We are reducing the number of influenza reports we are following.

I was very fatigued during the instagram.

At first, it was. In early 2010 .. I do not know when, but because of my personality, I think that INSTA opened in Korea and started INSTA within 3 months. I started with an instant instagram that was really made up of my friends as a registered mobile phone number and Facebook friends. (I can not remember the naturalization of the connection at the time, but my followers were my real friends anyway, Follows were also real friends)

However, when I live, I can say that I am in the process of being a role model, and that my favorite brands are inspired, and that I have a lot of good insights out there, As we found out, we started to follow one by one.

It was really diverse. There were a lot of different people living in the Instagram, and new worlds that were really snowing were spread in the Instagram. Against the really awesome people, very occasionally I said, 'It's so cool !!!! This is so nice of you, and I'm so glad that I think about it! I gave them nuance comments and cheered them up, and sometimes I was so happy to receive replies.

Perhaps it is this inflation Lu thought that the beginning of yeoteurira eonseo.

At first I think everyone would follow with the same heart as me and communicate with each other.

Then, someday, as the so- called "viral" began to pop up, no, since the viral was caught in the eyes of the capital, the instagram grew, and the relationship between influencers and followers began to change. Influencers began to organize their feeds for more ads and occasionally tended to go a little overly sensational or over-the-top. Their followers were a little bit off in their pure cheering and watching position, trying to exercise their influence as followers, and occasionally some mad people actually began to "harm" them with it.

(One thing to note here is that it is not an object of criticism that influencers communicate extensively or excessively, because they are trying to make money by building their own strategies with their own abilities. Or to take the nuances of selling sex, or to change the stance around the issue, can be a subject of moral criticism or a legally questionable subject, but basically influenza is influenced There is nothing wrong with what you are doing.

As a result, the relationship between Influencers and followers has changed , and the situation has become more difficult for each other . There have been more influenza applications to follow up, and I have to check their feeds and reputations every day to avoid harming the brands or companies I work with.

And with the change of this "viral" , people's interest in 'lifestyle' that started in other fields (or maybe even in the same context) Instead of recognizing and following you as an influenza, you began to 'watch' those who are connected to your lifestyle, or your lifestyle. (Refer to: DataBlade from the Start-up Alliance Mr. Lee's Influencer Lecture (summary: https://bit.ly/2Ofzz7o )

The 'lifestyle' of a person is not defined by a word. For example, if you have a Starbucks enthusiast, there are those who wait for some time when you have a full Starbucks store, and then you take the Harleys coffee coffee club as the next best option, Some of the best options (Starbucks, Pascucci) are the other ones.

The life of the person. It is a 'lifestyle' that mixes the tastes and hobbies of the person's life, various events, and his own unique thoughts and philosophies. It was very complicated and difficult to find.

Of course, nowadays, the Instagram users have been accustomed to the Insta, and since the feed has already been optimized for you, you can use the Insta + It was very easy for you to follow up on the letters and follow up. Everyone started to follow up with that fit.

And the marketers have begun to follow up on various inflation documents in diverse fields, to pursue them all . It's hard to find infl uences that tackle a variety of people's feelings, and marketers have to consider the size of Influencers, taking into account corporate budgets and profits.

Although the introduction was long,

The above-mentioned marketer was in the same situation as me. I did not really start looking for influencers as a marketer, I just wanted to follow up with so many cool people, If you are a person with these angles, you will grow up as an influenza in a matter of months! "As you feel, you follow up people who are called" Influenza "angels. It seemed to be done with that mind.) There are a lot of people to follow,

So, at some point in my life, my friend's news was gone, and there was a lot of unfamiliar world stories unfamiliar to me.

My real friends who started INSTA in the early days had already left INSTA for various reasons, and my INSTA friends who remained in INSTA were so happy to know each other from the beginning. There are only those friends who have watched life for years (in fact, most of them have never met, but they feel like friends deeply). I think I know …)

For this reason, the Instagram was so tired that it made a decision.

I broke up a separate account for the marketers, and started following the influluencers.

Separately, the criteria for those who follow an account for a marketer are [Category B; 2k-10k] were people with more than 2,000 to 10,000 followers. (Those with less followers follow me on my own. Of course, more than 10,000 people are accountants for marketers!) It is quite a standard of 2,000 to 10,000 people. Actually, I feel that I am close mentally, I want to see and support their life purely. The majority of the followers of the influenza followers thought that there were less than 2,000.

