How will the US-China trade war end?

One of China's biggest holidays, Section 5.1, Labor Day holiday, began. However, it seems that when the holiday season comes, Is it my own feeling?

China's economic downturn is clear, and the Chinese government is doing its utmost to strengthen the economy. As a result, the first quarter GDP was maintained at 6.4%. The main content of this was a large-scale infrastructure investment by the government of 300 trillion won, and the local governments had to issue a huge amount of Taekwondo. Although it is for their own garden, it is not easy to see a government that does something like this. This is why the Chinese government is the most important factor in trusting China's market and economy.

The 10th US-China trade talks in Beijing this week are likely to be the final talks. Everyone is watching the results of the talks. Germany, which is visiting Beijing, and Malaysian ministers, both expressed hope that the US-China trade war has had a negative impact on the global economy. The German economy minister urged Ryohei to make immediate progress in negotiations on the bilateral trade talks between the US and China, saying that the US-China trade has a negative impact on not only Germany but the entire European economy. The Minister of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia, Darryl Ray King, expressed the concern that the two major powers in the Middle East should have a sense of responsibility for the country of Myra all over the world.

On April 26, President Trump said that the US-China trade negotiations are going very well. Trump 's remarks sparked optimism that the New York Times would see US – China trade talks and the visit of the US to the US in May and June. The US Treasury Secretary, on April 29, said he would probably end the negotiations in the next two weeks of negotiations. The Hong Kong South Post reported that in June, the US Secretary of State, Shi Jingping, could sign the bill in the negotiations. There is also a view that this negotiation will be finalized in the next negotiation.

However, it is rumored that there has been a lot of conflict before China's internal trade and that consensus has been formed on some things that can not be withdrawn from China any longer. One comment on the one-on-one conversation at the Kohongbong meeting was the announcement of the protection of intellectual property rights, the prohibition of forced transfer of technology, the restriction of subsidies, the policy of not defeating the renminbi, Regardless of the needs of the United States, it is clear that China has taken the form that it has decided, and in fact, it has fulfilled the American requirements. What, then, can China, which has accepted most of these American demands, come to be the eldest son?

Once in China, Trump and I do not negotiate again seems to have established a policy. As for China, which emphasizes face-to-face, this Trump has been subjected to all kinds of insults. However, there is no sign of reflection on how they acted in third countries such as Korea. China has seen the tastes of the oppressed opponent pressing with his strength. And with that reaction, China seems to focus on growing its strength.

If the negotiations break down, then China will give up negotiations and look for other ways, which is not unlikely. Your opponent is Trump. At the end, it is a lot of people putting the dumb gun again, so the final letter of the negotiation must be decided until the jinjinping will move. What happens if the negotiations fail?

First of all, the US 's China tariffs will be maintained, and over time, the manufacturing base will deviate. Foreign companies already think that the risks are greater than the merits of Chinese manufacturing. Especially, it is the high-tech enterprises that the Chinese government attaches. Japanese companies first started moving their production base to Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, followed by Taiwanese companies. And, of course, American companies started China.

Second, as the source of China 's high – technology introduction will be limited, this will be a close relationship with Russia and other countries, and the country will be in a position to make every effort to develop technology. On the other hand, China's internal manpower and internal research and development become important because it will be difficult to proceed with the US-led conflict. In that sense, it is understandable that China must protect Huawei. However, technological advances at the same rate as in the past are unlikely to take place, and there is a possibility of gradually losing technology competitiveness.

Therefore, China will have no choice but to actively promote its technological manpower overseas. You need to go out and bring your skills and experience locally. If the United States is difficult, it should go to Europe such as Germany. However, the centripetal force of the Communist Party weakens in order to enter such advanced countries. It is also questionable whether Chinese companies can develop enough businesses to go to work in Europe.

Even if we look deeply, the position of China after the breakdown of the Mongolian trade negotiations does not have a problem. It will be difficult to maintain the same rate of economic development as before, and China's decline in factories will make China's economy more difficult. The expectation level of people has been raised as much as possible, and social integration conflict factors such as the difference in wealth have been increasing. So, if you do not mind, you have to negotiate with the United States.

What changes will come when negotiations are concluded? It will be difficult to pursue a policy that will once again lead to one-on-one, Chinese-Mong, There can be no reflection and evaluation. And it is difficult for Si Jinping to get out of that responsibility. Already the voice of the complaints inside the Communist Party is puzzling like this.

There are no forces other than the Kang Tae-min faction that have been known to challenge the provincial seats. It is important to take over the legacy of Jang Taek-min in the faction of President Gang Tae-min. If he challenges the Jing Jinping annotation, the Chinese state will be tumbled. Human beings are already being discussed in literary media.

If the opposition is in power, pro-capital, pro-business, and pro-private policies are expected to evolve. And the color of the Communist Party is likely to be diversified from red to rainbow colors. In this case, it is possible that the US will reach for help. However, these forces are the main targets of the anti – corruption movement that has been carried out by the people of Sijingpin. It is doubtful how China can solve the contradiction of policy, ideology and system in China. Perhaps a great deal of pain will accompany. And above all, the military will shake. Therefore, the scenario of the opposition is not easy.

So, it is most likely that the system will continue. However, the authority of the commentator of Sijing will be hurt and the successor appointment needs to be done quickly. This successor is likely to be the chief supreme leader of China in decades, since he will serve as proxy until the end of his term and will fill a ten – year term from his inauguration. Most of the current political committee members are not likely to be next to age. The next comment should come out of the actual 50s or early 60s, but I can not see the person who has the ability and the foundation to do it. There is also the possibility of a power struggle.

Eventually, when the US-China trade agreement ends, the United States will return to normal, but China must seek stability in a whirlwind. Perhaps it is not possible to advance into large-scale outside such as Chinese dream or one-on-one because of stabilizing internal stability for a considerable period. There are scenarios such as the use of military force against Taiwan in order to stabilize the internal in the opposite view. It is a scenario that is mainly concerned with the arts and crafts, but it is becoming a big issue with the Taiwanese general election in 2020. But I do not think the current China will be able to handle these risks as the US will respond immediately.

In the end, the US-China trade talks are a complete US victory. And the victory of the United States had already been decided before it began. This game was a game of what China is all about. China has to face a minimum face, showing all that it has to give up and succumb to America all over the world. I just do not see how China can save face. There is a line that China can not make concessions, but if there is a way to build up the face, it will be able to end smoothly. US concessions on Huawei and Mangwang could be one way.

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hemp! This is how you make money with your content.

"Only about 1% of people succeed in social media with purely content talent, and everyone has to do everything in their power to create a community that will take care of the content they create." – Gary Bainner (Amazon bestseller writer, businessman, social media guru)

Books from Facebook, Twitter, Uber's early investors, and social media guru Gary Bainnerch go to Amazon's best every time. And one of those books will soon be published in Korea.

