The season of the EDM Festival has come. Take off your panties!

Finally came. The season of the festival.

I am a festival. So precisely, it is the EDM festival.

Reference 1. 2012 Global Gathering Korea Time Table

Global Gathering Korea held in October 2012

(Currently not open in Korea) was my first festival. I did not buy tickets, I accidentally won a festival event, and it was a coincidence and time and money. The memories of the day when we all went crazy together, except for the water at Kerrybeening at night, are still vivid. I remember that it was the early days of the EDM festival around that time. The DJ who came at that time was David Geta. Listening to Titnaium and She Wolf , I first realized it was really 'catharsis'. It was around 3 o'clock in the morning or at the end of Nessie. Everyone was so good and I played crazy, I remember DJ playing more in the main stage. I got out of the middle of the night, and I got home on the bus.

* On the right is the time table at the time. I remember that I only went there on Saturday, but I remember Glenn check . It was David Getta Gota, but I still remember playing with KAZ JAMES , the last DJ on the main stage, and all the audience.

Since then, EDM festivals have begun to be launched in 2016 as they have come to Seoul. Most of the Korean EDM festivals are held in Jamsil! I have been interested in EDM festivals since last year, most of them went to EDM festival and bought tickets for almost all EDM festivals, but for those who are interested in EDM festivals, Playing things. I will write briefly about the festival type (?) And talk about the festival lineup of this year.


1. Types of EDM music

2. Play at EDM festivals
3. EDM Festival (Korea)

4. EDM festival. Let's know this.

I can talk about it. I tried to finish this one but I could not finish it. I will talk about one item per item. The precise purpose for which I write this article is 'I hope that a few more people will enjoy the EDM festival properly'. In fact, my friends read this article and came with me. For reference, I do not understand the EDM scene or the producer who made the music, just the level of the article written by a fan who enjoys the EDM Festival I would appreciate your look! However, I have been chasing after 12 years since I started, but I still feel that I will not be able to convey the feeling to some extent. It's a success!

1. Types of EDM music

In fact, I can not tell. I do not know how to write a few words about this, and I do not even know it. It's like, it's about mid-3s, and when I first learned physics, I said, 'Well I'll talk about physics today. It is just like doing '. The following table summarizes the major categories.

Reference 2. The sub-genres of EDM.

You do not have to click on it. EDM has so many genres. If 'electronic sound' is included, EDM will fit in, but depending on how the composition of the song is, it seems to be a lot like the top genre. Nowadays, for some DJs, your own musical characteristics are a new genre. This may be considered to be about. (DJ is the best in this genre! Rather than feel this way, this DJ is a genre of this genre! It sounds great!) Just a glossary of terms, there are producers and DJs, Actually, he is a 'maker', and a DJ is someone who fits the right music. In a typical festival, DJs can almost always be considered producers and DJs. For the sake of simplicity, I will continue to say DJ in this article.

* In fact, the DJ itself should not define the term. If you are a DJ at the bottom of the line, if you are a DJ, you can have a wide variety of mixes to suit your surroundings, stage, audience and audience. I am not a spectator, but a person who gives the best experience by turning it into a music lover. " And of course, it is not a requirement of a good DJ to have a variety of mixes … and I will pass this for an area that I can not talk about anymore. If you are reading this article, please let me know if there is a more appropriate definition.

Reference 3. EDM VETS vs EMD NOOBS

The picture above seems to be more understandable and I brought the picture above. It is EDM, but there are those kinds of people who enjoy it more! In fact, it is best to "listen" rather than to distinguish the characteristics of EDM sub genres from "justice" or "writing". When you listen, you know everything else.

I will talk about the popular genres and the ones that are my taste (why). BIG ROOM HOUSE, PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, TROPICAL HOUSE, TRANCE, HARDSTYLE, TECHNO, DUBSTEP, DRUM & BASS, TRAP … seems to be the genres to know about enjoying Korea festival. For reference, the definition of the genre I give here is not an expert, but just a definition that a fan gives out to a "heard ear". I hope that you will pass the definition of bilingual (?) I know now that I will not discuss the subject of physics! But if you have encountered physics, you want to discuss it at least once! It is!

