Why bulletproof boys became BTS

I do not want to list the results they have achieved. The incredible numbers that the seven people have recorded are well known on other channels. I just want to record the elements of a good brand that Bangladeshi boys have presented as a person who has a love for branding work and is endlessly in a growth narrative.

There is context before development.

I hear the story that the brand story is important and should be made so well. Brand Story is actually a context for telling stories. Why this music, why this stuff to me to show me is the device that makes the right.

The narrative of bulletproof boy band music comes from failures and joys in the growth process. LOVE YOUR SELF talking about love beyond the WINGS that talked about school trilogy, youth trilogy and temptation. In this process, the main character 's world repeats expansion and contraction and creates a context.

I wake up in a certain space of the school and then go out of the school to see the confused world and look at the wounded because I came out of the world. Within a short time, a new world has begun to meet a person who looks at this wound, but it soon ends in a brutal end. The boy easily falls into joy and shakes his guts, but breaks and collapses. This is a traditional growth narrative that a boy experiences to stand in a gigantic world and can be called 'youth' more easily.

This ordinary and great process was drawn directly by the boys of his age . They wrote the everyday language as it is, and they constantly sang the way they treated their music, music, and their self-esteem. Major Dance Music But first love, Reflection, Awake, Begin, MAMA, Nessie, Mixed Tape August D, Mixed Tape Hope world, or a non-commercial album, Also increased immersion.

Through this process, the Bulletproof Boys was not the performer who expressed a concept but the protagonist in the story itself. In other words, even though they are the same love song, their love is not a passing phenomenon but a part of a great narrative. Given the short life-span of the idol group and the lack of long-term narrative / content resulting from it, the context in which they accumulate results in a "unique value" that brands want so much.

Use symbols

The symbol is strong. The symbol implied by the narrative goes beyond the limits of visual color and form and draws it into a deeper area of meaning. That is why brands that make good use of symbols can convey messages in a sophisticated way without long words.

Bulletproof Boys use various symbols in music videos. The most famous is also appearing in the "Sweaty Tears" music video . A picture of a bird flying away from an egg, a kiss of a gin and plaster (in fact Damian and Sinclair) , a picture of an angel and an Icarus that is against the will of God . It is a symbol that appeared in Hermann Hesse's novel Damian , where Sinclair , the protagonist, broke into the existing boy world and entered the world of good and evil . This is also the case in the music video as each of the seven members is shaken by temptation to break the existing world   It is used as a device.

In 'Spring Day', we go a step further and borrow the novel 'People leaving Omeras' and link them to their stories. The novel deals with the story of those who live in the village of a utopia through the sacrifice of an innocent child . Music videos show joy at home called Omelas, clean up dirty clothes – sacrificed ones, and everyone who has enjoyed it leaves there and shines in a new place. At the nuclear power plant, everyone leaves alone, but the bulletproof boys head to a new place together. The symbol was undamaged and reborn as a starting point for a new story.

On the other hand, the Bulletproof Boys provide a booklet named "The NOTE" from the album "Hyeon Yeonhwa", and the music video also provides clues about this, which is called BU (BTS Universe)
A huge fan base yourself to explore their world and make to research. The above two examples of symbols serve as a story of the individual song-album itself and also as an element constituting the BU. Stories that expand in a coherent context, and a well-placed symbol, are important points to increase persuasiveness.


The world of the Bulletproof Boy Scouts is spatially, emotionally, musically   The steadily it has been extended.   School – Youth – each step move on to express love, the width of the wider feelings with music and incredible performance of the new genre will create an explosive point. The size of the fandom coincided with this growth. Those who performed solo concerts at the 2,000-seat (former) AXH Hall in 2014 will meet a total of 790,000 people through the World Tour including the US and Japan Stadium performances, beginning with the 50,000-seat Jamsil Stadium in August this year .

The results of the BX design renewal work for the bulletproof boys' team, which was carried out last year by the branding agency PLUS X, is for those who have come to a new turning point. Plus X has given the BTS, which is a simple abbreviation of bulletproof boy band, the meaning of ' Beyond The Scene' . This definition containing the sense that symbolizes the 'face and jumped dreams Dont you ever naahgamyeo growth towards beyond reality "is expressed in bulletproof Scouting the meantime, the looked moves to ahwooreum the same time, jugetdaneun show a new look that does not change the context of the will It is also .

The essence does not change.

The bulletproof boy band released their regular album (based on Korean album)   I got three chapters. Each album has 14 songs, 15 songs, 11 songs, and non-regular mini albums also contain 9 ~ 10 songs. All studio album, as well as in the mini-album, including Mood for Love pt 1 / pt2, LOVE YOURSELF承 'Her' just to get into the intro and outro. The emphasis is on the album that completes one mood, not the sound, and it is constructed in consideration of the order of listening to music. Even the names of many members of the lyric / composer are up. It is possible not to be busy, but to be able to make it while busy. If you look at the contents of BANGTAN TV, V app video, Twitter, etc., you can see that the members are constantly working on the conversation . I try various genres. It quickly follows the trends of the pop market such as mud batons, traps, chill-outs, aunt hip hop, Latin pops,

The result was not perfect, but it was a surprise and joy to many people because of what was best for them at the time. The Korean idol who dreamed of being the number one music broadcasting company in Korea, appeared on stage on the billboard in the 5th year, and the stadium performances that nagged high pop stars were nervous did not just mean that there were not many fans but so many fans It will be understandable to know what you hear.

The Bulletin Board Boycott is on the way to releasing the album 'Answer' on December 24th. In the concept photos of this album, seven youths sit on complex threads of emotions and look straight at them. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of content will be available to those who are delighted to discover love and who are in despair, as a brand that will be able to overcome the present once again (Beyond The Secne) to be.


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