And I am previewing the book to write a recommendation before publishing. The book is inspired by Gary Byner, and it is amazing and dramatic that many companies and people have grown up.

I have also been influenced by Gary Bynes for a long time, and I think that these contents are more familiar because I have been developing marketing strategies, developing platforms, and creating content.

Gary Bainer pretending to wink

Today, I wrote three stories you need to grow your business based on content. This was also an inspiration from Gary Bainner.

1. Overwhelming content (literally overwhelming)

Creating overwhelming content is a minimal effort to save advertising costs and build branding quickly. I have been building content (text, books, audio, video) for over 6 years.

I've also been warned by coaches that if you do not build your content right now, you will not be able to reduce your fixed costs later on.

However, many people think that it is not necessary to produce informative content that does not respond immediately when advertising. ㅠ

I'm seeing people who have built up their content for a long period of time to make sales without advertising. Continuously produce content that is easy to digest from your perspective, based on information that is relevant to your business and that is constantly gathering information.

It's a good idea to have this content right now. If you do not, you must regret it later. I also had time to regret.

(SKY Castle is one person who can not see)

2. You should not be hard at work.

I've talked about overwhelming content before, but there is something that needs to be supplemented. I make a lot of content, but I try to ignore it. (Three .gel. Billion)

You need to be careful to create content that lasts overwhelmingly. Once I make it, I have to be interested, I have to study related, and more importantly I have to relieve less important information or know-how from the learned.

If you create content with less time and energy in mind, it is difficult to sustain. So I use tools for efficiency (workflow, canvas, room), and meditation (but not necessarily ..) is also mandatory.

Nevertheless, there are some people who are satisfied with making it to the bargain. I am satisfied with the amount, and I do not know why I close my ears when I close my ears.

Constantly creating overwhelming content is never easy. But it is difficult, but it is easy. It is difficult, but it is easy.

'It is hard for people to know that it is hard for them to get tighter,' and 'I do not know as much as I study.'

If you are making content with such a consolation, it is likely that you are ignoring the feedback around you and rushing forward alone.

It does not run but seems to run

3. Content -> Sales ??

There are many people who think that the reason for creating content is to sell my goods right through it. There are a lot of people around me who are so interested in content creation. This approach does not last long.

In the middle of developing a community that communicates with your customers through content. I am also trying to make some comments and communication with the Naver cafe community, because e-mail and katok come in as spam or when they come too much.

In recent years, we have been recommending people who are familiar with Study Fee to an online study company so that they can take the first step in constructing a community with their own content.

The man who makes only tens of billions of dollars a year with only social networking, Gary Bainner, who is still communicating directly with people. He also started with zero subscribers when uploading his first YouTube video. The credits have always been F, but he has built up a reputation and wealth that he can not imagine by producing his own content and overwhelming the community.

In summary, it can be summarized as creating overwhelming content, considering the direction in which content creation becomes easier in the process, and developing community by communicating with customers based on content.

I also have a lot of deficiencies, and I'm working as a professional player, but I'm still alive and I'm talking about this, but I do not give up, I think it is because I have accumulated steady content.

The shiny content creators cheer for ~! Make money in my pocket when the money shines ~!

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It's not a startup. It's a startup. It's a brunch.

Author | <I work four hours a week and earn 10 million won>, <The story of the founders of pirates> <I am selling without capital and start up> author. ( YouTube)

Six infinite stones, collected by money makers making money from content

"Who did you follow your lecture?"

I used to talk about the content of my lecture and told the student that I was going to be in a difficult situation. I soon realized that it was an inappropriate guide. I thought it would have been delivered in the sense of applying it to their own business, because there were things that lectured and lectured as if they were their own. Of course, you would not have seen good results.

It was not because he only had a gauntlet that Tanos could threaten the universe with a finger snap . It's been a long time to collect the stone to get into the gauntlet, and in the process it has the body and spirit to withstand the power. Even if you steal only the gauntlet, it is not a threat to anyone.

Steal it if you steal it.

The first book is the best, and it sells 200 million won of travel goods, the music score rises to melon chart without advertisement cost, receives 56 million won as the first business plan, and surpasses 10 million won per month as a side business I'm talking about how to design high margin businesses and run ten public relations channels at once.

To summarize, this is what you can say in an hour or two. (There are times when I talk about 9 hours in a little concrete. )

The way to use a gauntlet is simple (finger snaps) but the process of gathering the stones into it is not simple. And if you ignore the importance of the process, you will be fatal if you use a gauntlet.

How to make money, Shin Saimdang

I want to share with you the capitalist manual I have experienced. Former PD) SBS Media Net Business Team Korea Economic TV Securities Team

There are times when digital nods who boast tremendous empathy are envy by seeing the monetization of the contents of money and profit making. It seems to be a simple finger jill (?) But I think it is possible because it is the people who have gathered the stone for the time and installed their own gauntlet .

In order for the content created with Finger Quality (?) To be turned into full money, we will look at how to collect the stones.

  1. Reality Stone

You need a reality stone that can break the illusion that you can be a great person if you study hard, fantasy that you can make a lot of money, and news and media credibility.

Surprisingly, such fantasies are inherently naturally inherited through my family and school days. Those fantasies that seem to work well without misinterpretation ignore me at the moment I need them. It is only after I have had many times that I have been shredded several times that I can barely think that this may not be the case .

Nevertheless, when I forced myself into a fantasy, my actual appearance was misguided. You can get a reality stone when you realize that you are getting tired of me as you settle down in the fantasy you created.

No one is prepared to handle reality. Therefore, it is necessary to take a chance to get out of the illusion quickly and feel the limits of yourself and to discover the potential at the same time .

Those who discover the reality stone will have the confidence to discard the fearful fantasy created by the weaknesses determined by world standards, maximize their potential and make the content money.

2. Soulstone

It is said that it is money to put the authenticity in content. Customers feel they have authenticity in sales. So what does it mean to hold authenticity?

I thought it was natural to spend more time trying to be authentic . So I spent a lot of money and training to learn those methods. There were also acting classes and vocal classes.

In order to make it more authentic, I took a gesture that did not fit my body and I was happy to wear uncomfortable clothes. Originally, my appearance was lacking in authenticity, so I mistakenly thought that decorating more and hiding me was good for delivering Soul.

But I realized that in such a way, I could not stack content for a long time. It is because we have to use too much energy to decorate.

When I kill an erotic ego that I thought I was mistaken for real, I realize that the real soul that I was trying to hide reveals.

Surprisingly, I was able to communicate with my son while I was acting like a grumpy son, shouting, rolling around on the floor, and knowing how much I had been living in the past.

I was able to get lighter again through the project of peeling off the outer shell . I feel that when I do not decorate and I am honest, I get more authenticity.

3. Space Stone

I agree, "I must help the hardest people", "I should care for the weak", "I am blessed if I do good". But if only the definition of the hard person or the weak can be made wisely.

Everyone has to get help, but I often meet someone who will help others first. These people are heroes and honorable people.

