Sexual equality and short thoughts on feminism

I acknowledge the unfairness of male supremacy or patriarchal ideology, which is dominated by violence and coercion in the history of the castle or by power. I also have a sense of the problem of women being treated unequally for social structural, emotional, and customary reasons. It also has a desire for a society in which all the dysfunctions are cleansed and discrimination and injustice disappear.

Nevertheless, I hesitate to call myself a feminist. Rather, it is not "a feminist." I have a slightly different idea of what feminists call 'feminists', and I also have questions about the practices and behaviors seen in them. Gender equality and the liberation of sexuality, but I wish I would want to be a human being as a subjective object as a human being. Regardless of sexual difference, I think that it is true feminism to secure dignity as a human being with equal rights and freedoms.

It is a trivial story, but my reason for it is not small due to the various characters I have seen in my twenties. At that time, colleges such as Lee and Shinchon were often able to access the feminist mouths, and they would have resisted (?) Attitudes in the streets, drinking bottled beer and drinking or smoking cigarettes. I think they thought it was a stepping stone to reveal their feminism. Although low-level case studies will also not be denied, they are also implicit in their claims. At this time, I came to think that fighting masculinity is feminism. Naturally, in my world of thought, gender discrimination and gender issues are important as a present phenomenon. However, the fundamental solution for solving this problem is to give priority to sexual liberation to human dignity.

To do so, one must admit the difference. Men and women are different. It is a natural proposition. Men and women are physiologically and biologically different. Then you have to declare that the man and the woman are not different. It should also be acknowledged that there are men like men and women. Is not it a mistake for an idiocy, strong man to work hard, and a feminine girl like a fox to do the right thing? On the other hand, there may be a woman who likes to be more active and stronger than men. Then he will be given the right job. A man or a woman should live according to his temper and his constitution. And it must be free in its choice and fair in its results. I do not know why I distinguish between a man and a woman. I think it is another dichotomy that is easy to use and it is only logic of the camp.

Carefully expanding the scope of the talk, it is easy to understand the minority problem of sexual minority minority in the same extension line. Both men and women, both heterosexual and homosexual, are the ones to start from human problems. I'm talking about someone who is like me, with a little different mindset or biological background. I believe that the solution is in consensus and consideration. Especially, social consensus about these issues is not easy to be achieved, and even though the result of the solution seems to be a factor, we believe in the history of human rights that has developed in the human history. As you know, history develops as long as each of us is awake as a subject.


PS) Problems of re-employment due to discontinuation of career due to childbirth

It is natural that leaks or vacancies of human resources due to childbirth are perceived as difficulties in managing the company organization. And it is also a well-known fact that this is the biggest factor that keeps women's social activities in the forefront. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find a sharp solution. This is because the act of giving birth in a complex sense (emphasizing the fact that childbirth is not separated from economic activity) is emphasized in terms of relatively uneconomical aspects. This is a problem that arises from clashes with capitalist business activities.

The solution seems to be in a social consensus here. Above all, social consensus as an institutional device to prevent discrimination and inequality treatment, and consideration of individuals based on mutual respect seem to be important. In order to do this, it is still necessary to change the perception of the individual as a matter of social consensus.


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