Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring

I encountered the late Jeotgwan's obligation
I recall him in a hurry.
May the souls of the deceased refrain.

At that time, Shinchon blues, spring, summer, autumn, winter, and when you go to Shinchon, it was the time when you could meet the pole. The performances of these performances were unfolded centering around the Crystal Theater's small theater theater, and the late spring and summer winter, which was the backbone of the late Kim Hyun-sik, teamed up with guitarist Kim Jong-jin and drummer Jeon Tae-gwan.

The late Jeon Tae-gwan is from Sookmyung Kindergarten. Since my high school faced a wall with Sogang University across the road, we were friendly enough to call Sogang University as the 00 High School Affiliated University. The demonstration by Sogang University was our short lesson and their festival was our playground. One of the most notable programs in the Sogang University festival was Kintjejs' performance (although I preferred this festival). Although not well known publicly because there was no opportunity to successfully name the university song or the media, Kinx was the representative band at the Sogang University along with the airline runway, Hongik University's Black Tetra, Yantai Linus, .

I do not mean to list the filmography of spring, summer, autumn, winter, or Jeonbuk and Kim Jong-jin. But I remember him as a very impressive and friendly musician in his personal field because of his good impression, intimacy with his school, his musical zeal and performance. Above all, it is because my wife is a very favorite musician.

The only concert we had before marriage was the Bravo My Life, which was at Sejong Culture Hall, and the last time we saw him was in a chamber of Yeongdeungpo just before his illness. At that time, I had accepted the sign of the mayor for my wife, despite the attitude of not being able to understand the act of signing the entertainer, and my wife is still keeping it with very important documents.

There was a friend who dropped out of high school and had a cafe in front of Lee. The name of the shop was ego (Lee Ji Oh), and when I came down to the Yantai Guldari from the main gate of Lee Dae – jung, it was a 20 – pyeong cafe which was in the underground right of the Shinchon Railway Station. I was deeply involved in the naming of the store, and I had a lot of affection. Above all, I was a senior in college who was about to graduate, and because I was the only liberator who was responsible for my leisure until I got a job after graduation.

My main job in this shop was to buy two hundred LPs from my former owner, and to be an owner of a completely unfamiliar music in the business of cafe sales and to make LPs on behalf of my friends. For this reason, most of the time I was working with CDs on, but if I were, I would mostly play LPs. Because of limited physical limitations such as limited LP, I was not able to receive the application song, so most of the songs I just wanted to play were mostly.

One of the songs I played most of these times would be "about the eternity" of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In fact, this song did not give me any special impression. Although it is not a stalemate in the structure of the music which does not have a special thing, it is not the song which can appeal to the youth of the twenties who are vigorous even if it is precocious, Moreover, at that time, I was a very realistic, rational, and practical young man who does not wish for eternity or dream. Maybe there is a reason why 4th album which is recorded about eternity is not popular in popularity.

About eternity

spring Summer Fall Winter

[Listen to the song]

Late at night, sitting at the window,
Suddenly I am on your way.

After a dark night in your window
The starlight of memories far away

With you under the dark night sky alone
I walked this way talking about eternity.

Time flows and flows to eternity
Love does not stop but does not stop

Someone touches my heart warmly.
I see you in my short, sweet dreams

Do not tell me you've forgotten the time goes by
Our promise will fly in that word.

Even if I'm lonely, do not shed tears
Will I be washed in tears?

Anyway, for spring and summer autumn and winter, street musicians, people are all changing, people who are always excited, somebody's dream, a diary of a decade ago, outsider, there are a lot of hits like seventeen twenty- The image of a young man crouching in an underground cafe in front of Lee Dae – jung is projected. It is the young man who was bitter about the job breakdown between going to school and work and was bemoaning the gap between ideal and reality.

We often talk about eternity for some reason. Times that seem to be eternal, love or friendship that you want to be forever. These hopeless desires may be a desire for desire to escape the limits of being an eternal being. But on the other hand, I would like to think of this paradox for those who want eternity. If time is eternal, all my memories and winds as finite beings will endlessly become endless at the same time as my finite ends, so that the songs of spring and summer, autumn and winter, With such imagination that it will become infinite forever.

Hopefully, once again,

With the late Kim Hyun-sik and the late Yoo Jae-ha who were together in this life …

Music is an image.   Music is stored not only as a sound but also as a source of ball sensory form, and when it is reproduced it recalls memory in its co-sensory form. We call it a memoir, and memories for me are stored as image files which are activated when the music is turned on. The magazine tried to put in a very personal image of the little stories and memories intertwined in the music, the man of the coffee house music.


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