However, there are many people who mistake themselves as heroes . It is the people who can not grasp objectively which is the position to be helped, help to fall into heroic play, and choose the way of destruction together.

Distressed heroes who appear to be helping others, being sponsored to help animals, and backing their own self-interest are emerging all over the world.

The first thing I know objectively is where I am located . When we figure out whether I'm going to help first, or if I need to learn and grow, we can get Space Stone.

When I have the courage to cheer me up, to get comfortable in the space with positive people, and to be willing to show weaknesses, I can exercise my strength in the space that I can help.

Self-development, marketing, happiness Do you often see that the instructors do not care about self-development, marketing and happiness? It is because I can find the space where I can help myself and become a hero, and I can not find the space to help myself .

Only those who know where I can stand independently and who can stand alone, who knows where I can win and help in any space is eligible to use SpaceStone.

4. Power Stone

No matter how well you create and keep your content, it will not be converted to money unless it is delivered to your audience. Of course, if you create good content on a regular basis over a very long period of time, it may be known through word of mouth, but you must set up a strategy to grow your own channel from the time you start creating your content.

So planning is important when creating content. For example, if you plan a series , your audience will have more chances to subscribe to your channel .

It is also a good strategy to transform and upload content in a custom format to the channels that I need to grow.

The best thing is to get on a channel with waves. Three years ago, I told people who are going to start business without permission to fill YouTube content unconditionally.

If you create good content, you have the effect of getting on the waves because YouTube gives you recommendations, educates creators, and also controls water quality.

For those who are trying to make money by sidelining even if they do not necessarily start, I have been recommending Tong Ying for a long time. This is because they will advertise retargeting. (Some people like to have their favorite commercials on the facebook or in the news.) I am quietly saying that I was exposed to the site after I entered the page.)

The channels that I regularly upload content to, and the channels that I want to upload, have attracted a large amount of investment, and the more news I get, the more opportunities I can get in this way. You can use that force to increase the rate at which your channel grows. (It is a situation that I recommend a lot of study pie these days.)

Study Pie, the definitive way to study online!

The most authentic way to study online to the end!

It is essential that those who want to make money from content (mostly lazy) improve their sexuality, have a channel that they can control and a channel with power.

I do not want to do more than do things I want to do. They get this power stone.

5. Mindstone

I often buy stuff that I do not want to buy or buy. Conversely, when it haeteotneundeyo why I often think back to see whether such a choice.

When I actually started working in sales, I began to study this process with much deeper curiosity. At first, I started to study the problem of my mind and to learn the mechanism of my behavior, but I gradually developed into studying how to persuade my opponent .

So I went to find hypnosis classes and listen to them, analyze famous overseas sales pages, and continue to study the purchase journey by purchasing all of the digital products that induce upselling continuously.

This study has brought me amazing results. It's just that you have arrogant confidence that you can predict and manipulate your behavior .

I learned that there are many people who are willing to pass on this incomplete study at an expensive price. However, in the absence of basic training to control his emotions, I was able to observe many times that I had to have some intention to control others .

When I can look at my mind first and know how to sympathize with my opponent's problems, I can analyze my unconscious patterns of behavior that they can not express in their language, I could move their minds and then I could get Mindstone.

It is a stone that can be obtained by those who are ready to do all in content production only.

6. Time Stone

"I can not buy a second for money." Interpretation that time is important is not enough. I understand that if you can save time, it's worth spending all your resources.

There are two types of people who work hard in the company and choose a way to start their business.

This is the first type that does not study how to spend money because you have been wasting money in the past. They spend their time concentrating on saving money, but they waste a lot of time and exhaust the present. That's why the future they welcome is a time that is no time, no money.

The second type is to use the remaining resources to save time because of the time spent in the past . I hope there is no misunderstanding. It's not too much money, not a lot of money, but it's the best time to make that choice.

So if you can learn from a teacher who has gone ahead of time, you have a choice of learning all the resources. I do not spend time preparing a great piece of content. If you keep making content that is scarce, and you are exposed to it for a long time, you know that you have a great one-handed party, and only that person holds the time stone.

When these 6 stone collectors are using finger snap, it seems to be easy to make money, to easily market, and to make it easy. Nevertheless, they do not use finger snaps because they can break the body when used with care.

You only need to combine 6 or more difficult stones when you need them. Finger Snap It is a story that I want to tell people why not to be able to earn bigger in one room, people who are not greedy now, and people who do not pay money.

I have collected six stones hard, but I have a bad gauntlet and a poor finger stamina because of my fingers snapping, my throat flying and my arm flying.

The infinity war and the end game are not both attractive to me personally. Although the end is fixed, I will also participate in the process of collecting the stones in order to play the game for which I set an end, and I should not fingernap.

Tanos until the use of the gauntlet is the greatest crisis in the universe, but it is not glazed after using it. It was a story that I wanted to share with people gathering stone hardly to make money with contents.

I would like to have more people who make money by using a balance, without spoiling the finger snaps that have collected the stones. The end game is not a happy ending.

-> May I ask your subscription? It's the power to create better content! Thank you.

It's not a startup. It's a startup. It's a brunch.

Author | <I work four hours a week and earn 10 million won>, <The story of the founders of pirates> <I am selling without capital and start up> author. ( YouTube)

How to make money as a business

It is the contents that you ask the most about those who leave the company and start business. As a founder who has done all four, I will share my insights.

1. Beneficiary
– The advantage is that you can receive steady salary steadily, but if you are not a public institution, you should be in your early 50s, and it is no longer possible to see it as an advantage. So now, when I go to college for career education, 19 out of 20 people go public corporation. At least retirement is guaranteed and there is a pension.
– The biggest disadvantage is Pak Bong. It only costs money to maintain a minimum standard of living. If you look at Robert Kiyosaki's <Rich Dad>, you can say that collecting salary and saving is the biggest risk.
– First of all, even if you collect 10 million years for 3 million won a month, you can not buy a medium sized apartment in Seoul city. If you collect 200 a month, you will not be able to save my house until you are retired. Since then, the life of the next 50 years has to eat again and worry.

2. Freelance
– The biggest advantage of freelancers is the flexibility of time. In fact, this is a tremendous advantage. Once the rich earn money, the best thing they want to do is make the system make money, and do what they want to do and live affordably. In other words, you earn money to buy time.
Of course, I would like to become a workaholic if I work or have a lot of greed. However, if you do not have a big greed, you can earn more than your salary income level even if you work without interference in the time you want.
– A disadvantage is that there is a limit to profit. Unless the system makes a structure that makes money, almost all freelancers sell their labor in time. You can work 8 or 10 hours a day, but you can not spend 25 hours a day. If you normally work more than 60 hours per week, you will get a burnout within 3 months.
For that reason, there is a limit to the amount of time that you can work, and there is a limit to your sales because most of the pay is fair.
– If you talk about what you see and experience around you, you'll see that it's in the top 5% of freelancers when it's around 100 million won. If I remove the tax, it will be 6.6 million won a month. "Wolchun", which is also a symbol of successful freelance, is about 170 million in annual salary. If you have a very high reputation in your field as a freelancer when you see it personally, the upper limit you can earn is about 3-4 billion.

