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* It is a long article written according to the flow of thought. If you do not have time, you can see the summary below.

Nowadays, YouTube is like a miniature version of the world, and it tastes to be packed. In all sorts of fields, a wide variety of people are unfolding their stories. Every group, individual, and community, including businesses, governments, entertainers, selves, influencers, and the general public, have their own channels to unleash their stories. The reason I do not call it "content competition" is that instead of playing YouTube to watch "games" with content, YouTube is a space that just "captures" its own story. I think there are many. In fact, the reason YouTube is growing is close to the latter. That is true. Channels of companies / governments / some individuals who want to use YouTube as a "marketing channel" are certainly not ruined or certainly not funny, and the places where the stories of themes / themes they just want to do are definitely fun, have. Of course, because of the huge number of YouTube channels, it is not easy to see subscribers easily explode as in the past, but in fact, the increase in users (= viewers, subscribers, YouTube viewers) Of course, I'm not a u-tuber, I'm just a content heavy user (I've been watching YouTube for a couple of years and I'm talking about it from that point of view).

In the old days when Facebook page growth was easy, about 2010-2015? At that time, a lot of pages were getting excited and lots of places were getting excited, and finally, people started to recognize that 'content' (I think it's really awkward to write content, I changed a lot of the pebbles, and the pebbles became a little deteriorated.

The current YouTube is a little bit of a sign, but I do not think YouTube will be as big as a peek. Because YouTube ensures good benefits to creators and viewers.

It is very simple to think about. Can I make money on Facebook? The correct answer is yes. Is the process easy? The correct answer is no. Can I make money on YouTube? The correct answer is yes. Is the process easy? The answer is (relative) yes. If you have grown from Facebook to pages in the past, you can now make money with marketing channels for affiliates, receiving advertisements, receiving government orders, selling pages (…) Once, it was a structure that could make money by converting it to something else. What about YouTube? Once there is advertising revenue, there is no need for any conversion. In addition, you can receive other advertisements and collaborate in various forms.

In addition, in the past when I was receiving advertisements on Facebook pages (I have never received advertisements on facebook pages, just talking to a user as a pebbler heavy user. ))) Creator I have a lot of content that is damaging to my 'conclusion', what is YouTube now? Creators' "out-of-the-box" ads are not produced in any other way. Nowadays, I do not even ask for it in the first place.

What benefits do viewers have? There is a simple merit. 'The time I watched is a function of payment.' I have a favorite u-tuber, and I can see the content of this u-tuber by clicking on the subscription of this u-tuber, and the viewer will see that the u-tuber will get a 'somehow profitable or profitable' Is the fact. It's not really what you're doing, and it's not really big either, but this system itself gives the viewer a sense of what it's like … Oh. 'I used a tumbler today when I bought a coffee in Su-buk !!' "I dismantled the box when I took it out yesterday, and I put out the plastic and paper separately!" Feeling the same? It 's not … It' s not for the audience. I can say that it gives the same feeling. (Of course, some viewers think that 'subscription' and 'city hall' are one power, so the creators have their own appetite or comments like 'you can not do that ~ ~' I think that the midnight effect will occur, and this is a phenomenon that is caused by the combination of the culture of online communities unique to our country.It is very different from the 'community' thought by the head office of YouTube and the 'community' I have not considered this yet (of course, but of course it is)

I have been working on the Koko + Google Drive in the past and I have been developing slack + trelose + various drives and now the basic productivity tools have been developed with Noche + various drives. , And now it seems to be the concept of YouTube + INSTA.

It is a very happy world for the general user. The content is so overflowing! Plus it's free! Besides, I appreciate that this global company (YouTube) has 'value' to the time of 'watching'. And I can do this with my favorite creator like 'investing / billing (lookups, watch time)'!

In terms of creators? It is a bit tight, but I guess it will be a happy world. The routes are somewhat simplified, and once they are really systems that are 'I am good!' Of course, it's up to you to decide whether you want to push your own stories and views, or if you want to tailor the story to your taste buds. There are so many different types of people, and the content really is so diverse. How much more labeling is meaningless? Nevertheless, for creators, labeling is necessary. It's really important to explain yourself in a few words or sentences (of course, the ability to talk for hours on my own is also important)

The word "word or sentence" in the above is because the keyword or hash tag now has lost half its original value. I already got 'occupied' on the billboard. Of course, I can still collect them, look around, look around and see if I can draw enough meaningful values, so I say 'half'.

Yes. Nowadays, the way to organize and express anything is very important. Especially in the world of teenagers who say 'So summarize' these days … In the early 20s? It seems that 'summarize' is naturally spread. It's a natural demand for those who have always looked at refined content.

So I want to edit my article (quitting) Actually, I wanted to do YouTube, so I was always thinking about YouTube while watching it.

1. Nowadays, you can put your own story in the world or you can wrap it like a product that can sell well in line with 'trend'.

– Well, it's so diverse … I think everyone can figure it out and pass.

2. Include title and content well so that it can be included in the YouTube algorithm. However, there is very Kebake that will melt your identity in some way.

– Example channel. Hyeon (Battlegrounds Yu Tuber, who draws the title only with sentences that fit the trend). Nigi niji (Vlogue u Tuber. This person always writes a title considering all keywords.

3. Update your playlists steadily. There are a lot of people who play playlist 'autoplay' than I thought. (This is my brain secret.)

– Example channel …. is a heartbeat.

4. Edit it to 'edit' well, and clean it with a one-take if you do not. The difference between focusing on my "visuals" or focusing on my "stories".

– Example channel. The former is the latter and kyung6's film and JM channel

5. Always, always, always find a new BGM and do the digging. As soon as you are familiar with the BGM, it becomes one of them for viewers.

– I know only channels with good BGM hehe.

6. Make sure you write down the information that people are curious about in the content (detail view) column.

– Example channel. Bubbly Bubble (Vlog channel, always detailing details)

7. Make settings that make it easy to identify who you are. Dissolve your own tastes in the video, such as repeatedly exposing certain habits to YouTube videos. So people will 'label' you and start looking for you. Uploading and commenting. Live communication and everything is included.

– Example channel. Hanji is asmr (Korean channel is really Hanji itself. From video to expression to communication!)

8. Always be prepared to write about yourself as a person. Nowadays 'Tech Yu Tubo is OO!' If only the person who is really famous as the domestic u – tuber is counted, it goes over 2 – 30 people. I would like to introduce myself, so that my channel is what channel and what creator is aiming at what point. (Of course, it is necessary to put your own style in video.)

– Example channel. Tom and I.

7. Content. So, the world of 'story' is not 'academic'. It is not necessarily proved, it must be repeatable or reproducible, and it is not in the process of looking for absolute truth. Just being a person, you can solve the story.

In other words , you become an attractive person, and you will appeal to a charming story .

– Example channel. Think about why Namiechun and Shinsegae YouTube are doing so much better than regular entertainers do on YouTube. (Waban was originally designed as an advertisement.)

I can not … I can not do it. The salary is the best!


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