I'll calculate it once. Please send money later.

I have been doing 'I'll give it to you' once I was a kid.

I have not had to do 'I will pay' because there was a lot of money to write it alone and write it alone. (It's no wonder that friends go to a picnic room, eat a meal, I have been doing 'I will pay for it' in almost every situation from 20 years old until the present thirty years, ten years.

Well, that's different.

Sometimes it takes a long time to calculate, I am sorry for the store staff, When the time is tight, Something is the eldest or most advanced person at the table, Something like that … Well, 'I will calculate it once.'

* Shame. There are some people who think that it is necessary to do calculations or division calculations at times, of course, at the store. Well … I do not like that. Before getting up from the table, I think it's a good idea to do a preliminary calculation before each counter and collectively in front of the counter. Before you wake up at the table, you can send cash to each person, or you can transfer your account immediately or just give it a few. I think it is right to finish the negotiation in advance and calculate it in bulk.

Because there are three or four people in the shop, rather than a customer at a table. I think it is right to do 'one calculation' as a 'table'. Of course, where the price of food is much higher than the actual 'raw material value', ie where there is a particular service, space or experience, customers are more likely to be ' You own Angela. Guest of Steven: 'Since there is a high probability that these three customers will come to each other, I think that division calculation is not too difficult. However, the interesting thing is that in these cases, each calculation is almost impossible and there is one calculation. The reason for eating in such a space is the same as the characteristics of such a space, and the reason for going to such a space is that it does not need the discussion of "collective calculation versus division calculation" Oh, this is a hotel or a fine restaurant.

Anyway, as I said above, I will calculate it once. It has a very positive effect, both socially and personally. A lot of time is needed and energy is saved. Except one person.

Yes. Speaker who mentioned 'I will calculate once'? agent? precursor? pioneer? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ Only a little 'loss' will see.

And I hate this. I have been living with this 'loss' too much.

What is this 'loss' ?

Let's take an example. X, A, B, C Four people ate rice. Each person ate 7,500 won, and X paid 30,000 won at a time. Yes. 'I will calculate it once.'

Here, A, B, and C do not have any damage if they give money to a toss or cacao money, whether cash or money transfer.

However, 'A', 'B', and 'C' will cause 'damage' when I send it to you at home or 'I will send it to you at home' or 'I will send it to you until the last time.

Any damage .

The damage is that you have to remember that X needs to get 7,500 won from people A, B, and C!

What is this. It's nothing. Is there anyone who thinks that?

If so, then you dare strongly assume that you would have been living very often, very often and frequently, in positions A, B, and C, rather than in X's position .

If this "loss" is in the X position,

For the sake of all of us, for the sake of a beautiful world, I cast "I'll give it to you first", but I cast it in good faith and I must do it. How much I paid for who I was. These people have to keep on remembering to send money to me. If you do this often, you 'd rather make a book and operate it . We will settle the 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month ~ This is enough ㅋ ㅋ

Once you "remember" this! It is very good if people send money at the right time with only the damage of the damage.

No, I would have lived without even thinking of this as a 'loss' if I had been paid for it.

The situation gets worse if A, B, C do not eat or do not intentionally spend these money.

Those who do not intentionally pass are not passed because I have not seen (or have not made that judgment). (I was told that it was.)

Obviously I started with good will, and I have to tell you to get the money.

(And I have to try to remember this!)

If this was the act of lending 'money' from the beginning, then you can pay back the loan, but this is just for the price, so ask for it every time.

No, I did a good job, and remembering it, and asking for money, and 'damages' continue to happen.

Oh, well, of course, I just paid the price for the last time. It may be annoying to send them to each other.

However, people do not eat food at the same price each time. Price difference occurs.

Of course this is a small amount . It will occur between three thousand won and three thousand won.

You can pass this degree humanly. can do.

I did too.

But you know what? This is mainly the situation.

1) There are X, A, B, and C in a group (X is mainly the person who plays 'I'll give it once', A, B, C is the person who plays 'I'll send you'). One person continues to be stationary.

2) There is a person who plays every time I eat "food at a lower price", but I often play "I'll give it to you this time because X has been out last time" among A, B and C. (I've seen it before, when I did not know it, I did not know it,

3) There is a person who often forgets to spend money in A, B, and C. If it is done intentionally, it can be anger, but if it is good people, X is a real hassle. Speaking is 'what'.

This situation occurs frequently, and X, which plays a fixed role, accumulates 'damage'.

And the X is me.

And I've been doing it for about 10 years .

Actually, the amount I lost was at least three million won. In fact, I think it will be about five hundred.

I do not think that I have lost one of my money

Of course, I wish you thought ㅇㅅㅇ not you think gave friends bapsa, I'm surprised because he lives often the original Friends of rice (rice eating behavior, such as think a really beautiful act.) That is, the original well sajum + unintentionally another sajum of the state All. ( And hopefully, most of the people who play X roles are very likely to be the ones who "originally give up well ."

Oh, the three million won is quite specific.

Because I had a lot of friends A, B, and C around my college days (I know that they are not on purpose, but I often forget them.) When I was in college (up to grade 5) At least two hundred thousand won went out for the price of alcohol and the price of the cup of water (I made a settlement at the end of the year, even though the money was empty).

In fact, these things seem to be true.

to sum it up.

1. X is' I paid, and A, B, and C pay 7500 won, so you have to ' remember '.

2. If the damage occurs not receive money quickly and need to be concerned about this 'spend energy' must have money.

3. And usually this guy who plays X always acts as an X , so if you have accumulated a number of years and met many different A, B, and C … there is a huge amount of damage.

What should I do to solve this?

A, B, and C do this.

1) While X is making a payment, quickly turn on the bank app and send money to X. If X calls the account number in a place, A, B, and C write it down and send it quickly.

2) If you think that you often play roles of A, B, and C, register the account numbers of your friends who are around you X as 'frequently used accounts' .

3) Write a toss .

4) I buy cacao money for about 30,000 won. This is very easy to send to the KAtok.

(For reference, cacao money = / = cacao bank)

5) Try X role once.

All of the Xs in the world will be able to live happier and happier lives.

Please, please.

I want to keep the pure and beautiful minds of those who act like 'I will calculate'.


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