Value and reality. At that point.

I got a plastic takeout cup.

Obviously I came in to talk to a friend, and I figured out that I was sitting at the cafe counter because I was in a position to sit around and I thought we were sitting at the table and enjoying coffee. Because of that thought, I did not really say anything about mugs and I just ordered coffee, but a plastic takeout cup came out.

I took a cup of takeaway and I thought I would fiddle with it as I sat in my seat. This … If I was seated with this, when I got caught, I would pay a fine in this cafe … What … I tried to change it to a mug, and I looked around, .

I swallowed the thought and sat down again.

Perhaps the situation of the cafe was the same. I did not feel like a private café, it was like a small franchise cafe, I would have to deal with the amount of plastic takeout cup I made, and I would not have been able to give it a mug every time in a working environment. It will be for the guests who are seated. I would have taken the takeout cup and sat down, but there was a reason why I had to do something. Inside the store, use a mug. I think it is a must to think about the environment, and now the law is helping it.

But as always, there is reality in pursuing value.

I started with the story of a takeaway cup, but I'm not talking about it alone.

I'm really, really, really struggling between my pursuit and my pursuit these days.

Will we pursue value, or be driven to reality?

The expression itself was 'chased by reality'. The reason why I do not use the phrase "to rest in the reality" is to say that if there is a stable situation that can be accommodated in reality, it is obvious that I will follow the value. There are many such people these days. I think it 's a difficult situation to take on.

So it is always.

Will you follow value?

Will it be driven to reality?

Whether you choose the former or the latter, your mind is always uncomfortable.

If you choose the former, you will feel uncomfortable because the world is uncomfortable, and if you choose the latter, I feel uncomfortable because life seems to be doing me. If you take the former, you have to see things, things you have to know, things to talk about, things you have to advocate, and there are so many things that you have to find evidence. I am lonely because the time for the individual, the time for meeting friends, and the time for charging for myself are reduced. If you choose the latter, it will be hard for you to study separately and not be able to develop your own time. Time to meet a friend, or my own time for me, is reduced and I am lonely.

In fact the former, the latter said the same thing, but the situation is the same. Whatever I choose, it will be tough, whatever I choose, I will be alone. Whatever I choose, my life will be the same.

Because this is not a matter of choice.

This is a matter of thought.

The problem of the point of orientation.

The problem of what to drive the driving force of life.

Any reason to act. Grounds. The problem of granting.

So whatever I choose, my life will be the same. Today is.

But tomorrow will be different depending on what you think, what you want to do.

Of course, I will live a value-oriented life in this way. The ending of the ceremony is not necessarily right or beautiful.

Obviously, value-oriented life is difficult, conflicting, and lonely. I can not force this life on anyone. Above all, following the value, it is often the work of devouring me of its worth, of swallowing up my essence. Value is great and beautiful, so blind to the light, and my original intention and purpose pursuing it disappear. Unfounded blindness. Objective action. Violence under the name of value. These things are happening.

In fact, this 'value-for-life' is a value that I have to devote myself to, so I have to be vigilant in many ways, study more, think more and talk more, continue to value myself and value, We must walk away with subjective, objective, and value while continuing to separate.

Nevertheless, it is swallowed up.

So often, there is a time to choose reality.

And the reality is uncomfortable, and it comes back to value.

And again, it is depressed into its value and it sees reality.

Always value and reality this way. In the midst of this, I continued to live in a struggle to move toward value, to live in a confused wandering, and recently I became questioning its attitude.

If it was me before, it would have been long for the plastic takeout cup.

Even if it 's hard to write a mug, I have to write a mug. That's the protocol our society has set. The present reality is what we are asking for. And if the customer gets a takeout cup, they have to talk to the store and change it to a mug. That is our duty and responsibility.

There is nothing wrong with the above.

But I have seen a lot of those who are depreciating in value after value. To be honest, in this case, rather than being depreciated in value, it will collapse in value. Value is like a seat that requires a certain stats, and if you do not have the appropriate stats in that position, you can not bear the weight and fall down.

And, in fact, above all, why does value exist?

To a large extent, it exists for mankind. How can we give the world a better world?

And, to a larger extent, value exists for 'truth to come'. Maybe it is itself.

It is to reduce plastic cups for humans. And if we can better design and fine-tune this behavior, we will reduce plastic cups for animals, for plants, and for the earth. We can not rule in words, but we know that in our hearts we are all pursuing the "truth to come".

There is a value for these things. To reach these "truths to be approached" is to say that the attainment of values is the result of an incredible sage, whose value is easy to achieve, fast and powerful, People's lives are not so, and it is hard to follow them.

If we force values for everyone, then it just leaves value. I mean, I mean, it's become 'depressed by value' that I said from the beginning.

Ironically, in the end, value has a 'high probability' that it will lose its purpose from the moment it comes to value alone. Not everyone is a sage.

In the end, if you really want to follow values and not be driven into reality, you have to step into reality by looking at values.

No, to be more straightforward, beating the reality, both eyes should keep an eye on value.

Look at the floating moon on the river and carefully cross the stepping bridge.

If you forget to look at the moon while beating the reality, you will eventually forget why you are crossing the bridge.

If you follow the two eyes of value, and forget to watch the stepping bridge, you will eventually fall into reality.

It may take a long time.

Looking straight at the moon above the river, I must also think of the stepping bridge I am crossing.

And one more thought.

The moon is floating on the river, but it is reflected in the river, where it is in the sea, and someone is watching the moon cut over the mountainside. Even though the stepping bridge I am crossing is a stone, someone's stepping stones will be made of pebbles, and someone's stepping stones will be made of wood.

You should look straight and cross it straight.

And do not forget that you are not alone.

And for those who are walking the same path in various situations, give out your hand at any time.


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