There are many disappointing books these days.

There are many disappointing books these days.

I have recently started reading books, but there are so many disappointing books.

It should be said that the book itself is a disappointment apart from the coolness of the author or the wonderful walk. There are too many author positioning in the book, there are too many things that are close to the hottest people, there is no "having" reader positioning , but there is enthusiasm of youth, "I have lived without thinking but I want to do something now" There is too much to do.

I do not want 100 readers to read a book, but rather to buy a book for a scarce one, I'm not curious about all aspects of the cube, but I can only ask one side that I have not seen. I do not know why I do positioning and do the tonne manners of the book.

Most genres of books I read are books on planning / marketing / organization theory / methodology / brand books ( brand books, onward, unseen marketing, invisible marketing, etc.) / lifestyle / I think the readers who read this book will also be obvious (most of them working or young people in their 20s?). .)

Well … I mean, readers, no. Is not this what we want? Those who enjoy reading the books of the above genres that I am referring to, and those who write the books of the above genres are not different. If I borrow the existing definition, it belongs to the 'community of business people', and if I want to make my own definition, it belongs to the 'community of people who want to change the world' (or oneself) People want to know that the knowledge they want is not knowledge that corresponds to 'this is a priori' or 'this is what I have done empirically'. No, it is not.

Each of them is walking their way, not looking into the book because they are wondering about the front or the side, but looking into the book for curiosity about the thoughts or feelings of those walking on those roads.   Already … I think people here are people who know enough about why each person is walking their way.

I did this when I did this. I like to do this when this happens. It is not necessary for stories that correspond to 'knowledge' such as 'this is what it is' through accumulated knowledge for decades or centuries. In fact, I know that such knowledge is already known to all people, and that even if you do not know, you can 'acquire' it to a certain degree when you need it. The amount of information has been done, and the technology has been so. Five years ago, and one year ago. I do not think I read books because I was curious about them either a priori or empirically.

Just, the way I'm walking now. And my feet get stuck. Would you like another shoe? But is it okay to wear other shoes here? When I think about it, I think it is through reading the book, 'How those people who have been in such trouble have looked at the problem, how they felt it,' and 'feel it'. Because it is difficult to walk because it is a sandy beach, I do not read a book to see the contents of such things as a concrete floor!

I can not speak well … Um … Do I have to say that it is no longer a 'book selection or reading' in the form of following a large person with a total amount of experience? Just what we need (when we are in the same community) is a peer, and we only want to see a peer's approach and solution .

Yes, the old book reading was a book that I collected when I worked in company A, where I collected some wonderful examples from outside, and what I read about the accomplishments of the wonderful outside people, Seated next to me, it seems to me that the reader who is sitting across from me has some concerns, how to think about it, and how to solve it .

I think that not only books of the above-mentioned genres but also books like "I want to die but I want to eat tteokbokki", which is a lot of people's minds nowadays, are suggesting such a context (I do not read that book ). And beyond that, nowadays all the cobwalking space, the cobwalking, and all the many communities, I just wondered what it was all about.

I just … I just want to hear your story once.

Should I be reading a book that I take as a stance? But it is not a low or shallow book that I have no affection, concern or respect for. Just because we are already overflowing with information and experience, I wonder if the story of the "channel" (person) that has experienced the experience once.

I just … I am in the morning and I read books each and every time I read a lot of books that I am disappointed to read.

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