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Last post   The kind of EDM music 'EDM festival season has come. Take off your panties! ' I would like to write a play at the EDM festival .

There are various forms of ' DJ and Crowd Control ' during the festival. Of course, there is also play among participants . Oh, it is not 'audience', but ' participant' in festival. If you go directly, you will know why you are a participant, not an audience. The more you enjoy your music, the more the atmosphere gets hot, the more you DJ, the more you eventually get to the top of each other (yeah?) … so you can easily say Sounds, but the more you play, the more fun you can play (?). The atmosphere is so good that I do not know unless I am experiencing crazy all together.

In addition, there will be 'Sit down', 'Reprep' and 'Trolling' in ' Play between DJ and participant ( crow control)' . Of course these are all about specific 'situations' … The first two words are words I just made for the convenience of expression. I do not know if the trolling is "play" but …

'Sit down ~'

If you want to play with people, you can change the music to low tension. If you listen to what you say, listen to 'sit'. Yes. You're supposed to sit down. You can sit down. This is not the time to sit down, but even if your legs are sore, you can squat. With Sit down, DJ gives a signal as he tries to increase the music tension. He comes to see the signal well. Coming soon. Coming soon. You can change the mood while strengthening the jump with the popping drop. If you listen to a lot of music, it is easy to match this beat. If you do not hear much, you may not be able to beat the beat so the situation like below can happen. If you are a beginner, It is better to let the people around you run and jump.


* After this sit down, jump! There are a lot of men who play the rehearsal in the situation that it is .. ㅎ ‥ …. There is a case where it is doing the shoulder bend while holding the arm or the hand and catches the arm or the hand and it does not know whether it is really excited or it is waiting, . There are guards or policemen in one area at a good EDM festival in Korea. If your intentions are imprecise or if you are serious enough, report it immediately … well … honestly, if my friend gets caught doing such a thing, I was able to write to the victim … "If you get caught doing that, report it to me." I had to write a cautionary note to watch out … Ha … I hope you do not go to the festival this year if you have a bitter man reading this article. I went to enjoy music, but these guys are so … I'm sorry …


: What is this, this … This is originally known as the left right song of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. We are all doing the same thing and then we jump to the left and jump to the right. It seems to me that I first experienced it in January, I was at the back of the middle fence at the time and I was in a solo (playing alone). I was in the spectrum in 2016, but I have not seen it. Other than these DJs, I heard that other DJs used to play this song and played left-right beats.



It's literally. It is a troll that DJ does. The music makes people get tired and excited, and then they change the tension to other music. Let's look at the reference picture. I used to be trolling somewhere in Korea festivals once before, but it is very pleasant. I am very surprised to find that the trolling of most songs in the early '90s is due to switching songs.


Oh, well, it's hard to decide, but in fact, there are a lot of 'basic' things to play with the hands of the DJ in line with the instructions of the DJ. This is what everyone does at the concert!

1 hour 18 minutes and 30 seconds.

The above image is UMF 2016's amine van Buren.

There … moswi 'play between the participant "or" participant in the play' there is (also referred to as Mo = swipit or slam fact Slam is winning Rock Festival term) and Rave.


: This …. This seems to be probably from the slam of the rock festival. If you enjoy playing slam, you can see those who move like a 'corps' around a flag with a flag. Probably they are frequent festivals (because some people are moving in crew units!) They often make circles in the center and empty their seats. And I ran around in that circle, spinning … Music is bang! I bump into each other as soon as it pops (..) I literally hit it. Sometimes people who seem to like it sometimes seem to run into each other and run into each other. Let's take a look at Slam's reference picture. I have never been to a rock festival, and there is a really pretty and fun festival of moderate size in KAMF that I have done a little while playing Cox here. Thoughts … There was a pleasure coming from the act of banging in the middle of intense music.


The above description is slam, and the same thing happens in the EDM, but Mohs looks like the image below! Something rather than hitting one another is a horde! It is a feeling of playing as a community (..). I have experienced once or twice and enjoyed it. Oh, for reference … Well, it's a personal prejudice, but when you play at the EDM festival, 'Ho!' 'number!' The young men in their early 20s who are screaming for music like this are mostly not interested in playing with the mosch (I do not know if this is true of everyone, but my experience is). They are mainly because of the habit of playing in clubs, I am playing with a DJ, but if you want to enjoy your mosh properly, you might say, 'I wear something Nashti, I have more muscles than my body, But there are at least 10 people in EDM festivals who have a feeling of something like that, and the impression is something good and smiling. At that moment, I recommend playing with my brother. These people play really well when they play.

But I do not really know the difference between slam and mosh. Even if I look at a foreign video, it is slam and some is a mosh … I just think that it is all these things that I play with the flock.


: Rave. Raver. Raving. It is used variously. I have not seen a lot at Korean festivals. I mean, it's just that you're playing alone. No, I mean, if there's a stage, people play in front of you, the people who are raving are mostly out there or side-by-side. Because this rave is a big gesture or a little gesture while banging, but because it is an act of dancing with a certain radius of action, it seems to play so as not to hurt others. There are a lot of rapists who chase mainly hard style music. It seems that Rave is not a specific play, but a behavior just like this.

It is a video rather than a horse.

Mainly at festivals


I play like the above. As you can see from the video, there are containers behind, and you can see that those who are dancing are somewhere out of the way. There is a time table with a hard style in Woldipes, and I could see more rabbers than I thought. To do this … As you can see, I need a lot of stamina. haha

This rave itself is sometimes regarded as a little 'play' even outside the festival. Of course, let's try to hold each angle only in the visible angle. After that, you should clean up or raise your sales or make sure (..)


Oh, and I will really recommend one more picture as 'fun'. It is a video that was quite famous in olden days. Rave in the library … I will not value judgment about the right or wrong of this act in this article. Let's just have fun. I do not think that a friend who did it once was such a great friend. It is a little surprising that the applause comes out afterwards.


Of course, you can play variously as well as playing 'group' so far. A person who enjoys sitting in the back and enjoying music, drinking and enjoying beer, playing round and round with friends, showing a real madness in front of him, a photographer looking for costumes and photographers, People who apply it to music are really diverse.

Festivals are liberated, free and independent. You can play as you like. Play freely. Do not bother others. If you do not know how to dance, you can dance as you do not know. I want you to feel the experience that your heart beats and music match your mood and it rises steeply!

In addition to the above-mentioned plays, various types of events are prepared for each festival. So, are the above mentioned things a 'stage' related play in a festival? There are also various events outside the stage, in the festival. For example, in the Jamsil Stadium, there is a variety of booths inside the stadium, but not on the ground, so there is a variety of booths in the hallway. I encourage you to participate more than you think. Especially, I will make a variety of goods from companies and distribute them through the event. There are many items that come out so beautifully than you think.

Especially in the case of summer festivals, there are some companies that distribute the debt, so I recommend you to take it as soon as you enter. The debt is real soon.

At the end of the next article, I will talk about EDM festival (Korea) and next EDM festival. Let's know this. . This was actually the purpose of this article, but I was told that I had been so long and hesitant to say so. In the next article, we talk about the types of EDM festivals and the characteristics of each festival . Preparations? I will talk about.


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