My channel-specific communication method

* This article is a translation of my post on May 9, 2019.

** Cover photo is a picture taken with delight in buying a new bed mattress.

I have a lot of time since I quit these days.

I am reviewing the articles that I wrote. He wrote various articles for each channel and spoke various emotions.

If I look back on my favorite channels, I can say Facebook, Brunch, Instagram, KakaoTalk, YouTube, and I wrote it (KakaoTalk also likes to write thoughts written in sentences rather than a short talk. .. Youtube also writes comments carefully on a sentence basis) were different for each channel. Sometimes it's the same person? I could not even see it because it was so different.

✔ ️ For Facebook ,

Of course, although the frequency of writing is lowered due to the fact that it is not the old Facebook, it seems to take the form of talking mainly in the square. Do I have to say that I am now aware of the fact that there are some people who read my articles? It is moderately friendly, but there are a lot of writings that spit out my subjective and emotional moderately. I think I was angry a year or two ago. There are a lot of very militant writings. Somehow, a friend of mine once saw me and said, "You are writing in a very militant style, but it is too strange that you have to keep the deal and survive. He said. At that time, I laughed and laughed, but now that I look back, it really is. Anyway, the Facebook article is surely square. Or "I have a feeling of intimacy (a lot of people who have never met one of my Facebook friends, but I have been in a relationship for a few years now)." And certainly, the writing on Facebook is so good that it leads to 'discussion'. In the meantime, it seems to be a place where my social and militant self is manifested a lot.

✔ In the case of brunch ,

Now it's just … It's the best writing I write down. I keep my thinking flow on a topic or an issue, and I write to my taste. There are a lot of writings that I write mainly seriously, or to write a serious gag. Just when I first got into Facebook (around 2012), I used brunch to write the type of writing I used to do while my fellow friends were actually friends. I mean … Brunch, do you have to say that someone reads my writing, but they do not react? So when I write, I feel more comfortable, so it is hard to write at once so it takes a lot of time to publish it. Do you think that a reader who is invisible to a visible reader, or something deep in your mind in a different sense? Because of that, every time I write, I ask myself, 'Is this really what I wrote and did?' Brunch is more like a gallery than an open house. I do not know who reads, but I feel like I know what people are coming in. It seems to be where my innermost side is manifesting.

✔ In the case of Instagram ,

It mainly raises a single accident. Especially, it is suitable to upload short sentences or paragraphs because images and images can exert the power of the sentence to the extreme. I am mainly … I try to put the feelings and thoughts of the day in the Instagram. I do not really know what to say, but I also make a modest sincere sound. Should it be less deep than brunch and more personal than Facebook? But if Brunch is written deeply in my thoughts and philosophy, should Instrastram say that it contains my daily insights? Well, it 's like … When a person calls the service A itself, the country feels like a brunch is touching an admin and an instagram is touching a user. Sounds just like that. Facebook, um … should I say something like a contribution or suggestion to the service …? ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ It's a strange analogy, but it's like an analogy. Indeed, in the case of INSTA, I would like to say that there is someone who reads my text, and that they know the reaction (like, DM, comments, etc.) and who knows who. Inside, however, you can write without knowing the value of this assumption. I mean … the platform itself. If Facebook is a social community, the instagram is a personal community. So I can be really personal myself. It is the innermost, but it does not go to my deep philosophy, it seems to be the inner side between the social and the deep.

✔️ In the case of KakaoTalk ,

Really, it depends on whom I am sending and receiving Katok, but it is the most active and the most real time. KakaoTalk is like a platform on which 'ticking time' really plays an important role, unlike other pebbles, brunches, and INSTA 's. It is as if the concept of 'tense' in language is like a language that really works. And the ability to send and receive e-mails, emoticons, and emoji really enables new forms of communication. Well, what should I say, KakaoTalk is a messenger that really enables a new type of communication, but I do not concentrate on its essence (I do not know if I do it on purpose).

(The story of the Instagram ) It seems that the innovative conversation is only possible with the Instagramgram DM. The DM really makes it possible to have conversations and other kinds of conversations that are actually confronted. That image. That video. Responded emoticons. DM Time spent. The relationship between me and the other person is very interesting. DM is very interesting (I personally admire the Instagramgram and DM very much, and it is a perfect new communication method!). However, KakaoTalk is a good platform to keep alive and to keep alive. It is not strictly internal, external, personal, or social.

✔️ In the case of YouTube ,

This may be a story for me only, but I used it with my real name and my actual photo from the first time I started using YouTube. But in the early days of YouTube, there were a lot of people who did not, and I did not want to chat with my real name and pictures and share their comments with my "totally anonymous" ones. And this habit has been continuing so far. It's like that or something. Youtube is a group of people who have written a lot of masks (regular users), who reveal themselves in person, or who are exposed to other personas (creators) and watch them. I go alone, not carelessly, It seems like a conversation where you have a word of thought, a sentence, and chewing and thinking about your answer. It's not a square, it's not a house, it's not a private community, it's not a place to exchange innovative conversations. I do not know anything, I do not want to talk about anything. Of course, sometimes I use masks, but I am able to communicate with people with brilliant self, and I am very happy when I do … I was a bit skeptical when I tried to activate community features on YouTube because of this idea. This is a place where it's impossible to have that kind of community … I wanted to aim at a virtual relationship, but … YouTube does not have good communication, but nevertheless, good. If, on the other hand, the other platforms above judge which aspect of me I will be, YouTube will be exposed to some aspect of the content. So YouTube content might be interesting.

That's right.

I was just trying to organize a short thought, but I spent 30 minutes. Yes. Facebook Sometimes I write, "Something I was thinking about these days … Let's try to write it once …" It is fun and satisfying.


It is not clear what kind of brunch it is, or what type of writing it ends up with. C … Everyone is inspired to inhale and exhale!


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