People I like. I want to live in this community.

Nowadays, I do not want to have a love affair but rather I want to make a community among people who are just right. It may be expressed in the word of affection, it may be expressed as a word of share house or a youth community, and it may be different depending on what direction each person thinks more importantly. The definition of each word will be individualized anyway. Well. What do I want to do with the "community" that I want to be made of?

1. I know my life is precious. So those who are sincere, profound, close to the essence and who know how to act and act.

– I must live hard. You must succeed. Expertise is required. It is not like this. It 's enough to know just what is important, and who can handle the important thing. It can be seen as 'success' in general social standards, 'expert', or 'successful virtue' according to each path. Expression is not important. The essence is the same.

2. People who know how to sympathize with others' feelings, emotions and reason.

– That should be synonymous. This is not it. Someone was sad and went next to me and shared the sadness with me. This is not it. Some people were sad. It is enough if the person is sad because of this or it seems to be grieving since then. No, actually, he's sad. It would be the best if it ended only to the degree. There are emotions in human beings, and there are some emotional states that acknowledge that they exist. I would like to know if I can only sympathize.

These days, too, indifferent to others. No, I am so scared that there are too many ruthless people in others. Ruthlessness does not mean only attack, but it includes all things such as Ojibuk, Kannon, contempt and compassion. There are so many ruthless people who wield their feelings, emotions and reason to others. So I think I am happy enough if there are people who clearly recognize the fact that other people's feelings, emotions and reason are just that.

3. People who know nothing they do not know and know.

– This item is really important. I do not know what you do not know. Above all, you should be aware of and know that you do not know what you do not know. For example, I do not know about feminism. So I will learn each one well, with careful attitude. If I'm wrong, tell me. Though your words will be painful, it will be a happy and joyful learning for me. This posture is necessary. I do not know what you do not know. You should take one of two actions, either knowing about it or lifting you out for a lifetime. (If you take the latter, you may not be wrong, but I guess I'm really sad. If you do not know what you do not understand, )

And you should know that you know. If you say something, you want to know someone who knows well. I am a marketing veteran, and I am in a strange way with capital, and I know about politics. Do not even know your politics! Do not say anything! I do not like people doing this. To summarize, who knows exactly what you know, from where you know to where, and knows that you know just as much as you know it? The more obvious this is, the better the communication, and above all, the more intelligent and cool in knowing and living. To be greedy for a bit more, there are people who seek to know.

4. People with a sense of urgency.

– To put it precisely, it refers to a person with a tonne manners called 'ugly, っ か ~'. I want to persuade the people who are talking about the unreasonableness of the world, that is to say, what should be taken for granted, or that they have to discuss it for granted, explaining the long words, "Oh, this is not true. It is a good idea to ignore them with the "I do not mind" minds and to do the things you do, not to those who try to win, saying, "No, you are wrong in doing this. In fact, for those who do not talk, there is no conversation, explanation, persuasion, debate, discussion. If you ignore it and do what you do, the body will eventually drift away. This is a bit sad, but I am the one who replied that it is not about the proposition that all humans are wise (it was really hard to get this answer because it will be a temporary abandonment of someone to meet in the future. I think it is hard to be ignorant and ignorant to live with, I would be happy with people in mind like that.

5. People who play the paradigm.

– So I can buy a misunderstanding on this one line, but this is definite. It is now a capitalist paradigm. It is good to be aware that you have to make money to live in a capitalist paradigm. You have to earn money when you need it. However, it is also said that he is not a person trapped in a capitalist paradigm, and that he is not a person trapped in money. When you need it, you are looking for money, and when you are not, you are going out of the capitalist paradigm to say something of your life or something of humanity or something for cats.

Literally. People who "paralyze" the paradigm. People who are not stuck in a particular paradigm, but who do not know its importance, but who are aware of its scope, necessity, and importance, and who respond appropriately, take it, and do it. How happy to be with these guys. I work when I work, I project when I project. I love you when you love.

6. People who have a strong personal taste.

– Why do not you say that? It 's better to be a predictable, inferior boss than a boss who is unpredictable and good at doing things.

Person 's taste, character is clear and firm, the more you know, the better this person is. Such a person is very good. Usually these people belong to people who are mostly tastes but are very complicated and hard to understand, but there seems to be no such thing as a trustworthy person, no good person, no loving person. This person is consistent, and suddenly I will not make a sound like a hollow bang like "I do not really love you" (this is the sound I actually heard from my lover, which is still a deep scar). I am not a bad person who does not have a personal taste, but if I am together, my heart is hard.

I like this. I hate this. I do not like this. Such a person is good.

7. People who know that human beings are mammals. Those who know the meaning of Mother Nature. People who know the word dust of the universe.

– This is not a story. People who know that life is precious. The life of the ant is also important. So be careful when you go down the road. The life of a mosquito is also important. I do not bite. It may be such a person. It's okay to kill mosquitoes! It may be such a person. But why do not you bring your sister out! I do not like people who say, "I do not ask my dog." Good for someone who knows life is precious. To add to the explanation, the severity of mosquitoes and ants is different depending on the individual, not the individual. However, people who care about the life of mosquitoes will be disliked if they think they despise the life of others. I hate to say "bastard" to a dog who knows what his life is important, a friend of another, a loved one, or a family that may be a family. (I will admit if I think of my life as' – baby ') And a person who knows that his dog' s life is precious, comes out outside his mouth with a mouthpiece and paints the life of another person with fear, I hate to say 'heh'. Whatever the person pursues, it does not matter whether it respects or acknowledges life to some extent. It's a personal choice. I just want to know that life is important.

Wow, this writing really makes me feel better. There are many words that I want to write more, but I do not care much about them because they are small ones. If there is one person who meets the above seven items, and I can communicate with him constantly (it will be happier if I live as close as possible)

. When I send a video report link to play a dog on my YouTube video, '뀨> <', even if I do this, this person can call me '꺄> <' or 'cat' or 'crazy ㅡ ㅡ' I guess I'll be happy to get anything. And if you live in a place made up of these 'people'. Ha. It was a good life, a perfect period. It is likely to recite the sentence every day.

It would be better if you liked two more greed, a cat , and a beer.

I drink sake, you drink apple juice, I eat salmon, and you can eat kebab. You can eat the same thing, you can eat other things. I'd like to see the same thing, I'd like to see another one.

In any case, we will deeply understand and love each other.

I know you, you know me.


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