[Part 1] Saw blade # 2.1

Road Kill

The water flowing from the north-west to the southeast in the southern Ontario region meets a tributary originating from the Lake of Connist-Togo and flows into the Kitchener Waterloo region. Grand River, which embraced the abundant water sources and recreation in the city through Cambridge and Paris, Bro rats Ford and Lee more months to two hundred kilometers   I'm standing in Lake Erie Lake Erie leave the body on the north coast. The Mohaws, who lived and lived in the area, called the Willow River because they were lined with paddy fields and willows and large tall trees lining the plains without ravines or rugged mountains. It is said that it began to call Grande-Riviere in the center of France when it entered. It was because it was the largest river that divided the southern Ontario region to the east and west, and later the British were influenced and changed their name to the British name after taking the initiative of the region, It is called Grand River.

The city of England along the Grand River Waterloo, Cambridge and the German city of Kitchener – originally named Berlin, changed the name of the city during World War I – these three cities are gathered across the border. In the middle of the nineteenth century, Kitchinner came from the Massachusetts town of Konestoga to a settlement of Menonites and Germans. The Queen's Street in Kitchener is still the museum of the city's first building, the 200-year-old Schneider's house, and Saint Jacob, where they gathered and became the first market in North America, is still a tourist attraction.

These small and medium-sized cities gathered to become the industrial and educational city where the tradition represented by Mennonite coexists with technology-intensive future industries, and has developed into the fourth largest community in Ontario in Canada and tenth in Ontario. So people call it Kitchener and Waterloo as twin cities, Cambridge and the Tri-Cities. And at the heart of it are their rivers, the Grand River.

The 42nd National Highway, which runs back from the Grand River to the Grand River, turns into Blair Road, suddenly turns left and flows down the river. Blair Road has a pretty interesting view. If you have been impressed by the long line of trees along the river and the wide open field of view, you will continue to run tall, long-lived forest trails to the point where you meet Fountain Street, which leads to the end of the kitchen.

A cousin, who goes to Cambridge as a kitchen worker, walked along Blair Road early in the morning. Although it was easy to use the highway only when Waterloo Cornesto came to the mall store, I thought that the Kitchener C store that came to work in the first week of the new week last week would rather be better. The store atmosphere, as well as hurry to learn and pave the way to a new commute to go out of the house about twenty minutes earlier than usual, the South Korean food so I took the road to Blair Road.

It is early dawn, but there are a lot of cars passing by. When I first came to Canada, it was the Canadian people 's daily routine that surprised me most of all. I thought there was not as industrious people as Koreans earlier, but most companies, factories and schools in Canada start before eight o'clock. I thought that the 'life with the evening' that I wanted in Korea was not made by the politician 's policy or declaration but because it was the cost of the precious morning time.

Of course, it is possible because societally each person's business hours are guaranteed, and because their evening does not fly by the other person, but the Canadian people go to work early in the morning before dawn for the evening life. South Korean food should also arrive at the store until seven o'clock. The seventh time in the first few months of the comrade is just the beginning of darkness, as deep as the stars and the moon illuminate.

The last week of commuting to a new store was a period of studying the unfamiliar work environment such as the location of materials and food materials, and the movement of work. But the most difficult thing for me to adapt to was working with colleagues working together. I think we should build a discussion with Halley today. Maybe she would have left yesterday with the store messed up. Why do not the Chinese children clean up? If so, I promise that I will pay attention to the supervisor this time.

As my head became more complicated, the right hand of the housemate who was holding the handle turned to the button on the audio box. I had been driving with the radio on for a while studying English. Of course, at first, it was difficult enough to distinguish the advertisement and main broadcasting . Nowadays , it is possible to distinguish the degree of advertisement, but recently, the harem does not turn on the radio . He says he is quiet when driving, but in fact he is also stressed about English .

In the radio, which is only heard in the small volume with the auricle, the Working for the weekend of Loverboy flows. Eighty representative's song is a rock-band in Canada. I came to Canada to know that I did not work hard for a week for the weekend. South Korean food increases the volume. Of course, it's a title, but usually on Thursday afternoons it is often heard on the radio. But for some reason this song is coming out from dawn on Monday. It is not uncommon to be uncommon. 'Yes, life is different. It runs for the weekend. ' As a young man, he hummed his song to the music, which was not correct.

Suddenly, the masturbation, which ran for a long time along a dark road without even a streetlight in a heightened sense of urgency, braked suddenly. It was because of the flash of two round glows, which were light on the car headlight. Bumpy. The car wheel came down, stepping on something. At the moment, the car could not stop on the spot, but it stopped near the foot six meters. Rodkill.

– Oh, baby. What a winter!

It was not so heavy, but there was a ringing in the wheel. It was too heavy to be a rabbit or a raccoon. Do you want Dharma? Should I check it out? Can I just go? It seemed that the time to go to work was short. After checking whether there was a car following with a rearview mirror, the horseman stepped on the accelerator again. I checked the road with a side mirror, but the place I was passing through was dark and I could not see anything.