3. Individual operators
– There is a limit to profit in freelance. So, in order to make more money over time, you have to make the system work, not the time. The system may be an IT-based automation technology, but it usually means an organization that is not an individual. The difference between 'freelancer' and 'one-person company' will eventually work alone, but it can also be said that there is a difference in whether the system exists or not.
– It is extremely difficult in the beginning because the sales should grow proportionally if you put in staff. So I usually advise that if you aim for 1 ~ 200 million salary, you would rather be a freelancer or a popular one. This is because it is harder to sell one or two people as an individual business than to do freelance work. (Except for the cost of 2 staffs + operating expenses, the monthly sales should be 3 ~ 4,000 per month to take the month)
But once the system is in place, the ultimate magic of money comes into being without changing all of your time. In addition, the biggest advantage of individual business operators is that they have no difficulty in freely transferring retained earnings. In fact, except for all other reasons, this is why you are a private business.
– The biggest drawback is that the procurement or bidding market is a corporation with basic terms. Businesses that are bidding on public or large corporations are almost impossible to become individual businesses. It is suitable for B2C such as commerce.

4. Corporations
– There is a case where the person who starts the business for the first time starts as a corporation. First of all, it should be laid out that it will be fixed at around 50 a month only with 4 insurance and capital charges. And it takes a lot of time to process various bills and accounts. There should be one dedicated worker to see the general affairs / accounting work. If you are a corporation that targets a nationwide marketplace or a bidding business, you should have only two or three persons based on suggestions, contracts, and settlement personnel.
– The biggest limitation of a corporation is that at the moment when it is established as a corporation, all the assets of the company are the company's, not the representative. I am a company that I made, but I also become a salaried employee receiving a salary from a corporation. I looked at the people who were incompatible with being a salaried employee after I started a business because I hated company life.
– Of course there is a way. You will raise your salary or receive a bonus. But this is also a good line. If the company has sales of 1 billion, and the representative has 3 to 400 million won, it is a boil. To be successful, like a freelancer, it takes at least 50 to 10 billion to get around 3-4 billion.
And there are a lot of people who think that if they own 30% of their shares, they will take 30% of their monthly profits. The stake is profitable only when the company sells the shares of its own company. Unless it sells the company or sells the shares as much as the stake through the listing, there is no profit more than the dividend in proportion to the number of shares. Until it is stamped on the bankbook, it is cyber money.

To summarize, if you think your business is not fit, it is a good idea to go to work while doing business. If you want to live freely, but you want to live a little more leisurely than an office worker, do freelance. If you want to earn a lot of profits for several hundred million or so, I recommend you to a private business first. But if your ambition is big and you want to make billions, tens of billions, or billions of companies, it is impossible unless you are a corporation. However, the target profit and the degree of freedom are inversely proportional.

It is a subjective recommendation to take the above four points.

Tensions in the US and Iran, the emergence of new stock markets

History is like a repetition, a similar situation happens like a déjà vu. It is the atmosphere that the US can war with Iran amid the rising tension in the Middle East. Like the Iraq war in the past 16 years ago. Of course history is not going to be repeated, but it is necessary to look back at post-war stock markets and financial market conditions during the 2003 Iraq war. This is also a big burden on the stock market as a negative …

ㅇ Trump tweet "is the last day of Iran officially if you want war!"

The Middle East is really complicated. There is no day to be quiet in the interests of the same Muslim countries. Tensions in the Middle East began to rise as Iran, which supports the Huthi rebels, was identified as the backdrop of terrorist attacks on Yemen 's al – Fighters against the US' s ally Saudi oil facilities. The word "war in the Middle East" came to the fore as a rocket attack near the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Trump's remarks were made by the media that the 120,000 US troops were put in. But Saudi Arabia and Iran are pouring their hard-earned comments on "I do not want to fight, but I will not avoid it." I left.

President Trump said, "If Iran wants to fight, it will be officially the end of Iran. Do not intimidate the United States!"

[President Trump left a strong warning tweet about Iran. Reference: Trump tweeter]

The growing tensions in the Middle East have increased the potential for oil prices to rise as potential negative factors for the stock market. In the meantime, the stock market before and after the Iraqi war in the spring of 2003 passed away.

ㅇ March 2003 Iraqi War: Forehead 2001, 911 Tension since the formation of tension

The atmosphere of the war in Iraq in 2003 began just after the 9/11 attacks of Al Qaeda in 2001, a year and a half ago. Shortly after 9/11, the United States will begin a war against Afghanistan 's Taliban regime, which sponsored Osama bin Laden and Al Qeda. A month or so later, news is emerging that the United States will have a war with Iraq. It was the atmosphere that the war on terrorism was waged from Afghanistan to Iraq.

However, there was no immediate war because it was the Bush administration that was unable to form two fronts at that time.

However, hardliners in the United States continued to insist on the war in Iraq, and around the summer of 2002, the war in Iraq was becoming a reality and counting down. Oil prices have started to decline with the tension, and the US and Korean stock markets are accelerating.

[Korea and the US stock market flow from September 11, 2001 to Iraq in 2003]

The US stock market and the Korean stock market shortly after the collapse of the IT bubble erupted in the spring of 2002 as the Federal Reserve faced a sharp cut in the base rate immediately after 9/11. In Korea, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in 2001, the stock index rallied 100% in the 2002 World Cup boom by the spring of 2002. Since then, the war atmosphere of Iraq has increased, The financial market and the stock market will sharply shrink as the atmosphere of "

At the same time, the US and the S & P500 index fell sharply by 23% in 2002 due to the rising atmosphere of the war in Iraq.

ㅇ War and Stock Market: An ironic dilemma.

[Dilemma in war and stock market … Photo: pixabay]

The battlefield, the country that became the scene, is a terrible reality itself. On the other hand, regions that have nothing to do with the battlefield will benefit from the financial liquidity created by the war.

(※ A typical example of beneficiary is Japan during the Korean War of the 1950s.)

On March 20, 2003, just before the outbreak of the Iraq war, the financial market atmosphere was very dark.

Concerns over oil price hikes and concerns over export disruptions in the Middle East and the possibility of inflationary pressures in the wake of the global financial crisis have heightened concerns. In fact, in the spring of 2003, participants in the Korean stock market sharply depressed investor sentiment in the 500p stock index.

However, global stock markets have started to make an upward trend since the Iraq War actually took place on March 20, 2003. It was interpreted to mean the disappearance of materials, uncertainty and relieving the tension, but from that point, it became a signal of an upward trend for five years until 2007.

