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Followed by the third article !! EDM Festival (Korea) Total summary!

It 's been a long time since I've been writing and writing at night.

In fact, the festival may not open every year (..) Suddenly there is a new thing to open. It is hard to get what it is, but once it is open, it is confirmed (actually, about the festival that I bought blind tickets! I will write about popular festivals! And there are some festivals that I just want to know.

The EDM festival is held in Korea in 2018.

Cancellation of May's Sensation Korea ( confirmed )

May World DJ Festival (WDF) (confirmed)

June Ultra Korea (UMF) (confirmed)

July Mercedes-Benz presents 5tardium (Stardium) (confirmed)

September Spectrum Dance Music Festival (confirmed)

September World Club Dome Korea (confirmed)

. Huhu … If you want to brag, then I bought that ticket except for the month of the club! As for the month of the club, the period is the period (3 days EDM festival, UMF is also 3 days …) 3 days price is expensive. Soon the ticket will be released, then I'll buy it again.

I do not know yet, I do not know the news, or the festival that was first opened last year, or the festival that I first started two years ago.

Arcadia Korea in September 2016 (not in 2017)

Cass Blue Playground in August 2017 (maybe this year too, not really an EDM festival)

Sounce Parade & Water War in August, 2017 (I do not know much about this year.

The Corona Sunset Festival in August 2017 (maybe this year, not the EDM festival)

The more platforms we did in August 2017. Electric Sky Music Festival in October, 2017.

(These two festivals hosted by the BEPC Tangent Company are festivals that first appeared in the last year, and suddenly it was a sudden appearance!) I do not know if the BEPC tangent is really frenzied or tried too many times and these festivals will appear this year. It is a tip of the EDM festival for reference, but please be informed that the BEPC MUSIC FESTIVAL page is good enough, and there was no festival that it is a festival of the company, Love has nothing to do ….)

The Final Countdown in December 2017 (It's probably the same this year as it was originally EDM festival, but since last year, suddenly hip-hop came in the hook … I refunded the ticket)


Let's talk about it in detail from the six confirmed ones, and let's talk about the rest by simply listing information.

2018. In May. 5 days. Sensation Korea (Goguryeo Sky Dome, DNJ LAB April 26, 8:30 am.

Is it 2013? It is a festival that was held for a while after the last time it was opened in Korea, but it is going to return in a few years. The odd thing is that you have to match the dress code to the white for all participants. If you google for sensation, you can see many rare scenes. EDM music is music, but it is a festival that occupies a quite large area of performance. I had a great expectation because 8 o'clock in the evening was set at 9 o'clock and the time was set at 4 o'clock in the morning. (The festival in Jamsil ends before 11 pm)


I paid a high ticket price (165,000 won) for what I expected, and I had all my clothes ready for a white look, but the festival was canceled at around 8:30 am on April 26th. The reason is lack of preparation. It seems that DNJ LAB , a Korean partner company, was not ready . Of course, it is not only the reason but also the story. Anyway … Please return my money quickly. Black … I can not cancel the festival. DNJ LAB is the place to go for life in the future. It was sad that I expected Dash Berlin to come up with a DJ who would make a real festival atmosphere.

May 26, 27, 2018 (Saturday) Wordl DJ Festival (Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium, BEPC)

* There seems to be no official poster yet. I can not find it.

Woldipeda. What do you mean? My mouth hurts. go. It is the best place for EDM festival beginners. The 2DAY Combo ticket costs 199,000 won. I probably bought a blind and bought it at 99,000 won. Woldifes originally opened in Yangpyeong in 2016? I have moved to Jamsil in Seoul. It will be held in Yangpyeong in 2014 and in Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon in 2015. I went to Chuncheon in 2015 … Chuncheon has a charm. Once you are not in Seoul, you should come and play! I think that it is the stage time until 4:00 in the morning when I do it in Chuncheon. (Jamsil is only for 11:00 pm for the surrounding residents.) At that time, in the wide area, I was running around in the light, playing at this stage, at that stage, and when I finished at 4:00 pm, I got out of the corner in the subway history and went to Seoul on the first train. Chuncheon Station Woldepez zombies will know only those who know.

