Yes. I write now.

When I was addicted to writing.

I am very pleased to see my own raw thoughts and behaviors as I write while writing this article and watching the basics of the occasional meeting where I meet, ! ' If you feel like you've seen the kingdom of heaven in a real cataclysm orgasms, it's like boiling 1.5 tablespoons and chilling properly in cold water. Because I gave it to you.

I am writing to write something that seems to me to write a story while talking to me, meeting with each other to meet with me .. Oh, my favorite friend said to me, It seems to be true.

My real life is living in the hospital, but when I am writing, I have to go to the hospital to question the actual hygiene, to have a drink or cheek, or to do a pressure interview to write out the writing. It really seems like this.

So , if you do not have enough life to live a good life, if there is not enough 'religion', you can not write .

This article is not a deep interview in depth, in fact, in the hospital, but I have been thinking about myself in a lot of trouble, and I'm deeply worried about myself, and the gangbyeon is out of order to help organize.

So now what am I thinking deeply into your thoughts and thinking about yourself? Why are you fervently thinking about yourself, looking back on my own life and trying to express all these things in letters?

Yes. I am writing my self – introduction now.

There are about five places that I really like or have a taste or value that I like. If you have your own rules, write only one at a time. And after reading my resume in one place, if I have not been contacted for a few days, I would have fallen and write about the next one.

Everywhere I go, the content of my introduction is totally different. I am basically present in myself, but as my taste is different from TPO, the direction of the person who wants to work will vary according to the circumstances. It looks as though I am going to go out on a blind date wearing amekaji look on this side, and it is like going out a blind date by preparing hangers 에 in a suit.

Of course, there are times when it can not be aligned with TPO. For example, ' No, no matter what your clothes are, it's not my preference .

Ah. I want to explode my passion. Please let me work. I hope that you can help me in the future.

Chan … My name is Hyun-kyun (shameful emotional smile)


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