After the IT bubble burst in 2000, the US Federal Reserve, which lowered the benchmark interest rate from the 6% level to the 1% level in the 2001 terrorist attacks in 2001, began to raise interest rates only in summer 2004, a year after the outbreak of the war, It was.

As a result, the liquidity that has been abruptly released has caused the global real estate and stock market bubble to be created.

It is an ironic dilemma of war created by the war.

Iran war risk: Short-term negative is right …

When we think about the present time from the present point of view in March, 2003

You might think, "It's not about war risk …" but at that time, the crowd's mind was as cold as it is now. Think about it. Like last year, the stock index did not fall 20%, but it fell -50%.

The stock market hates uncertainty, so if the uncertainty persists, it will be bad news for the stock market. And oil prices will wiggle and put pressure on the economy. It is true that it is a bad thing with war risks and uncertainties.

However, it is necessary to think carefully about the trends of war and stock market in all past history. (※ Immediately after the first World War, after the Second World War, after the United States, after the Korean War, etc.)

On the other hand, no war should ever occur on the Korean peninsula. In the end, because the Japanese right wing wants to revive the Japanese economy by wanting …

Monday, May 20, 2019, it was a difficult topic to conclude Stock Market Talk today.

lovefund Lee Sung Soo (representative of Uni Investment Co., CIIA charterHolder)

An enthusiastic Trump supporter from the hot springs.

I arrived at Tonopah village and fell asleep to dinner at the free RV parking lot here.

I left the Alkali Flat hot spring the next morning and unpacked on the way, I arrived at the hot spring at 20 km from the new road.

I thought there was nobody in the desert where there was no humanity. One man was smoking and climbing out of the car. I thought it was all alone, but the young woman was embarrassed for a while in the bathtub with her body, but I thought it would be better to turn around, so I went to the hot spring next to it and took a hand in the water and looked at the temperature and talked with the man.

I could not get to where the naked lady was, so I left for another natural hot spring, which I found out 50 yards away from here. It was a unpacked road that came by the side of road 95 and came through a new road, which was packed in its entirety.

The navigation says to enter here, but the road is not visible. It will enter the four-wheel drive, but it is a place where you can not go into the rear-wheel drive van.

Back to the alkaline paddle bath, there were wild horses everywhere living without their masters.

On the way back, the man and woman had already finished the bath and were drying the body behind the car on the hill, changing clothes in a slow motion.

They are now on the hill, now my world, wearing only panties, they went into the hot spring.

The temperature of the water was moderately hot, and I sat down and repeatedly waking up, and a few days in the new cold, it was time for all the fatigue in this place to be released.

A mere hundred meters away, the mule came to drink water and looked at the stranger with eyes of the border.

I looked at them to see if they would interfere with their eyes …

The mule relieved and drank water and left.

A man and a woman from Boston called a trip to the northern part of San Francisco with a dog, arrived in the minivan with travel equipment, left goodbye and soon left.

I did a bath in the place where no one was there, and I did laundry from another bathtub, but it was soaked in hot water for a while, and then I ended up rinsing it.

The square tub was about 45 degrees Celsius and the round was about 37 degrees Celsius, and it was a good temperature for bathing.

A kind person writes the temperature on the iron column and picks it up from different temperatures.

Because there is no human in the backyard, I cooked rice, boiled the stew, ate it, and went around alone.

It was the first and quietest place to be alone in a natural hot spring, and it was a free and good environment.

When it was evening, Scott came and greeted me in the first place and conversation started. He introduced the owner of the land here and the master of the gold mine that had been passed down by his father a long time ago, and this place was the property of this friend.

He showed him to be a Trump supporter by opening the lid of his fuel tank to watch his car, a strong supporter of Trump. He expressed his enthusiasm for being a very good business president, saying that he was doing so well in politics, and he said he would play a very big role in America's national interests as a very strong policy to hold China to expand.

His pick-up truck was a 6'700 cc petrol engine, two superchargers attached to a truck that was fuel-efficient and about twice the strength.

It is equipped with a special suspension and the large tires make it convenient for going through the desert and mountain trails.

According to Scott's description, this was an economically active site centered around the nearby Tonopa village, where gold mines were activated in the 1920s, and the hot springs resort was operated as a large resort. Place.

It was the land that was inherited by his father, and one day he would redevelop the mine and make a new spa here. He was feeling a little weak, but his personality was good, and it was the constitution to tolerate the cold that is unique to Western people to speak for long while naked in the cold evenings weather.

When I talked to Scott, three people came in here with a server van, and when I saw Scott, I came back and came back and Scott came down and I came down. In conversation with them, he tells him that he is the owner of the land here.

A friend of a woman, a husband and a husband. Three of them were a party. I became a conversation partner with them. A man who looked like a gold coin took off his clothes and went into a hot spring. I would have enjoyed it if I walked through a room, but I immersed myself in the water, and then I went into the hot spring with my naked body, without leaving a dull fifty year old woman.

Then I took off my husband and sat down at the entrance of the small bathtub. I went out to the car to use it as a writing service. I took the camera out of the car window and pressed the shutter to the evening sunlight. The state of the picture was like this.

It would have been completely covered with mosaic, but it was dim, so I did not have to do it again. I walked out of the car again, sat in the bathtub, sat on the carpet and continued conversation with them.

It was natural to be embarrassed for a while, but when three people came in with a friend of my husband, it was so wonderful to take a bath as a child in a small hot spring filled with water. But the couple did not mind, The woman sat in front of me and spoke to me, and her husband sat down and continued conversation.

Last year, six uninvited guests from a natural hot spring in the Colorado Valley water came to a conversation and talk about a man sitting next to a young woman from Alabama. They all laugh and naturally tell them to take off and bathe like children. I also brought out the story of men and women in El Dorado Hot Springs, Arizona …

When I was a child, I went back to my old memories of bathing nakshan in the Munsan Stream. I felt that they were not mistaken, but that there was a problem with the stereotypical thinking of people living in modern life. I told a friend from Korea that I was from Korea that I was in Arizona and talked to a naked man in Colorado and said that they would never be able to say that it is a difference between culture and idea apart from right and wrong.

If culture is different and thoughts are different, it is difficult to narrow the gap of thought, only the custom of the world to which it belongs is right, and others have the prejudice of being wrong, but it is not right or wrong. The day was dark and it was cold, and I was writing light and writing in the car. When three people were leaving, they greeted me with a loud voice saying that I could not see my face to say hello.

I got up the next morning and went to the hot spring swimming pool a hundred years ago, and now it was hot enough to swim because of the warm water flowing from above, and some geese came swimming in the grass.

There was no human in the backyard, and all the time was a quiet night, a holy night, and underwear, but the most freely in the world came into the hot spring.

The deepest place is below the waist, and the place where it enters is two stairs.

The mule came back in the morning, drank the water, and asked the three men who came here yesterday, all of whom are wild animals with no owners.

Two horses came to drink water, and everyone drank water from the hot springs here spread to spread cold water.