– Obviously not speeding.

Rodriguez was common in Canada. I have not seen it in the winter when rodents are hibernating, but is it because the winter is warm again? Sometimes I woke up with a squirrel or booty that had not hibernated, and a raven that covets the body. That's not the case with the road kills. Canadian roads often get messed up after a year of new packaging. It is said to be due to the calcium chloride that is sprayed for winter snow removal.

I saw the eyes of the animals, but I could have crossed the bad road without crashing. Even if Rodkill had happened, there was no problem. It is the Rodkill scene to witness several times a day in the summer. At first I wondered which animal was dead. However, the body of the dismissed raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, etc. is not good to look at and sometimes disgusting, so it is better to avoid gaze if it is not enough.

Interesting is the skunk case. It was last summer. Driving a Toyota used car for more than a decade, I felt the odor of soybean oil in the local market oil house, but the smell of chrysanthemum and chalky smell was strong, and the obvious smell was unpleasant. Every time he did, I was reluctant to go to the garage to check if there was anything wrong with the car. One day, however, the conversation with his wife came out of the smell of courtesy.

Honey , I do not smell because this car broke down.

– Then what is it?

– It smells like a skunk.

– What? skunk? Who does not sound like that?

– no. I saw it. Last time I went to the community center with Yoon Jung, and it smelled bad. So I did. Our car smells like this. Yun Jung seems to have changed his car. Yun Jeong does that. What are you talking about? It smells like a skunk, not a smell.

– … …

– I did, but there was a skunk in front of him.

– Did you see that? A skunk?

– Yeah, I saw it.

– No, I mean, can you recognize the skunk? It is also dead without form.

– No, it's not, but the tail is different. It was a road kill. And it was the same. With that smell.

I looked at my wife with a smile on her face. The wife said like an excuse.

– It's real.

– You believe that … .

The horse did so, but it seemed that the smell that had swung for a few days before was always in the same place. So, on the way home, it was the interchange that entered the 85th highway from King Street. I thought that there might be some other truth that I did not know about. If the skunk really is right as the wife says, it must be a really powerful weapon.

So, after that, when I smelled, I looked around, and I was able to find dead bodies of dead animals. I was driving mainly on the highway , so I did not know what kind of animal it was, but it was so bad that it was hard to tell the shape. At this point, I did not fully agree with the South Korean meal, but I admitted that it was not just an idiom. The relationship between skunks and smells was not well documented. However, the likelihood that they can do so is also expanding.

The strange thing is that when you try to find a pattern and try to see it, somehow you see a series of patterns, and the patterns so found are at the center of your own thinking. In the end, the pattern you are looking for is generalized and conclusions are drawn. So far, it's okay, but as time passes, anything other than a generalized pattern becomes a fake and a lie. In the end, the truth becomes stubborn.

'It's a common thing.' I try to give myself comfort, but I can not help being forced to do it in the morning. I raised the radio volume and opened the window lightly so I did not recall. Sharp blinds between small cracks break the crow. What was the reason why he was in a harsh place and was struck in the wrong place? So I thought that it would be the same in the unfamiliar land of Canada.

I entered Fountain Street, Route 28. Two roundabouts turn roundabout and cross 401 motorway to Homer Watson Boulevard. There is C College on the right. I went to this school for three years, including ELS. However, school life was not a pleasant memory for a Korean meal. It was a risk from the start, the course was also a roller coaster and the result was also gloomy. 'Anyway, I made the choice, but I did not listen to him.' Every time this road passes, the South Korean meal is like a scolding. If you do not want to think about it, but you can talk about college, it is a word that you can spit out as a dog of Pavlov.

If it was helpful, one thing was that it was the starting point of a new environment. At the ELS Orientation, we first met Kwak and Brother Seong Chang. Mr. Kwak was four years older than a male, and Seongchang was four years older than Mr. Kwak. Mr. Kwak arrived in Canada three days earlier than himself, and Brother Sung Chang said he came in the day before. However, after the language course, there was not much to meet all three people during the semester without meeting at the bus stop. I was taught at the main building, but my brother, Seung Chang, was at the campus of Cambridge, and Kwak was at the very end of the campus.

I arrived at the store in thirty minutes or early. The time it took was not much different from the highway, but it was because I left home so early. As soon as we had a little spare time, he sat on the side of the parking lot next to the parking lot and asked for a cigarette. Normally he did not smoke during the day. I do not have time to smoke when I go in and I do not want to smell cigarettes in the hands that touch food. Naturally, the amount of tobacco in South Korean food has decreased. I also thought that I could quit the cigarette. But the cigarette was not easily cut off because the amount was reduced .

Today is the day when Yan comes out. That's why a hard day is expected. I ate a cigarette and looked up at the sky. It is cloudy weather without even a name. If it were the same, the stars would still be shining brightly in the sky, but today the poisonous day is blurred . [ Continue to next section]



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