After coming to Seoul, I participated in both 2016 and 2017, and it is still Wolde. First of all, the organizer's operation is clean. The hallmark of Woldifé is a stage composed mainly of general EDM (House, Trap, Trance, etc.) one day, and a hard-style EDM is a collaboration with Q-Dance one day. Saturday is a regular EDM for festivals this year, and Sunday is a hard style. I can see the Q-Dance End Show on Sunday. If you mention this separately … Go to the Wallpaper page and see the video.

* For reference, Q-Dance is … um … how hard it is to explain, hard style specialist … professional company (?). It hosts a lot of hard style festivals all over the world, and it opens Defqon 1, the biggest show on the hard style (..). See the link for details. The feature of Q-Dance is that the event name contains 'Q'.

The current lineup is as follows.

Well … I do not know. From BTSM to clockwise, four (including BTSM) are House genre DJs, from Villain to Zatox are hard style DJs. For reference, Viallian is called MC Villain, and is also the host (?) In many Q-Dance festivals. I think it's funny to hear these hard-style bros music … If I remember correctly, all four of the lineups now remember those who have been in the old Wolpeif. For MC Villain, you keep MC (?) At the World Club Dome Hard Stage in 2017. I remember going to the hard stage all day for three days so Brother Billon first met and greeted me (it might be my own mistake But at that time, the stage was very close …) You can meet the pheasant pheasant pheasant music in the real light in. I do not regret two days. I hope to see you.

Wardippe is not as strong in performance, but the show at the start and the end is enormous. Please see. There are some people who go out before the end show that the subway is cut off sometimes or there are many people. You only have to stay for a month. Because there is another festival in a month later, it hangs up and it stays for a month. There is not a festival in winter in winter, and it hibernates …. Oh and on the day when there is a festival in subway line 2 Jamsil station, I think the organizers have been careful.) Those who participated in the festival 's competition ^ ^ * It is a few minutes from our subway train. Do not worry about it! You can ride just after the end show. I know that there are quite a few people who go to Gangnam or go to another place instead of going home.

Tickets are also really pretty. I'm just doing BEPC now. Just go when you just say good (yeah ??)

June 8, 9, 10, 2018 (Friday and Saturday) 2018 Ultra Korea (UMF) (Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium)

Say something! My mouth hurts! Do you see the lineup now? Buy tickets. It's not too late. There is still 3 day ticket at 240,000 won. buy it. I can go even at the weekend. What I mean is that, even if the line-up that is visible now is a solo concert, each person who makes a worthwhile price to buy a ticket for 100,000 won.

Especially this year it is very hot … DJ name next () is the genre that the DJ pursues. I do not know for sure. The music of the DJ keeps changing every year. Sometimes the genre is different according to the song … The genre division itself changes continuously … Please just refer to it. See my first article on genres.

The Cahinsmokers . Chain smokers. No one will know. EDM-pop music in the middle! We are looking forward to a closer look at the chains of smokers.

ZEDD (House) Jade ! Anyone who rolls will know. ZEDD – Ignite. Jed music itself is really well optimized for the festival, so it is good to play with fun. There are many songs to watch.

DAVID GUETTA (Big Room? ) David Geta !! I think it 's been a while but I feel a little old, but the geta is crazy.

GALANTIS (Tropical House) Galantis ! Galantis is just as well. EDM music with vocals ~ If you like this is perfect.

Nicky Romero (House) is very hard to see, but I think he will be able to see it this year. It is nicknamed nick sender since he came to come before.

Above & Bedyond (Trance) Hmm Actually I do not know these guys … It's good to see through YouTube. It is called grand master. I can also get drunk in trans music again. I do not care if the festival itself is a DJ, but if you open your mind and enjoy it enough, it does not matter … 헿 … (It may sound like a lot to you, but festivals are not just about the festival itself, seems like.)

