The story came out, and the slicer said, 'Well then I made a service and standardized the service, and I sell it to other institutes!' Everyone is so excited and wow Oh Oh Daechi-dong private education is now going to digitalize in a jam! Through the question, b, c, yes it is not. There is a lot of work in the field (c answer to the question), it is primarily a service for a teacher, but it is too much work for the future (answer to question b). c answers to questions), and so on.

Eventually comes back to a question, the most essence. 'People are uncomfortable standing in line. Time is too short, and physical strength is hard ", and we had to choose the sharpest and shortest knife to solve it . The result of the selection was "Let 's pick up the entry number like a bank ." I can be sure that you can solve only the uncomfortable part (the answer to a), the solution for the teacher right now (the answer to b … to be more honest, just to the extent that the service is just for the sale) , Service operations were once a possible solution (answer to c). (There is no such thing as a service planner, a marketer, a designer, a developer, a product manager etc. which is common in the IT industry nowadays.) I am here alone now,

Now that we have decided on a rough guide, we now have to figure out how the real service will roll and imagine the flow.

3. Service Planning – Determining Logic & Flow

a. How do you use this service for your users?

b. How will this service be used by the administrator?

c. How can you make this service the least costly for a business?

d. This service, how to make the most PM in terms of how clean and tough, like a toss, 29cm, just like a worm, just like this !! Can I make it? How can we minimize the use of services, minimize user inconvenience, and maximize satisfaction.

In fact, the questions a and b are the most important, but I have to persuade the existing staff to know how much the company can make a 'good service' to the brand. I also added a question, and because of my personal wish I also added a question (+).

For reference, the interpretation of the question "How can we let the users write a lot (user figures such as MAU)? The reason why there is no question such as "can you keep it for a long time?" Is, in the beginning, this service is limited service users. It is only for current students … (So I implemented it as a member system that sends ID after it is issued by the manager)

* Oh, for the reference, I have been looking back at writing these questions so clearly that these questions are clear, when I first planned, I was really divorced, I just called together with Hyeon-gyun, Lim Chan-gyun, I am an expert in self-disruption when I work. The moment I felt I needed a 'team' … Sometimes the designer said, 'So what's next?' Or the development team said, 'So when you click on this, is that what it is?' 'What will you do with this part?' I was able to do a plan without punctuation. (In fact, the planner of the development team was able to do the planning with much ease, because the planner of the development team was able to plan it much more easily. The development team planner just designed the numbering system and threw it to me, System 'to' … should we say? ')

For a quicker understanding of the service, I will attach the service usage method registered on the detail page of the current service homepage. (Note the long article)


* As you read the explanation, you can not understand something or you can find some elements that you did not fit in the planning. That 's why you can do it.

I will go back again,

a While answering the questions myself, I thought about the screens, necessary buttons, necessary information for the users, and at the same time answered the question b and thought about the things that the manager needed. Really, there were a lot of things common to users and administrators than I thought. The difference is that the information to be exposed at the moment is very different according to the user or manager, so we had to make the configuration considering that.

For example.

Users need this sentence after receiving a numbered list . (See example)

'[Daewon Training Entry] Hyun Woo Jin T Thursday, December 25 Class. Neuron – Calculus 2 13:30 class lesson. Number plate A-30 '

This much? Now, that sentence is also the content of the characters that are automatically sent out after issuing the number plate. On the other hand,

What sentences are required for the administrator?

In fact, managers need an Excel file rather than a sentence. Why an Excel file, not an online dashboard? We print the whole history of issuing the number plate and use it when we go to the scene and enter class. The customer's information should be displayed, and should be displayed until the moment the customer receives the stamp (00:00 00:00) to prepare for the unexpected situation. So I asked the field inquiries' No, I was issued very quickly, but the 100th Uye Mu? I can respond to the same inquiry. And because the program used in the school business is compatible with Excel, I had to set the default value to Excel rather than online. In addition, in the field of large riverside, I do not have many things to do with Ipad.

I should have considered these situations … . Ah, it is hard to explain the service plan perfectly in text only. I would like to publish all the PDF files and Excel files that I exchanged.

Well… First of all, I will write this article so far, and after a little more clarification, I will write it neatly following the sequel. (Suddenly finish the atmosphere)

The next article is likely to lead to the following table of contents.

3. Service Planning – Determining Logic & Flow

4. Service Planning – Write, Sentence. & Ask, what's possible

5. Service Operation – Do It, Input, Data, Junk Crab …

6. Service operation – long-awaited open day.

7. Service Operation – Responding to unexpected issues (in fact, failed to respond).

8. Finish – what we got, what we got.

It is cool to cheat something because I express the contents that I had worried about alone here.


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