Postgraduate Master's 4th Semester Phase

4 semesters of graduate school.

Since then, I have already entered the fourth semester of graduate school. At the time of graduation, first 24 credits are required. Pass the comprehensive examination three courses. At the end of the third semester, I have completed 27 credits and passed a comprehensive examination. Now I have two Jongno and Jonon. As a reference, I have been studying for more than a semester after the research semester. So I graduate in 5th semester. I have been postponing one semester, but I feel relieved that it is not bad for me to work for two years.

You can read only the back part because the front is a story and the rear part is organized.

In the graduate school there is a lot of learning and learning.

First of all, it is natural, but it is very meaningful academically. In the undergraduate course you will be able to see things you have not seen and, above all, with the attitude that there is no absolute truth (though we are pursuing it but it does not exist). Even if a prominent scholar says something, My colleagues and seniors (those who have graduated from college, I listen to my doctoral course as a doctoral course). Discuss and talk together. I do not know if it is the nature of ours and the characteristics of linguistics, but the background is not necessarily just linguistics. New insights and issues are so cool and fun. It's like real drugs. We continue to feel like we're going to continue to "end the truth we once knew." It is true that it is true that it is the scholars whom we play in the appointed truth, the master who plays at the end of the truth, the master who knows the end, the end of the story, .

It is so much fun to learn a lot and to discuss other studies with respect. To understand, to explain, to explain, any other discipline or linguistics anyway. Because each one is different in tools and methods, they help each other.

And what is it personally mental? Um … brain capacity? The horizon of my vision? It seems to be enlarged. I have always been surprised to learn that after reading classroom books or other books or listening to other teachers' opinions, I feel my limit every time, and it seems to be increasing by breaking up even by 0.000000001 each. Of course, the feeling of numbness comes to the dog !!

I am particularly excused, but I study while I work, so I can not find any more reading + curious references given as a full time student. It was all the time to read the amount given up to the limit of physical time from the dawn of the previous day. (Especially last year, I worked for 200 hours a month and took 3 courses, I thought I was going to die.) I read books and papers on the subway every night, but this year I still regained health by reducing the working hours of 120-160 hours per month.

However, in fact, I study while doing work. It is hard. ㅠ ㅠ I am a freelance but I have a real company, some doctors, some even have kids. If you are looking at the process or outcome of such people, I am a suicide.

Anyway, the reason for writing this article was today's paper presentation day. Someone will write this paper on the same day. Someone writes: I will announce it halfway through the paper. Someone wrote: (After the final examination of the thesis), etc., and this is my fourth announcement today.

I always feel it, but I am really dismissed. It seems that it is very interesting even if I really listen to the title, and I see that the research has progressed and I think that I do not set it like that. The professors are also grateful for such papers, and they give me an apology, and the complaints are completely false. And how to find that point as soon as I hear it. I will do it in such a short time. Oh, so you are a professor …. Oh well, linguistics is just a way to think of a thesis or a paper or presentation made with literally tens of thousands of letters. There are, of course, such papers (those who are steadfast in theoretical linguistics), but the field of linguistics is so vast that there are a lot more than ideas. For example … When I hit the word "candle" on Naver, I literally search for the candle, but the candlelight demonstration candlelight, the prize image candlelight, and the variety do not exist? like this. This algorithm, in fact, is doing a fairly big job of linguistics. What words are there in the word? I do not know why I did not write it, but what if I hit Kim Minsoo [+ Korea] [+ Men] [+ Sure] I remember that there were sites that have such qualities, but this also works linguistics. Maybe it will be Seretal. What cat [+ animated] is this? It also has to do with semantics, semantics has to do with language philosophy, and language philosophy also has to do with logic or mathematics. Well … there is no end to it (in fact, I do not have the ability to speak in more detail). Well … linguistics is rather closely related to this 'modern era' than I thought. Experimental linguistics practically relevant. Linguistics in Cognitive Science Perspective. Psycholinguistics. Computational linguistics. Even theoretical linguistics, which has followed from the past, are often used in the 'modern age'. Now … I do not know the details! Ha ha ha

If you are listening to various papers and stories that are approaching in this versatile way from various perspectives, I must be a dog litter. I think that I can not catch my direction, but I am wobbling. If you are listening to the story, and if you are seeing and listening to the brilliant eyes of the person who is talking about it, and if you are listening to the professors' comments on adding comments there, then I feel like stepping forward. If you think about this, you will definitely pay for the graduate school tuition (usually 400-600 for one semester, which is different for each school, but our school is 420). Do you still get a lecture or conference where you hear business people talk about the obesity bag? If you think about it, it is quite reasonable and understandable.

