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"Only about 1% of people succeed in social media with purely content talent, and everyone has to do everything in their power to create a community that will take care of the content they create." – Gary Bainner (Amazon bestseller writer, businessman, social media guru)

Books from Facebook, Twitter, Uber's early investors, and social media guru Gary Bainnerch go to Amazon's best every time. And one of those books will soon be published in Korea.

And I am previewing the book to write a recommendation before publishing. The book is inspired by Gary Byner, and it is amazing and dramatic that many companies and people have grown up.

I have also been influenced by Gary Bynes for a long time, and I think that these contents are more familiar because I have been developing marketing strategies, developing platforms, and creating content.

Gary Bainer pretending to wink

Today, I wrote three stories you need to grow your business based on content. This was also an inspiration from Gary Bainner.

1. Overwhelming content (literally overwhelming)

Creating overwhelming content is a minimal effort to save advertising costs and build branding quickly. I have been building content (text, books, audio, video) for over 6 years.

I've also been warned by coaches that if you do not build your content right now, you will not be able to reduce your fixed costs later on.

However, many people think that it is not necessary to produce informative content that does not respond immediately when advertising. ㅠ

I'm seeing people who have built up their content for a long period of time to make sales without advertising. Continuously produce content that is easy to digest from your perspective, based on information that is relevant to your business and that is constantly gathering information.

It's a good idea to have this content right now. If you do not, you must regret it later. I also had time to regret.

(SKY Castle is one person who can not see)

2. You should not be hard at work.

I've talked about overwhelming content before, but there is something that needs to be supplemented. I make a lot of content, but I try to ignore it. (Three .gel. Billion)

You need to be careful to create content that lasts overwhelmingly. Once I make it, I have to be interested, I have to study related, and more importantly I have to relieve less important information or know-how from the learned.

If you create content with less time and energy in mind, it is difficult to sustain. So I use tools for efficiency (workflow, canvas, room), and meditation (but not necessarily ..) is also mandatory.

Nevertheless, there are some people who are satisfied with making it to the bargain. I am satisfied with the amount, and I do not know why I close my ears when I close my ears.

Constantly creating overwhelming content is never easy. But it is difficult, but it is easy. It is difficult, but it is easy.

'It is hard for people to know that it is hard for them to get tighter,' and 'I do not know as much as I study.'

If you are making content with such a consolation, it is likely that you are ignoring the feedback around you and rushing forward alone.

It does not run but seems to run

3. Content -> Sales ??

There are many people who think that the reason for creating content is to sell my goods right through it. There are a lot of people around me who are so interested in content creation. This approach does not last long.

In the middle of developing a community that communicates with your customers through content. I am also trying to make some comments and communication with the Naver cafe community, because e-mail and katok come in as spam or when they come too much.

In recent years, we have been recommending people who are familiar with Study Fee to an online study company so that they can take the first step in constructing a community with their own content.

The man who makes only tens of billions of dollars a year with only social networking, Gary Bainner, who is still communicating directly with people. He also started with zero subscribers when uploading his first YouTube video. The credits have always been F, but he has built up a reputation and wealth that he can not imagine by producing his own content and overwhelming the community.

In summary, it can be summarized as creating overwhelming content, considering the direction in which content creation becomes easier in the process, and developing community by communicating with customers based on content.

I also have a lot of deficiencies, and I'm working as a professional player, but I'm still alive and I'm talking about this, but I do not give up, I think it is because I have accumulated steady content.

The shiny content creators cheer for ~! Make money in my pocket when the money shines ~!

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It's not a startup. It's a startup. It's a brunch.

Author | <I work four hours a week and earn 10 million won>, <The story of the founders of pirates> <I am selling without capital and start up> author. (bit.ly/zero2be YouTube)



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