I did not want to leave this hot water place, but I visited it for the first time and it is not much different from going to drink next door, no matter how big the American continent is.

The vans that used to be used at the time of the mine's activation in the past were left rusted with the memories of old days, but they left a trace of memories in the deserted desert and seemed to see a wide picture with the scenery. If I was not in a deep hole, I was going to cross, but I left because I could not go.

I went to a hot place from a cold place to a snow storm, and Teton National Park was so cold that I was going to the south. I decided to stay in a warm place for a while and decide on my future destination. The north of the continent is already long since the beginning of the winter, and the south is hot, so you need to find the season.

I do not have anything to do with it, but it is a time-consuming day to write again because the writing I wrote has become a bitterly filtered and all the letters are broken.

Today's story is here …

Trump President and Personality Disorder

"Dad, why is that guy?"

"Well, that's a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder."

(Image source: Designed by

It is a kind of emergency organization. Special feature of Donald Trump!

I had to do something about personality disorder and I was wondering what would be good.

What? I will not?? Miss XX! What? You do it again in a day? Why are you doing this?

Finally, luckily, President Trump enters the radar network. Last fall I saw a very interesting book titled "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" (a subtitled "27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President"), but I read a little and threw it … (The story of the president of the other country ..) It is a good opportunity to take out and read it out again.

There is a Goldwater rule . I also learned more in this article. American Psychological Association, APA's Code of Ethics, nicknamed "alias", a psychiatrist or counselor who confronts himself face-to-face, It is unethical. In 1964, an American magazine called Fact, which presented the results of a questionnaire survey of American psychiatrists about the mental health status of Barry Goldwater, the then presidential candidate of the Republican Party, and eventually led to lawsuits, It is said. As a result of this incident, the American Psychological Association has stipulated that 'the act of diagnosing the mental health of authorized persons (especially politicians) by showing the psychiatrists to the outside without direct medical examination and diagnosis' is unethical.

Rules are meant to be broken. Rules exist to break.

Dr. John Gartner, a psychologist and consultant, is filing a petition alleging that President Donald Trump will resign in the spring of 2017 because he is suffering from a serious mental illness in the US presidency. It broke the gold water rules. Fortunately, he was not lonely. More than 41,000 psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and other mental health workers participated in the petition. Furthermore, Dr. Gartner is a not-for-profit organizations (with people of <Duty to Warn> sympathetic to his will you go out to continue the activities made). And the inspired crime psychologist (!) Bandy X. Lee has published 27 articles by eminent psychiatrists and psychologists in the United States ( along with Philip Zimbardo, who is famous for his <Lucifer Effect> ) < The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump > (Recently, ' Donald Trump's dangerous case' ( Jeong Eun / Lee Eunji Station, 2018. Green Forest) has been published in translation with the title, yet the translation was not available) .

Taken together with Dr. Gartner's arguments and the views of several other psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, the diagnosis of Donald Trump is roughly summarized as follows. The diagnosis most consistent with expert opinion is (1) Narcissistic Personality Disorder , NPD. (3) Antisocial Personality Disorder , also known as the Paranoid Personality Disorder , PPD and often socio-pathological or psychopathic psychopath, and the DSM-5 (American Psychological Association) diagnostic category Although it is not a formal diagnosis, there is also a diagnosis of sadism that we commonly use (4). The truth is that President Trump is a good person to walk around to study. (The 'case' in the title of the book is often better than psychological, psychological, case, or case.) I can do it. Let me see more about the diagnosis.

Dr. Craig Malkin, who is famous for narcissism studies, talks about Trump and Narcissism through "Pathological Narcissism and Politics." I emphasize that narcissism is not just a bad thing. I am special, I am better than others. Everyone has some kind of narcissism, and if this narcissism falls on the floor too much, it can become a sickness. Malkin says that healthy narcissism involves a somewhat unrealistic, slightly unrealistically positive self-image . And there are also studies that young people with such proper narcissism feel less anxious feelings, less depressed, and better with their friends. If you pass anything, it becomes a problem. This will play a positive role narcissistic nor led to the writing pathological level beyond that, the American Psychological Association (APA) DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, our words 'Diagnostic and Statistical of Mental Illness Handbook' made in referred to as the reference criterion for the diagnosis of) 'narcissistic personality disorder castle narcissistic personality disorder, or less NPD' is let down a diagnosis. The NPD diagnostic criteria of DSM-5 are as follows.

(1) Excessive grandiose images of their importance (eg, exaggerating their achievements and talents, and expecting others to acknowledge their superiority)

(2) In an illusion of infinite success and power, intelligence, beauty, ideal love

(3) I believe that only those who believe that they are special, who are special people, and who have high status, understand and go with themselves.

(4) Requires excessive worship.

(5) Has a privileged sense.

(6) Exploit others. (Use other people for their own purposes)

(7) It lacks empathy ability. (Do not try to acknowledge the feelings and desires of others)

(8) Show arrogant and cheeky behavior or attitude.

If more than five of the above criteria persist, you can make a diagnosis of NPD. And many psychiatrists and counselors in the US agree that Donald Trump is showing a serious NPD. If you think of Trump in the press and the many tweets he has left, is not he a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist enough to accept? ( I do not think I'm the only one who comes up with an airline owner family.) Dr. Malkin describes the core of pathological narcissism as 3E.

Entitlement A sense of privilege : acting as if the whole world and others owe it to themselves and should rest on their will

Exploitation Exploitation : Using nearby people to make them feel special, regardless of their pain

Empathy-impariment : Ignore the desires and feelings of others because it is important that you are special. Even very close people around.

However, it is the consensus opinion of many experts that the case like Trump is accompanied by psychopath (antisocial personality disorder). When combined with NPD and psychopathic temperament, Dr. Malkin claims to be called "malignant narcissism ." The term 'malicious narcissism' is not a medical diagnosis but a term invented by Erich Fromm, a member of the Frankfurt school and psychoanalyst. Earlier Dr. Gartner diagnosed that President Trump had both narcissism and antisocial personality disorder, and an article in The Independent (Rachel Hosie, 30 Jan 2017. -and-families / donald … ident- psychologists-inauguration-crowd-size-paranoia-a7552661.html looking for) impairment on the ability to see also. "(President of Trump foot Marla clinical psychologist Dr. Julie) narcissism is at the reality And that's why people are not logically persuasive . "

"My Twitter is so powerful that it allows my enemies to tell the truth" (from Donald Trump's Twitter)

In fact, personality disorder is a concept of spectrum , I think it is right. It is more accurate to see that everyone has a certain degree of mental illness or personality disorder. It's hard to say confidently that anyone has a perfect personality. (Oh, if you are confident that you are "really smart, cool, and perfect as you are" in this situation … this is the nature of NPD) One of the criteria that DSM- Is there a problem in carrying out the social function that the person has to perform normally? " Even if an artist has NPD problems, he thinks that there is no danger of harming the world as long as he is pleased to say that he writes and writes in the studio all day and makes music and I am a genius and my work is genius. But the problem is that it is a different matter that a person with narcissistic personality disorder and psychopathic temperament comes to the position of President of the United States that can exercise enormous influence all over the world. "It's dangerous." That's the direct reason that American psychiatrists and clinicians are raising their voice as they break the Goldwater rules.

