# Teheranlo Lunch Club Marketing well in Japan

# I heard from Teheran Launch Club in Japan to market properly in Japan. Senior Vice President of SmartNews Ad Business Development Yuichi Kawasaki Speaker.

☺ 스 The thrill is good too.

We provide a lecture at lunch time, how to give a foreign speaker, how to translate PPT, simultaneous interpretation at the time of lecture, and even a sandwich. In addition, you can simply apply for the application method.

Though Suh is a sul (?) As powerful as Suh, this is a wonderful education. Um … I do not think there is a place to let Sir Yuichi Kawasaki say it.

I did not listen much , but important point because I was a bit late in the lecture today .

✔️Japanese chidings – I use ticok (fact proved by the elementary son of Kawasaki)
✔ ️ Facebook is aging (male standard), and Insta is spreading to 40s (female standard).
✔The Twitter is still in the 10 ~ 30s. And YouTube also occupies 10s ~ 30s. The layer that uses the line is getting more and more pushed (10s and 20s start to write less lines, using the message function of INSTA)
✔ ️ And I hate to see a lot of news apps.

It was fun.

☑️ Japan loves coupons. I still use paper coupons. I know that I am familiar with writing coupons / tickets for each individual application by laying out each individual application in my country. I have integrated the coupons (the coupons are designed to make paper coupons feel and use I do not think it's a good idea to write a lot of them. I do not know how to do it.

☑️ Certainly, INSTA DM's sexyness seems to be around the world. I always look at INSTADGRAM DM and think this function is really sexy and attractive. The fact that you can send messages through the Instagram Home, and the fact that you have more restrictions than normal Messenger, and that you can change the settings to one-time, Attractive. The intended discomfort, rather, makes the DM of one piece precious and attractive. Of course, I do not think entertainers should write like mother … (It is a struggle, but instaste story enhancement (emotion feedback on story, story reply to story, etc.) I think it's a big contributor to the problem.) Of course, in terms of companies, the incidence is inconvenient and inconvenient … There are many restrictions … But what is the user's position,

* Is it personal story, but should it be called INSTA friend? I think that incineration is very important. It is often more sweet and precious than Katok, which is sometimes exchanged with them, with friends.

✔️ The actor was shocked at the service. When I came to Japan, I had a fun story about how I would run ad at what rate.

Listen to the lecture and get a quick feedback. October 31, 2018.


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