And above all … UMF this year .. Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Steve Angello comes with! Why are these three (Axel, Ingresos, Angelo) so special ? We are the Swedish House Mafia! . Please try YouTube with Swedish House Mafia. I remember seeing the story that I can often work as a Swedish house mafia since I have worked apart from these two and one, but I hope that this legendary reunion stage will come out at this UMF.

And the last lineup … Live is written … I do not know who I am …

The UMF Live Session is really up and running. I know people who saw Pendulum live sets last year … but those who were at Pendulum live stage at the time were really out of mind. It was really huge.

2017 Pendulum Live UMF Korea video. Please take a look at the link from 5 minutes 7 seconds to 7 minutes 48 seconds. My heart still jumps when I think this time. It would be felt by video, but people were really crazy. From the 9th minute people come out.

The UMF uses the Jamsil Stadium itself. Various sub-stages and various booths are also available. There are a lot of interesting events because various companies come in because the size of the event is big. And UMF is … definitely hot. It is really hot. You can think of it as all kinds of insult inflows.

July 7 and 8, 2018 (Saturday and Sunday) . Mercedes-Benz presents 5tardium (Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium, VU ENT)

Originally it was Heineken 5tardium until last year. I do not know what the contract is over, but this year it has changed to Heineken instead of Heineken, and the overall color has changed from green to blue. The organizer has also changed from BEPC to VU ENT.

The music of the stadium is music, but there are many stories about the composition of this festival itself. I write it as 5tardium and read it as stadium. This festival is divided into five stages in the Jamsil Stadium, where you can see all the stages. If I was standing at the back when I was on the stage, I could be the front-runner at the next stage. Because it is the stage of Oh direction !! In addition, there are five genres in the O direction. In addition, this year, especially the fifth anniversary? It takes 10 stages for two days in commemoration.

Currently released genre is DNB.TRAP / Future House / Hardstyle / Trance / Big Room / Dubstep. I am looking forward to seeing genres ….

And this festival is not only a stage composition, but a performance really is very powerful. People walk through the sky, fairies walk around the stage. Especially the stadium's end show is the best. Last year's 2017 Heineken Stadium end show is still a real memory. The best. The world is different with only one end show, and the purpose and value of my life is newly defined. It is really beautiful. There is music which comes out only at the end show. Please listen while listening to it certainly.

For reference, stadiums always sell tickets first. If it is a month and a half before the event month, all the tickets are out. I do not know if the ticket is open now, but I hope to buy it right away. Only the stadium is the fastest SOLD OUT. It seems that the performance and the concept itself are too good to leave the EDM festival.

September 8 and 9, 2018 (Saturday ). Spectrum Dance Music Festival (place unknown, SM Entertainmet, Dream Maker)

Spectrum is an EDM festival created in SM. I made my first landing in 2016, but I saw in the picture that the stage was really beautiful in the year. (I did not go because of the schedule.) But it was a sure EDM festival in 2016. In 2017, -pop mainly focused on DreamStation or DreamStation and did a small festival. It seems to be returning to the EDM festival again this year … I do not know. Once I remembered the coolness of 2016, I had to buy tickets.

The stories of the participants in the year of 2016 were huge, the atmosphere was really good and all was good. Will it improve this year?

September 14, 15, 16, 2018 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday ). Wordl Club Dome (Incheon Munhak Stadium)

The poster did not come out so well, so I replaced it with one of the festivals last year. The first landing in 2017. Big City Beats, the world's largest club for three days. This is the concept … I went all three days last year and it fits the real concept. Once in Incheon Literature Stadium is much bigger than Jamsil. I could have mistaken it because the stage circles were so good. There are more various stages than other festivals, and the lineup is real. Of course, the price is also high. There is a memory that I played really fun all three days. In the first half, UMF. In the second half of the month, It feels like this.

Of course, as it is in Incheon, it is a problem to go to a hotel or a place like this … I have to get good … darkness …. I really enjoyed it. The only thing I missed is that Chinese people went to the hemp at the time (smelled it) and it was not well controlled. And after 11 pm, there was a nickname of the World Wedding Dome because of the noise in the outdoors and in some wedding ceremonies. I did not go to the wedding dome but I was so hot and frustrated because of the crowd of people.

