Reflect a year and conclude my view

I looked back on the moon 2017. What I did when I saw Instagram. I like to keep my thoughts straight.

With regard to external behavior

I played four festivals (Woldifem, UMF, Heineken, WorldClub Dome), two cones (One Million Dance Showcase, Seo Taijiquan), two I participated in two events (TEDxSeoul, Outstanding Standing Productivity), worked as a staff member in one society (Korean English Society), and worked in a single startup (Sinus)

For personal general experience ,

I went to the Kuroishen Hot Spring Village, so I went to Fukuoka, I bought dry flower frequently, I went to places that I liked, or alone, meaningful places (Gimim Cafe, I bought the first XDJ_RX djing machine I had dreamed of (although I was not able to do so because of lack of competency), LG 4K I also bought a monitor, bought a nice speaker and a Bluetooth keyboard, and met an iPhone 7+. Oh, and the reservists are over.

And in my personal, very impressive experience ,

(I actually had a more dreaming concept, but I did not think it was so hard to get clothes in Korea), I had two posts in brunch (thanks to the sharing of twenty-nine pictures and graduate stories, bookworms), 9 I moved in the month, I did as much interiors as I wanted, I used Airbnb for the first time and talked with my hosts a lot, and in December my favorite friends kept inviting me to keep housed, I met autumn, and I received applause from those I met for the first time.

Things I personally know

I learned how to make books, created leaflets, and learned a lot about the Adobe product line, although it was a beginner level. I seemed to be somewhat responsive to my discussions and work, I was able to ask questions, and I knew that I would be angry about what to do.

I'm sorry for not being able to do it personally

I did not get out of the first footsteps even though I supported the first and second coded night classes, and I made a proposal for a graduate thesis, and the study plan (German, advanced English words) I had set up was long gone and I could not operate the table. I could not write more sophisticatedly.

And the most regrettable personally this year

If I had a little more courage, I would have flown out the ties I might have met, and then when I talk to him, I'll laugh a bit, I'll be more sad, I'll be more truthful, I'll be more honest. I'll help him then. I'll just go out on the phone call. Then I'll tell the guy who was playing next to the hard stage to play with him. I was so alone that I just sucked and I just let the other person go away. I'll ask him more often. I will go to see the friends more often. I'd say more if you appreciate it. I'll be out a little earlier. I'll concentrate a little more then. Then I'll say it in a lighter tone. Then I will not be irritated by him.

Thank you for this year.

The people who took care of my birthday were so lovely and thankful, and I also thank the people who came to my house and they are so lovely and loving, those who met me, those who listened to me, those who told me their stories, , Those who gave consideration to my salim, those who gave jokes to each other in a tough situation, and those who gave an experience of living with laughter, the clerk who talked with respect, the taxi driver, the bus driver, the police officer, ARS call center employees who do not know. I have been invited by the passion of the night, ARS call received, Kor River publishing staff, I will always greet you at Starbucks Han Ting Station staff Hunan staff and hunting staff. Parents who are enthusiastic and humane and who tell me that they are thankful for their hardships, always give me a lot of consideration, give me a good talk and give me lots of things, and I am a teacher who is very good at playing with me and caring for me. field. Our professor is always cool and always. Our graduate teachers who are really wonderful and excellent. My sister, a city traveler who always sends me a good book. And it's not that I know it, but it's always nice to be able to see something more beautiful with pictures, pictures and videos, and to have a better idea. Multiple page operators, multiple project team members. I was sad because I had to express my gratitude only for goodness, but I sometimes gave my courage and grateful comment. Well. And many apps, including Brunch, which made me a more refined person this year. And the people who made those apps. Thank you so much for always updating. Oh too much. There are thousands of people who are grateful, and sometimes they do not even know their names. Oh, and the people I met this year are so glad and thankful.

Lastly, the most satisfying thing of the year, I am proud and proud of myself
Just that I know a little bit more about me.


When I write it down, it reminds me that the experience, the act, and the idea I have made are not so important. No, it is important, but it does not seem to matter much in practice, outwardly, in the real world. If you see regretting things that I did not do well during this manifestation, then … I will go to a more expensive hotel then, buy better, buy cheaper, go farther, not like this … everyone It is related to my own behavior . I think that philosophy and ideology are more important than thought, action rather than action. Thought, philosophy, and thought must be melted, and the act of manifesting seems to be crucial.

No matter what idea I had, no matter what philosophy I had, I should have laughed one more time in front of him at that time. I should have said it in a lighter tone. I should not have said that. I should have told him that you are really cool at this point. I should have commented on the post saying thank you.

The act being expressed is very important. Words and actions are very important. I hope that next year the number of sub – items of 'most regretful things' and 'most satisfying ones' will be reversed. And I would like to thank the 'Thank You' section for more things to write to the end of the earth. And do not know the gratitude alone and tell the other person right away. I have to act right away.

Do not think about it but I have to say it. I have to act, not just talk.

That's right.

If you want to change the world, leave a big plan, get up and get out of bed.

Oh, and I'm celebrating 30 years of age.


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