It is not too bad to read once and see what the genre of your favorite music is.

* Note that HOUSE has a very wide distribution, and EDM, which is common to most people, is considered house music!

** The boundaries of the sub genres of EDM music are not clear. Just any directionality is a standard.

really! Trance may be Trance or Progressive Trance. This Progressive Trance is similar to Progressive House, but it is not House music. It's just … it's a genre that gets mixed up with each other. So, I want to have a lot of sub-genres like this … Just remember the features of the rough, and let's just think 'what kind of genre is it for me?' Clarifying your favorite genre is a great help when going to festivals.

For more easy classification, personally ttussui ttussui music, ttwatttwat ttwatttwat music, light music, so it tried to light three categories. The standard of classification is … my ear!

It is relatively clear and easy to dance to the beat. Mainly Jamp! Jamp! Jamp! These are good songs.

It 's a bit of a beat, but it' s kind of … It 's good music as the dance continues. Something dumb! It's not just that, but it's good to enjoy music while riding moderately.

The light of the music …. The beat of the music itself sounds as the light. That is why. BPM is fast, it says hard style Huhu 훟 …

It is difficult to say the above three categories, I just wrote without categories. Only the link of the image that I think is necessary because there are too many links is inserted inside.

[Tupung Tup Music] Big Room House :

I think most people have seen EDM through this genre. The things that are often regarded as "old club music" are Bigroom House, and the Big Room features DROP! This is sure. The music goes up and drops! Slightly lukewarm. When the music goes up again ~ Drops! This is iterative. What's the drop ( big room drop reference video ) As the music shows up here, something goes up ~~ bang! It is popping. From the video, the DJs are just about to pull up and bounce! There is a burst, which is a drop. The bigroom genre is a lot of songs and DJ, so I will pass. Let's try YouTube! There are a lot of things in this genre that I often play at festivals and play with DJ's signal. It's fun.

[뙇뙇 뙇뙇 Music] Progressive House :

Progressive House … Something … Um … Do you think it feels like a little pop? Mainly Lyric. So there seem to be many songs that singer participated. And the drop does not go as strong as the big room, but there is a little drop, and it is not strong but steadily biting! It feels like this. A little … Do you think it is good to continue dancing …? I know that Armin Van Buren is this genre. (It seems that Amin Van Buren is called the Progressive Trance Genre.) It's a popular music genre!

[뙇뙇 뙇뙇 Music] Tropical House :

Tropical House !!! Probably the most popular these days. No, it's been a while, and it seems to be popular around 2016. It's a little bit older … or maybe you've seen footage on "EDM music with vocals" on facebook, and you feel like you're in a hurricane and just feel like a palm tree, If it is, it is the Tropical House fit. Kygo music is representative. Most people like it and like it! It is good to play.

[Music] Trance :

It seems that some people are unfamiliar or hate. Arty is also called Progressive Trance. The reason why I can do it is because I do not know why. It just feels like the song is just flowing. The flow continues, it leads to a great deal, it leads to a small feeling like this? I personally like it very much. In a festival with this trance music, you can really 'take' it to music. Arty came from the Heineken Stadium in 2017, when I first felt the charm of the trance. You can enjoy real music even if you do not play big.

[Music] Techno :

In fact, Techno is a bit hard to express in my own words … I know there was a controversy about Techno itself being different from EDM (Cardera communication, but there are a lot of videos on Techno vs. EDM on YouTube) If it's a little bit like that, Techno !? It is not that music in the days when there was a clone in the old days (clone: DJ KOO before DJ kook …) ?!? If you do, you can say that it is right and you can say that it is a little different. Techno music, please refer to this video (from 2 minutes you will find music that compares Techno with general EDM, you know the difference soon, especially the 3 minute and 33 second intervals) The trend of Europe is called techno. So, last year, the techno festival the platform was held for the first time in my country. (I just wanted to go to BEPC tangent !!!) It is dark black …