There is some opposition from academia, but it is very laughable. Dr. Allen Francis, who directly participated in the creation of DSM-5, claims that Trump does not meet diagnostic criteria ( ). Trump 's behavior is " crazy like a fox? Or just crazy? " There is a controversy (Trump and the title of a New York Times article fighting a day long). 'Are you pretending to be crazy like a fox? Or is it really crazy? "Dr. Francis's concern is that people with mental disabilities are socially a leader, worried about the negative impact Trump will have on him. Trump is a mirror of the soul of the American people, a symptom of a societal illness hidden deep inside us. Of course Trump might be crazy, but we picked him as president. "

Do not let bus drivers drive serious mental illness. This is because it can damage not only itself, but also others. I think the success of the North American talks to control the future of the Korean peninsula depends on the person with severe personality disorder.

Even if Trump disappears, Trump does not die.

The issue of saturday edition attracted attention

Race discrimination, protectionism, US-led liberalism, various scandals, and unprecedented North American summit. US President Donald Trump has pushed the world into chaos in unpredictable ways. How should we understand Trump's time to challenge the principles of freedom, diversity, and rule of law? I asked Professor Ahn Byung-jin, who is the author of "New Trump, Completion of the Collapse", a new journalism journalist who asks questions to look forward to the Trump era and beyond. Where is this world going? What can we do?

Quick View Quickly

① The world has entered the age of emancipation from the time of empire. ② The destruction of climate change calls for a new political order. ③ Let's shift the paradigm to the ecological system beyond the limits of democracy and capitalism.

You can check it by scrolling.

• Key words to understand Trump's US and Chaos world
• US presidential election outlook for 2020
• Potential for environmental issues to turn into a political agenda
• Things that Korean citizens can do

Two years have passed since President Trump was elected. How do you rate the past two years?

I would like to replace Henry Kissinger's definition of the Trump era. Kissinger has pointed out the Trump era as "the coincidental appearance of a person who tells the end of an era and drives away the old precepts of that age." The last two years were a chaotic process that Trump did not intend but disintegrate the existing liberal order.

Even after becoming president, it seems to be similar to the time of the candidate. Nothing has changed.

When Trump was elected, his radicality was nothing more than a strategy to win the election, and there were many predictions that he would soon find the top after his inauguration. However, unlike the predictions, the Trump has not changed much since the 2018 midterm electoral defeat. There are many qualities in American society, but there are also many negative qualities such as monopoly, narcissism, insensitivity to the other, and snobbish desires. Trump is the end of the worst trend in American society. Trump is someone who lives for his own fanatic fan base, ultimately for self-satisfaction. As long as fans have the spirit of anger, cynicism, aversion, fear, and despair, there is no reason to be different for Trump.

Is not Trump good? There will be reasons for many people to support it.

In Kissinger's words, "the person who reveals the old falsehood" is the answer. Trump is an outstanding populist. Trump has an excellent understanding of the atmosphere of the times, one of the politicians' most important virtues, and the emotions of human anger. For those who no longer believe in the American Dream, Trump is a revolutionary revolution that blows away the sweet future promises of the liberal order and falsehood.

In the case of Korea, there were also some promising changes in the two North American summits.

Of course, on the Korean peninsula, Trump's long-term power can be expected. If there is a stalemate now, but if Kim Jong Eun takes a more proactive stance on the baseline demanded by the United States, there may be October Surprise ahead of the 2020 presidential election. But we have to anticipate the tedium of the spectacular spectacle event of Trump 's future, as well as the trump –

There is also fatigue among white voters who are deeply sympathetic to Trump's agenda. Muller, a special hearing by the hearing, and a prosecution investigation, Trump may be in a state of turmoil before the presidential election.

It was a big shock that Trump was the successor to the ideal leader of President Obama.

It is difficult to find a perfectly heterogeneous being as Obama and Trump. From their backgrounds to politics, fashion, and musical tastes, they have nothing in common. On the political front, Obama was the "Dark Knight" of the empire that links Clinton's lineage, and Trump is close to a joke that shakes and mocks, defining it as a vested interest. But they have something in common. The two presidents, in a completely different style, have a common theme in preparing for a soft landing in a descending US and restraining China from ascending. And Obama and Trump have a common order to innovate. It is Washington's vested interest.

Even so, Trump is an overstatement of the established order. It seems that there has never been such a leader in American democracy.

There is nothing new under the sky. There are numerous pioneers of the Trump phenomenon. At least from the mid-modern age, there is George W. Wallis, 'Trump of the 1960s', which shook democratic and republican bills with reactionary populism based on the exclusiveness of white races. Ronald Reagan, who transformed reactionary populism into a B-class Hollywood actor, is Trump in the '80s. Newt Gingrich, chairman of the House of Representatives, who combines reactionary populism with storytelling of movies and huge new political forces is Trump in the '90s. However, Trump is an icon of the phenomenon of the century that collapses the existing order, unlike the past. Trump's "gentle fascism" leaves a deep scar on American democracy.

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Marketability of VR psychotherapy services

The stand-alone HMD VR Quest, which does not require high-end PCs in recent years, and Rift S, which has a higher quality than the Oculus Rift, despite the light price of $ 399, greatly improved the penetration rate of VR devices and positively affected the VR content market Of the total. However, market researcher Newzoo analyzed that it would take at least 5 to 10 years for VR and AR games to become active [1]. If you trust these prospects, it means that the VR industry will have to wait another five to ten years or more for the basic fitness to continue. Although VR psychotherapy content is different from general games, it will not be so bright if the assumption is made on the same line as the VR game market because it will be influenced by the penetration rate of VR or AR headset.

How much is the VR psychotherapy industry like Psious in Spain doing? In fact, I do not have the expertise to find their financial documents and to identify them directly, so I want to explore the possibilities in other ways. The method was chosen in two ways. First, they checked and compared their content or service supply prices through each company's website. Second, I tried to deduce from the results of Google search with keywords such as company name and revenue. The following table shows the pricing policies of the services surveyed through each company's website.