As a matter of fact, [Category A; under 2k] I really like these people … Just as I started to instate in the early days, they show a new world lightly, and the way of life is similar to me. Strangely enough, these followers are under 2,000. I will tell you again when I have the opportunity for these features.

There are 5,000 people, even though they are 10,000, they are not distant from their minds . They have a full lifestyle, and these people actually have to go to a marketer account, but they are not holding on.

If you look at them, you can communicate with a lot of followers even though it reveals what kind of life you are living in and what kind of thoughts you are doing. (Category A people are not smooth. If you think physically, 2k or less can manage and communicate somehow, but I think it will be a bit more difficult, but communication is smooth even though it is more than that number.

These [Category B; 2k-10k] followers (so I have to turn them into a marketer account, but it's so fun to see them!).

1 . My lifestyle is always constant in my feed. To be precise, the top-level keyword is always maintained , and the keyword is changed and the article is uploaded.

For example, there is a person who shows up [Pilates] on a professional level, shows off swimming in the sea, tells [health food] ] To show the appearance. [Bikini] is often seen wearing. And often [the sportswear] changes frequently and you see the mention of the clothes.

This person's top keyword is [health] . This person is well aware of the various proposals for his or her health and keeps up with all the related lifestyle. Maybe it seems that they are receiving sponsorship for sportswear. If you look at the feed composition, it seems that the sportswear is rising at a rate of 3 ~ 40%. Their everyday appearance is also raised, and is clearly maintained within one top-level keyword.

You do not have to be a top-level keyword to be a common noun, some people have the top keyword [vitamins], but looking at this person's feed is really a vitamin itself. I feel [vitamins] wherever I am, whether I am playing, drinking, working, advertising clothes, dating my lover.

2. When you post a picture, the subject of the article you write is definitely yourself .

Sometimes, even though you have a huge number of followers, you guys are starting to post something like this, and there are some people who post content on "presumption" that someone is looking at you. I do not think it works well. This is not communication.

I understand that the category B people are clearly subjective and dominant. There are some who write in one sentence, some who write in dozens of sentences, but they are definitely decisive sentences that reflect their own thoughts and their experiences .

And people react to such a sentence.

3. I often play live broadcasts, but the subject is definitely there.

Not everyone has a live broadcast, but when it's on, it's clear there's a topic or reason for the broadcast. Sometimes I only see the comment window when I see someone talking about it, but I do not know. That's not communication, it's just Q & A time.

Whether it's the theme of the broadcast today, the weather or the movie I've seen recently. If there is something obvious (I wonder if the live broadcasting is popular with the theme that the original uploaded contents are different from the original uploaded contents, it should be called "event castle". It's fun and interesting to watch the other side of the person you know (although I know a different meaning, but ^^;) Make a clear response to the broadcast.

There is a theme for reference, not a concept. If you have a concept, you just end up without concept . A tangible subject that can actually speak is important.

* Incidentally, I think people in this Category B are the people that real marketers should pay attention to. I think that synergy of each other is really enormous if it fits well with the direction that the company wants to go.

This level is [category B; 2k-10k] is a feature of Influencers, [Category A; under 2k] Influencers … In fact, the above three features are the same. However, these people just do not want to influence it, so I feel like I'm restraining them in various ways without increasing their influence anymore.

If you look at the Influencers that you want to keep at 2k or less, the number of hash tags you put in the post surely decreases, and the communication frequency surely gives. I do not think these people wanted to be influenza, but I think they are just people who have lived in their lives and are so popular that they are so popular. (Of course, it is also not to say that the people in Category B did something to make it popular!) Do not misread!)

In fact, the people I am following, less than 2k, are more of an ordinary person than an influenza . So I just want to refrain from commenting as much as possible. Those who are just living a wonderful life! I always cheer.

It was a bit long, but what I wanted to say was this. I am a little lighter by relieving the people of Category B out of my life, and chasing the people of Category A again (I am so glad that these people come to the feed more often!).

The separation of daily life and business was not something to be done separately. I just needed catering.

Now my follow-up account is about 1,200 and I'm about 170 on my marketer account. I hope we can reduce our follow-up to 600. I am more curious than the life of 1,200 people who can not see it, and the life of 6,00 people who can see properly!

* I am so sorry and disgust for those who move to a marketer account, because they seem to treat them only by means rather than human-to-human. This part is really … still in trouble. In situations where I can only connect with the majority of people online, how should I treat them? I hope I can write next.


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