[ Kwangwang Light Music] HARDSTYLE :

Huhu .. I wrote only the hard style in capital letters. Ju ha … Yes Hard style! Forever! 150BPM! Warriors! I am a big fan of hard style personally. ㅎ …. Hard style is slightly different from the above music. If the above music is generally 120 BPM, the hard style is more than that. The sound itself is very fast. It's a real spectacle. A little … No, I have to listen to this. Wildstylez & Villain – Make the Crowd Move (Official Video) I have a lot of words to talk about. It is not too bad to go to the fence when enjoying hard style music at festivals. There are people who are fencing … (It does not mean that it is really sticking) Some people make a space and rave at the back. There are also mochifits (should I say slam?). I will explain this a bit more backwards. Anyway, the hard style is the best on the diet. If you just want to go crazy, go to the festival with a hard style and play for a day (one of the two days of Woldipes is a hard style) Please drink a beer and it'll be all right .. well … oh, and dehydration I often drink water …. hehe …..

Dubstep :

Dubstep is … well … once you listen to the music, you can feel that the name dubstep itself looks very good. It's really hot and steamy … I know, if you listen to it, EDM is something. Uh … I can not explain this. Typically, there is Skrillex . This music is a little … It seems to go a little 'crazy together' or 'all together enjoying lightly' if you listen to it at the festival. It's really great if you go to the place where the atmosphere is dominated by dubstep music. Especially not the main stage, but there are several stages of the festival to operate the various stages, so if you listen to the dubstep you play. I really like it ~~~ I took a cat image to help understand dubstep.


꺅! Trap! It is my favorite genre with hard style. Melo Gang Sounds the Zealot !!!! There is a drop once in the trap, which is different from Big Room, Big Room is dropping, If this bit comes in a beat, the trap will twist a bit and beat slightly after the drop pops, and the check will come true. The moment I hear it, 'Oh! Feeling comes. Take a good image to understand the trap by eye. Trap Nation is a place where you can upload a lot of trap music.

Thereafter, Marshmello is represented. Marshmallow made his debut in 2017 at WorldClubDome (Incheon), and the feeling of reality was really upsetting at that time. It was the day when I met Marshmallow Mongol … Dark … I took two links of Marshmello – Alone images from Monthly Korea. ( Picture 1. Marshmallow Ushiya ) Juha .. Please look at the second picture. ( Picture 2. field of view of participant )

Ah, and Allison Wonderland (a hip-hop-based trap), there's also a DJ who came to the 2017 Heineken Stadium. Trap seems to have a different feeling depending on what music is based on each DJ. Let's take Adele's Hello as a trap version ( Marshmallow-Hello )

Drum & Bass :

Literally. Drums and bass are based. Someone? What about drums and basses in EDM? Or not? Maybe. I will. Drum and bass is quite different from the traditional EDM. Let 's take a look at the reference picture of Nu: tone , which was defeated by Heineken Stadium in 2017. Rather than being a bit … something is just music fast. Is it because there is a real drum? Because I do not know music well, I can not explain it in detail. Drum & Bass was first seen last year and I can not hear it because I do not hear it separately.

I spent a lot of time writing it down. In fact, I did not like writing about the EDM type. Because I can not discuss it. I do not know much about it … but I could not talk about the festival without talking about the kind of music. ㅠㅠ One of the characteristics of each festival is that music plays a big role. So … I hope each person finds their own taste through this article. In the next article, we will briefly introduce the play that EDM festivals play , and we will talk about the festival in the next article. This year's festivals are not in the lineup yet! I can not talk about it, but I can talk about it in my past experience.

Finally, there is a video showing all the underground genres of the EDM, with one link attached.

The next part is ' John Jam. EDM Festivals' was uploaded.

Reference 1. Global Gathering Korea Time Table. Naver image search.

Reference 2. The Sub-Genres of EDM. Google Search.

Reference 3. EDM VETS vs EDM NOOBS. Google Search.


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