VR Psychotherapy Service Provider Pricing Comparison of Services

According to a lecture by Professor Kim Bullock of Stanford University in November 2108, the most active company in the field is called Psious of Spain and has about 800 subscribers. Psious's professional subscription service costs 99 euros a month. Based on this, even if 800 subscribers are assumed, it can generate sales of about 1.15 billion won a year. In fact, the price difference between professsional and platinum is not much, and the basic price is less than half of professional, so it can be said that sales of 1.15 billion won are considerably more revenues. I might be able to make money through other on-demand production or joint research that I can not figure out. According to Crunchbase, the database platform of Techcrunch, the world's largest IT media company, psious's annual revenues are about $ 3.5 million, or about 3.9 billion won. Though it is a lot different from the amount you get from the content subscription service, it can be said that the company that was founded in 2013 has grown steadily, but it is hard to say that it has achieved innovative success. If you look at Virtually Better in the US, which was founded in 1996, it is reported that it makes $ 4.6 million a year, or about 5.1 billion. However, Virtually Better not only sells VR systems but also sells VR systems purely because it also provides counseling services and joint research. AppliedVR is currently in pilot service, but it seems to be making annual income of about $ 3 million, or 3.4 billion won, because it is collaborating with several universities.

In summary, there seems to be no company that has been making good sales as a VR psychotherapy service yet, and it seems to be generating profit through on-demand service development, counseling, and joint research. Assuming that VR appraisal equipment will be widely available to the public and VR psychotherapy will be smooth, it will take 5 ~ 10 years. Until then, VR psychotherapy service alone will not make enough profit, Can be concluded.


[1] Lee Dae-ho reporter, virtual and augmented reality game, peak at least 5 ~ 10 years later, Digital Daily, 2013.03.31


[3] Refer to website of each company

[VR] 360 degree video vs. 3D spatial content

Nowadays, the mainstream is VR.

From Oracular acquired by Facebook, to Google's cardboard, to HTC's Vive.

I'm hearing VR news here and there. Not to mention Samsung's gear VR.

You know that you are developing games in VR even in reality reflection , do not you?

By the way, have you tried VR experience? Did you have such an experience like the movie Matrix?

As soon as I got into VR company and got a chance, I introduced Gear VR to my family and friends.

What I showed you was the new VR content from the New York Times.

New York Times – Man on Spire. You can see 360 degrees by moving both sides with your mouse.

Everyone liked me very much. "Wow" this feeling?

With Gear VR, you can see 360-degree content based on the direction in which your head moves.

Those who have experienced most VRs would have enjoyed this 360 degree video for the first time.

By the way, one of my friends responded like this.

To what, what is this? This is just a 2D video, is not it? This is not the VR I thought!

Why did my friend feel this way? This article starts here.

When my friend recalled the VR experience, he imagined the content that created the 3D space

360-degree video was not a VR experience my friend thought.

So, what's different about 360-degree video content and 3D spatial content?

People who are new to VR often confuse 360-degree video content and 3D space content.

For someone, both of them have VR experience.

But they are completely different content, from the creation process to the use.

In this article, I'll show you how these two content are different and what are the pros and cons!

360 degree video content – VR like movie

In fact, from the perspective of producing content,

Both content start from a completely different starting point.

360-degree video is a 360-degree view of the camera.

I mean, it's like a panoramic picture.

In the case of 360-degree video,

I made a round sphere shape by connecting end and end.

Basically, you do not have any depth information, but you can see it as a paper ball that is made up of two dimensional images.

With a VR headset and 360-degree video content, you can see yourself as if you are in the camera's position. I mean, I'm going to go inside a round ball and see the content.

There's a 360-degree video projected on the wall of the Jimboloo camera.

That's why the user's location is fixed at the camera's location.

If the camera moved while creating the 360-degree video content, the content that the user sees moves along.

It's like watching a movie passively by the director, just like a movie.

The video is shot at 360 degrees so you can turn your head to see the ground below or the landscape behind you

The body is fixed at the position of the camera.

It's like it's on the back of the camera.

Think of watching the end and end of a panoramic picture.

The advantage of 360-degree video content is that high-quality

I can feel the immersive feeling of seeing.

You can also use the fact that your location is pinned to the camera,

Being able to show it in a limited way can be an advantage for storytellers.

Sports content using 360-degree video

Because there is no depth information, it is often the landscape,

Or use it for live broadcast content with many attractions.

Especially, the fort is a real-time sports broadcast, and I am using a lot of 360-degree video.

One of the advantages is that it is cheaper to produce than 3D spatial content.

Even if computing power is not high, you can enjoy the contents, so you can easily access it from mobile VR.

3D spatial content – game-like VR

3D space content is a little different.

3D spatial content is like a game or an animation

We start by placing 3D models in virtual 3D space.

The objects and the background inside are all made of 3D models.

If the 360-degree video was a 2D continuation, 3D spatial content

You can think of it as content with 3D objects placed in virtual space.

The biggest difference is that in 360-degree video content, the user's viewpoint was fixed to the camera

In 3D space content, you can change the point of view infinitely.

(Unless the VR headset trips over the line connected to the computer).

It's easy to think about 3D games. Fortune popular game, over-watch everyone know?

In overwatch, the point of view changes continuously depending on the direction and angle of the character moving.

In 3D space content, you can change the viewpoint according to the movement of the user.

Watching the Oasis map of Game Overwatch

If you have played the game, you can see that the background and point of the game change as you manipulate the character.

From the angle of the head to the walk, as we see in reality.

However, the 3D models that make up 3D space content contain a lot more information than the 360 degree video. 3D models basically consist of a skeleton that shows the structure and shape of an object and an image that is put on the skeleton. Because the skeleton is like clay that is made by joining faces, there is a lot of information that needs to be stored on one side.

It contains location information in three dimensions.

Even the images on the skeleton are often composed of several chapters rather than just one.

Create image maps such as color information, light reflection information, and material information, and put on multiple sheets

There are 3D models that are highly matched from various angles.

So, it takes a lot of time, money, and manpower to create content.

Overwatch character 'Diva' 3D model and image map example

3D model of diva = skeleton + image map
Image map of diva – (from left to right) Color information map, light reflection information map, material information map

The advantage of 3D spatial content is that it has depth information.

You can see the object from the front, from the back, and you can walk freely.

Because it is free, it is good to make a story as part of a quest to achieve a goal or purpose.

But 3D models are costly to create, and most content

It has the disadvantage of being able to experience only in PC VR because it requires high computing power and graphics.

To simplify the texture or skeleton to reduce data,

It is one of the disadvantages of being artificial rather than actual.

In many cases, 3D space contents with unique art concept are made using artificial feeling,

I can not say that it is a disadvantage.

I have some data that I can easily compare.


Recently, high resolution image texture of 360 degree video contents,

And there is a way to satisfy both the depth of 3D spatial content.

One of them is how to capture the entire landscape like a 360 degree video using a Depth camera.

Out of CES 2017 – 3D spatial content created using depth cameras in real Vietnam

3D scans of people or objects in the in-house studio of reality reflection

How to make a 3D model can also place the actual object model in 3D space.

If these methods are developed and popularized, many real-life spaces can be reproduced in VR.

Now, is 360-degree video content different from 3D spatial content?

Do not forget that both content are immersive and engaging!

Please refer to this article when dividing contents in VR!

Even in reality reflection , the appeal of VR content
I'm worried about making game contents that can save as much as possible!

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