Segmentation of expert categories – 1

There is a point at which you press the backspace when you write, which is always the case when you use the word 'I am not – an expert'.

In fact, I used to be a little defensive means to avoid unnecessary consumption controversies, or to prevent additional sharing of my thoughts (those that make my thinking more visible to respond to someone's comments) At least in the field of books or scholars who can not hear right now, I added "I am not an expert ." Most of the old texts have many such expressions. So, I was getting a lot of messages, and there were more devices to defend me than I would like to deliver or important information.

In fact, I did not like it when I was using these devices. I think I can say this even if I am not an expert … but I finally got that word, Internet space is obvious. Because there are many unspecified spaces. I think that if I write anything on the web anyway, it will be open and shared anyway. Do you feel like preaching? However, when I write in this way, sometimes people who do not really think come to me and talk about things I did not even think about. (This is not necessarily bad, but should I say that I am out of the category of my intention and expectation? It was troublesome / difficult / repentant / angry / I was ashamed to cope with it.

Then I change the strategy these days and do not say the nuance of 'I am not – an expert'. I think that I would write research and write, and if it is bigger, I think that even if it is not an expert, I think it would be ok to write it if there is enough insight and insight. to be.

The world seems to be like these days. As the pace of change in the world is so fast, I learn the old things and learn new ones. A series of elaborate mechanisms can not work. Nowadays, the mechanism seems to be 'learning what you need from the existing ones and learning what you can control from the new ones'. Oh, I hope I had a chance to write about it again later. In fact, the knowledge and content of the world is so full that it is better to be completely ignorant about the realm of ignorance.

Paradoxically, however, the number of knowledge and content, such as scholars, has declined. This is because the total amount of knowledge and content has increased, but also because the 'degree' of knowledge and contents in existing fields has decreased, and 'degree' has not existed in new fields. Furthermore, these 'new fields' are actually not even designated as 'fields'. Content? A brand? No, actually, when you write this word and look at it, what does this mean ?! It is ambiguous enough to do. But justice is ambiguous and everyone knows what it is.

(Well, it looks like linguistics. We all know what we are doing, but we can not explain it all, so what 's going on?

In this world where the boundaries are vague and the ambiguity is not a negative but a natural phenomenon, it is no longer necessary to say that 'I am not an expert of -'.

Of course, there is no saying that experts are not necessary. I am going to go to KINGGO GENERAL. I am going to go to KINGGO GENERAL. I am going to go to KINGGO GENERAL. This feeling? Yes, the scale has changed.

I would like to talk about various kinds of things that non – specialists who are interested in are interested in. I hope that the knowledge and content of the world will help deepen and enrich the world.

Well, the rush was long, but I do not use the word 'I am not – an expert' these days.

I do not think there will be a lagging behind in the world that says one of the words that I sometimes attach to controversial writings is that I can not say " " This sentence alone is censored, the false exasperates dare not to speak, and the real exasperies give a thankful comment. I am going to bow down to the reaction of those real exhausters !!!


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