Now the main festivals are over and I'm going to talk about the rest of the festivals.

Arcadia Korea in September 2016 (not in 2017)

-> It is a festival based on spider-shaped structure landed gorgeously in 2016. In 2016, the operation was inexperienced, but the response was good. I feel like I will not do this year.

Cass Blue Playground in August 2017 (maybe this year too, not really an EDM festival)

-> EDM festival, but hip-hop music is also close to 40%. Korean singers are also coming ~! Tickets are very affordable, so go! I would like to say … I would rather not go to a festival beginner. The fact that tickets are inexpensive means that entry barriers are low. In other words, anyone comes. I can say this, but when anyone comes, the festival itself is … weird. The real atmosphere is weird. Should not it be said that it is a fleeting moment to the market of Dottygie, not the festival? Some of the participants' attitudes and behaviors were very poor. I did not come to enjoy music at festivals, but some people came to enjoy their horns. Of course it is a personal opinion. Oh, of course, it does not take about an hour and 40 minutes to enter. Of course I am not the only one who listens to the entire dynamic duo stage out there, Of course, at the time, the operation was so inexperienced that there was no control or content delivery, ^^ * I went here twice, and now I'm not going back again. Of course it is a personal opinion.

Sounce Parade & Water War in August, 2017 (I do not know much about this year.

-> EDM festival, and it was good in 2016. Because … BEPC was hosted by 2016, Q-Dance was introduced at the time. The 2016 Sounds Parade has a very memorable memory. However, in 2017, the organizer changed to "Ryu director". (I did not remember the name of the manager, so I checked in the main website, but now the server is closed and I can not go in.) I was waiting for the tickets to buy and changed, but the festival that was scheduled for two days suddenly changed into one day. There is a memorandum that came down with notice. Canceled immediately. It was a fascinating festival. I heard that the event was also a mess. Of course, the person who enjoyed it would have enjoyed it … However, there was a lot of noise and many stories at the time, but Ryu (director of the presiding) knew that he was alone and disappeared now. In addition to this case, Ryu is a person who has talked a lot about various stories. The judge said that I did not like the paragraph, but my house cat fall.

The Corona Sunset Festival in August 2017 (maybe this year, not the EDM festival)

-> It is a festival that I really want to see. Starting around 2:00 pm until the next morning? I know that. Last year, I was not able to buy tickets because I was very busy. sand. sunshine. Corona beer. And music. It is easy to think like this. I want to go. But this is more like a place to go with friends or lovers than a sortie.

The more platforms we did in August 2017. Electric Sky Music Festival in October, 2017.

I do not know if I will do both this year, but I really want to go. The former was a techno-only festival, and I remember that the stage laser was very good (I only came across FenBook contents). Was the latter the beginning of the month? It was then an open festival.

The Final Countdown in December 2017 (maybe this year too).

-> It is a festival on December 31st. New Year festival! It seems to be a little bit different to hip-hop than EDM festival. There is a tendency for the festivals to take the lead in the mainstream.

I have not attended all the festivals, but I am not sure what to write in this way, but I hope it will be of some help. If you want to mention festivals that I have to go out of my own personal experiences. I can answer you according to your personal preference.

Enthusiastic experience at the stadium .

The crazy pleasures are at UMF and Woldufe .

The World Club Dome is a festival that you can enjoy in a real overseas feeling .

That's it. Each person's taste will be different! The price range is wide and the lineup is varied. It is better to look for each one well and choose the one that suits your taste. Speaking of the 'size' of the festival itself, the World Club Dome is the biggest, followed by UMF, then Wolvergee, then the Stadium. But the size is not everything. As you said, I love the stadium the most.

In fact, I tried to finish this writing, but I will continue with one more step. The next article is the EDM festival. You only need to know this. to be. When do you usually buy tickets? What do you really have to do if you go to a festival? What should not be done. I would like to briefly talk about what is good to take and finish. And for those who are really going to the festival, let's talk briefly about the roots of the festival.


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