It's a good cola. TNGT

* Pivic. This is an article that my personal thoughts praise.

Before finishing today, I tried to watch one episode. When winter comes, I think about the city, and I often watch episodes one by one.

But I saw a new video that I do not know.

I did not know it was an advertisement at first, but it is just the moment when Park Sword Sword appears !! Realized.

'I was watching TV and Park Sookmul collage for 72 seconds last year! Where was the brand with this model? Ah TNGT !! '

That was great. TNGT.
It was the idea of reporting the XTNGT Collaboration in 72 seconds last year .

As a matter of fact , I think TNGT's brand position is weak .

(I know the name TNGT but I do not buy it.) I do not know if it is my own psychological line, but … I think that I am looking for, dig, For example, I think UNIQLO is a basic apparel brand, and I do not think it is a brand that I should have for a very special lifetime. I mean, there will be a 'psychological category' for each individual brand, I do not think this category will be similar to most people, especially the fashion brand, but I think the same thing is going to be great. For example, Gucci costume X or pretty !!!

A little bit for me TNGT wanted to be that basic house or that … Bang Bang or something like that line.
Just basic, just casual brand of casual.
(Of course I am surprised to see the basic house or bang bang these days .. It is not the old ones .. Especially the basic house which became the pronoun of basic t-shirt became very neat … It became my style very much. One of the brands. It is the highest peak of the work look at my level …)

First of all, TNGT upgraded themselves by bringing their weak brand position to the power of other brands.

No, but to be honest , I've made very good changes to their brand image by using the very hot "icons" on brands that are very hot, in a totally different field .

First of all, I do not have to say it, but I take advantage of a very good icon called Park Sword .

An image of Park Sword Sword that has been accumulated through drama and conduct. Good. clean. Smart. Dandy . I saw it very clearly. Actually, the above images are elements shared by many actors, but the only thing that I have is that I have more than just a sneak star. ' Something like a company employee ' and ' something new employee feeling ' and ' something like a healthy 20th generation freshman who has lived a steady life ' image? This is my opinion, but I think the two actors are unique.

I borrowed the images of Park Sookmyung himself and clothes. Especially in the last colabo, I focused on the suit and I was formal. I showed a neat thing very well.

In addition, I did not just show this image in its usual form (but just a regular TV ad), but I chose a way to show my brand image very well.

It's just a 72-second TV collage. What is the most popular web TV drama content-based company in the world? I have a lot of people like this (because YouTube is rich), they have a lot in common. "Love" and "college student" are the only people who have only 72 seconds.

In 72 seconds, if you tell the company, it becomes.

And if you tell 72 stories, suits, it becomes.

It was a clear understanding of the point. All the better.

In addition, I did not use it for only 72 seconds, but I took advantage of ' Dulmuku ' which is the maximum icon of 72 seconds.

Images that 'sandfish' with the 'around me friends (late 20s early 30s) equals' and 'clear that these people' and 'Oh, but this guy truly fun It's okay ㅋㅋ' and 'Oh, this guy waeke utgim ㅠㅠ' and 'Is this person doing various roles ?' In fact, it is difficult to define the image of Dulukmu in such a short time.

I was able to find a 'new employee in the neighborhood' through the 'Dorumuk' icon, combined with the 'Park Sobom' icon, and I found 'a warm and friendly new employee' around me. Finally, I combined TNGT's suits 'There is a new employee company that suits you well and is well suited to you'.

If you were just wearing a sneakers, you would never have come to people.

It was very funny, short, ad-like and great branding because it was a 72-second because it came out with a bell sword.

72 seconds TV X TNGT. March 2016.

I am very good. TNGT.
This time , I reported the XTNGT collaborate at the time of the interview .

If I had finished with the first 72 seconds and the last time, I would have wanted to … I would like to collaborate with the young people continuously with the hot content … 72 seconds, collaborate, Even with a series of actions, we could get the image that 'our brand is young' .
(I do not know if there will be next collaboration, but I am very much expecting it personally.

In addition, he connected the icon of the poetry poem ' Yang Hye-ji ' and released it in a very delicious way.

In fact, this icon 'Yang Hye Ji' is really … what can you say. Yang Hye Ji alone explains Yang Hye Ji. Of course, it would be only for those who watched the web drama. But when you guessed by the number of views, at least tens of thousands of young people in Korea will have a feeling of coming to Japan when they see 'Yang Hye Ji'. The goddess of alcohol. The amount of 5,000 won. If you do it, you will come with images .
This sort of 'cuteness' and' awful noryeokham about love 'and' Well Im heodang 'and' lightly or gatgido and …? 'With this image, I came with a pair of hyeonji and the above-mentioned bamboo sword, and I aimed at college students' social endowment line. A month before Christmas, the right content came out.

It seems that the TNGT coats are connected and the image of 'a warm-hearted social year-old coat is not TNGT' .

콬 TV X TNGT. November 2017.

Very good. Both collaborations are very good.
I do not know what kind of sales it will actually bring, but I think that one branding has succeeded. Once I succeeded in one. Anyway, now I know what TNGT wants to say and what I want to say.

If you look at the TNGT homepage, you can find out about it.

For smart people who seek sophistication
"Lifestyle" brand

Oh, right. It is certainly. I felt like this. To be more specific, it is ' neatness that does not bounce'. 'Ordered refinement'. 'The most basic thing is the most sophisticated thing'. 'Casual look – just beyond office look compatibility. Gyang it otim ㅇㅅㅇ 'yireonge was felt.

Maybe I will visit the store once in a while. ( I do not want to buy a coat here. )

And above all   The approach to the collaboration itself seems to be very neat and good .

On 72-second TVs, it maximized the sexiness of the suit by utilizing 72-second TV, 72-second BGM points, perfect editing and slow motion. On TV, I talked like a love story, and I love you.> <I maximized the atmosphere and talked about the warmth and sweetness of the court.

It's not just advertising suits and coats, it's very clear what TNGT's suits and coats are.

In addition, like ordinary fashion brand advertisement, dozens of corresponding fashion brand clothes all over advertisement !!!! Wow ah! Our clothes are so diverse and beautiful! I did not do it, but I just wanted to show the images I wanted to show.
(Of course, in the second half of the court scene, I have a lot of coats … but I just like TNGT's "one" coat, I could only see the image.) It looks like the navy (?) Color coat in the cafe is strong )

So good. I do not know who, but the person who is planning is bright in true trend, and seems to convey concise and true story. And as you can see from the video, it looks like a wonderful person who is well communicated and well-organized, and who is well-organized in the community. Crack ….


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