It has been 14 days since I joined the content-related start-up.

It has been 14 days since I joined the content-related start-up.

1. It seems to be a real day, I have made a lot of files, visited a lot of places, met a lot of real people, and eventually my number was sprinkled.

– You have been told that you will not receive the number of people you do not know since you passed 1,000 in your address book, but you need to register the number in order to get things done quickly and efficiently. It is impossible to completely separate the identity of Lim Chan-gyun working and the identity of the person Im Chan-kyun.

2. What is really strange is that when you start working, it seems like you started with nothing to know, the process of work is made. It is amazing.

– Identify / identify the current situation, operational assets, and goals when undertaking work.
– Hold concept within scope, set keywords, and set achievable indicators. The indicators are the best if the day is heading towards the final goal.
– Write and organize the above into a Google spreadsheet. Various documents are also previewed in advance.
– This is the Research or Planning phase.

– To achieve each of the indicators, start an Action .
– Design an illustrator, do the necessary design work, pick up pictures and see what you need to write, ask your team / representative / client for what you need, pick up your cell phone, make phone calls, text, I want to write it but it is my own idea). Send and receive e-mails (in fact, only give and receive)
– Get the concept to fit each content, organize themes and keywords, and consider the products to be included. Affordable. In other words, it is created by taking into consideration 'things that can be produced quickly within 30 minutes – 1 hour'. When I work, I seek the ideal of my heart, but if I pursue it, I become an artist. Because I am a worker, I dream properly, give up properly, smile appropriately bitterly and satisfactorily.
– Upload content, request feedback, and organize the content into a spreadsheet that you have created on top of.
– Up to here is the Action step

– Start the feedback phase to ensure that the action is working well for Planning.
– Look around each channel to make sure there are no shortcomings, and check for contact.
– Modify the modifications. You should not be greedy when you make corrections. Just look what it is, just fix it and finish. Then, if you see something to correct, then you can do it again. Of course, I will not be able to fix it or see it again. It is an excellent feedback process to revise it once, but it is a matter of Plan or Action from the very beginning to make two third revisions.
– Write down what you lacked or thought about, and then modify the plans so that you can immediately apply those that apply immediately.
– And of all the above processes, if there are any inefficient Processes, they are drastically modified. This is efficiency. So automation. So it seems to be the beginning of a good director who can pull out quickly.

– Here is the feedback step

– Then, share the above information with your personal insights and impressions. Share it at an appropriate level, thinking it is a shared object rather than a shared one. If you can not seem to be the only email sharing, check with phone or phone. Check again. If you can not do it, you can just throw it away. Just share your email and you're done. The purpose of sharing is my growth anyway. Team growth. Customer growth.

– Finally, what I realized through the above processes. What is growing. What is lacking. How to act if a similar task is given in the future. What was the dilemma. What is the lack of skill. What was the limit of my thoughts. Reflecting on his own, chewing, thinking and extracting the essence, putting it in the mind of Lim Chan Kyun who is not Lim Chun Kyun working.   My heart, my soul, my mind is hard, clear, bigger. This is the ultimate goal of 'work' . Money is for granted.

Plan – Action – Feedback – Sharing – Self – Reflection . This is how the start-up works. I only work for 14 days and I have a lot of work to do.

In fact, I need a stage of ' statistics ' before and after the feedback, and I need a step of deriving ' meaningful value ' through statistics and deriving the insight from the meaningful value … (Passage.) (I learned the implication of meaningful value by studying linguistics, but this is what I used here …)

3. Funny thing is that I have never worked in a company that is big enough to live in, or I have never done a job, but it is really funny how it goes.

4. A variety of experiences in a variety of places. I met a variety of people. English education. Korean language education. linguistics. Thanks. Thanks to YouTube. Hobby to read. I am excited about the start up scene. Taking good people. Good chase. Playing properly when playing. Studying properly when studying. I like to read books. Starbucks. Unmanned product goodness. 72 seconds. Tsutaya is virtuous. Magazine B edited.
Although these experiences have gathered to create a person, Lim Chan-gyun, I have created a frame and flow of Lim Chun-kyun working without knowing it.

5. It's funny, but I'd like to stop all the others and have 48 more hours. Then I can really make a plan and action !!!!!!! It's just that I'm not good enough.

6. It's fun to talk to my team members, but it seems to be a great help for me to deal with the fast work of communicating myself by splitting myself on my own.

'Uh … Chan, is this font the best? Is this the best sentence? Are you kidding me?' Like this….

I have to go to work. It's a shithead, but it's a lot of work.


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