Oh, of course, it is obvious that it is an amount that individuals can not afford in terms of amount. I am going to be able to talk about it because I got support from my parents until the graduate school tuition …. I am not going to talk about the Hell Chosun discourse here.

If you go to graduate school for sure, there are many things to be gained and many things to realize. There are a lot of things to lose with water and to take care of. Let's put together a number.


1. Habits and experiences that can flourish on a topic

– There is a wide variety of chapters or assignments to read in each class. It feels a bit different from the undergraduate course. Surely I am an adult, I am a sociable person. I often experience burning dawn. And this once burned is almost entirely his own. It is not really the best to announce that it is its own, and to hear its full feedback.

2. Become familiar with the writing.

– It is a matter of course, but since you are studying a discipline, you have to read it. I read both Korean and English. I have a good idea to read it properly because it is an important concept but it is not related to a little but it is a little related only to a major book + must read + a recommendation to read. + It is a totally different field.

If you read these things, you will become familiar with the writing. They read quickly, read well, and develop the ability to grasp the essence of things. I can not say anything.

3. I will speak well.

– First of all, I am not. I think I have not been able to do it anymore … After all I have read, understood and understood, The ability to speak fluently is increased. Rather than the expression of increasing the number of teeth, the ability to speak fluently is uplifted. Especially not only have you prepared, but also you can listen to the story prepared by others during the discussion, quickly understand and understand it, digest it and include your curiosity, Ability to express by short speech. This ability seems to be greatly increased. I am surprised when I say that there are times when Poten is bursting and saying something like that. What is summarizing what is + interpretation what is + commentary What is + what is point presentation + what is not ? ㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ I did not graduate in this school, I was taught in the school or something to explain something often burst. Something that I have to myself is a little lower, so I feel less burdened, and I want to be able to do that.

4. Become a good listener.

– It is especially important to listen in graduate school. Listen to the other person, listen to the end, engrave it. It may be that you have spoken a word, in fact, that you have spoken a certain theory of a scholar, or that the sentence just spoken may have taken the viewpoint of a side of a highly controversial hot story. So listen carefully and listen to the end. So listening to this is very interesting. Listening alone is a self-test, feedback, and even more imaginative / mental / academic development. Honey jam … especially listening to good preparations is really like heaven . Looking back, I am so sorry that I could not make such an announcement. I feel like I have a lot of people in my time. ㅠ ㅠㅠ

Losing …? Let's say that it is not shaking .

1. Physical health

– I wanted to do so while I was working, but I think that those who are full-time student are the same. If you have a friend who is around you and you are going to be a graduate student and you are healthy, then you are a real self-management person. It is a real superman when it is up to work! After all, I went through graduate + one course and my health was very bad. I'll cut off my health today.

2. Mental

– Wherever there is a mental antelier, the graduate school seems to have a different mental attitude. I'm being polite with respect. I mean … the country itself is well respected, but should I say that I received feedback about what I studied, what I said, or what I thought? This is very helpful for myself, but I often hear mental collapse. Well, the answer is, "Well, what did you think was 5?" Well … what if that's how you do it like this here? 3 Would not it be !? Yeah, that part was not enough. 'It sounds like I'm getting more frustrated with myself when I listen to this. This is my character. I feel like it 's real.

3. Friends

– It is neither losing nor being shaken and it is sorry . I do not have time to meet a friend. I do not have a working hour, so I have time to meet friends … but I can actually study at that time. And the study, the study, has no end. So there is time, but it is not true. In fact, I have time to go to the movies, I have time to drink, and I have time to go home to see my friends . However, there is not. If your mind is uneasy, you should see more of a book. The idea of having to be more prepared and more refined rules my mind. The sadder thing is that I get to know this, I can also look at the book, but I can not see the book after all, and I can not even meet my friend, it is a tremendous sense of discomfort when I spend the day in the middle of nowhere.

In fact, all the stories above … regardless of the graduate school is a good place. Where there are people who are discussing scholarship. That is where the charm pops from. However, money should be earned well or well earned. So …. To live somewhere in the field of knowledge or in the field of wisdom should be accompanied by a certain degree of economic stability. I do not want to be in any field!

I have to write a paper now. I did not announce it too much today. next time. I did it next time. Now is the next chance. Do not be disappointed with yourself. No, I do not. Just do it.

Oh, last thought, nevertheless, the degree is not important. Degree "license or license" is not important.

Do I really deserve a degree? It is important whether this question is self-confident or not.

And now I am not very bright, so I have to work hard.


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