Shiriya, how's the weather today?

Shiriya, how's the weather today?

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, the highest temperature today is 30 degrees. The current temperature of writing is 29 degrees. Minimum temperature is 19 degrees.

The weather has changed much compared to the past . It really changed a lot. I was curious to see the weather 5 years ago and the weather 10 years ago.

May 16, 2014, Seoul. Minimum 12 degrees Maximum 26 degrees

May 16, 2009, Seoul. Minimum 13 degrees maximum 16 degrees (+ rain)

It certainly became much hotter than before, and the day-to-day difference became even more serious (although the day-to-day difference of 2014 is even more neglected). When the winter came, the spring came, and by the time I enjoyed the spring, the day became hot and I was wearing short sleeves, and I realized that it was summer. When the sunshine warmed up to anywhere, the evening became cool and I could enjoy the autumn. I enjoyed the cool autumn weather and it was quite cold in the evening from one day.

The weather in Korea is like two seasons. Well, to be more precise, once the four seasons were feeling cyclical, now, in a lump, depending on whether the 'weather (temperature, humidity, other climate, etc.) It is a feeling that the weather changes depending on its density. So to be exact, rather than the two seasons, should I say it depends on the situation? Um … If the four seasons of the past were as clear as the blood type, the current weather seems to have quite a lot of personality, just like the MBTI check.

I have recently talked with friends about whether this weather is good or not. There are many thoughts, but my conclusion is that current weather is not bad either. In the past, depending on the seasons, there was a "dress fit" according to the seasons, and when there was a "right way", it felt like regulating and regulating individuals, but this is not the case these days. The weather is so unpredictable, so I am dressed in my own clothes and I enjoy my day. In today 's weather, nobody cares whether you wear short sleeves, cardigans, padded vests. The weather is so varied and the weather is wide.

This changed world is better than I thought. After a summer course but also saying this anhalsu .. (5 to 30 in mid-Dora you! This summer really! This year, the puddles dried up ryeona no mosquitoes) Anyway I think the favorite Feeling So today the weather is changing, there are more than you think I think many of the rules and regulations, rules and styles that can be made are more meaningless than thought . If they change, they are likely to change. So, instead of making me to fit those changes, making me, making changes to those things, and enjoying them . It's much more, I think it's a jar of life.


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