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As the fourth industrial Revolution arrives, there are a number of keywords that are most commonly cited, but some of the most common ones are coding and drones. While the fourth industrial revolution has been in common, the two keywords do not seem to be so relevant. The smart product that put together these two keywords appeared. "Coding drone" is that. Coding drone, quite unfamiliar, this smart product brings us some experience. In the coding drone, I took the air block, which was already famous overseas.

Air block | 148,000 KRW

I can assemble it as I want

Air Block Package Box

Air blocks are a kind of modular block. When I first received the air block, the first impression was that it was just a component with a propeller, unlike the one that was known as a drone. Because of the body of the foamed plastic, which is often called Styrofoam, I have no doubt that "this really is going to be a drone." Yes, air blocks are not finished products. I am making my own drones.

Air Block components

The hexagonal components that embraced the black and red propeller were named ' Power modules '. As the name implies, the Power module provides the power to move the air block and consists of a Phillips-head plug that only needs to connect the motor, propeller, frame, and something. Coincidentally, hexagon-shaped power modules are available in a total of six, connected to a module called ' Master Controller '.

Power Module (left) and master controller (right)

The master controller can be called the heart of an air block. If the power module decides how to move the air block, the master controller can be called the key center of the air block, which supplies power to the air block and is fed from Bluetooth to the sensor. By default, the master controller has a space to insert and remove the battery of the air block, and the front has a built-in color indicator to determine whether the air block is powered or Bluetooth connected clocking. The master controller's side has a plug-in socket that looks like a Phillips plug of a power module I met. It will be easy for anyone to understand if the at this point is to plug the Power module into the plug-in socket of the master controller.

Connecting the plug of the power module to the plug-in socket of the master controller

In addition to this, the air block has a characteristic that can also transform into a hovercraft or RC car, but it also comes with components such as the hovercraft frame and the propeller protection cover of the Power module.

Protective cover and hovercraft frame

You can make your own toys by coding

I know that air blocks are assembly-type drones, so why is it called coding drones? The secret is hidden in the ' Makeblock ' app. In order to ' drive ' the air block, you basically need to download the Makeblock app and connect it with an air block.

Makeblock app and air block connection

When you run the Makeblock app, various coding block products are featured. When you select Air block, you'll find ' Play ' to control the air block and ' Create ' to create your own air block, and finally the ' Guide ' entry. Play provides a screen with various control keys, such as a joystick, to drive an assembled air block into drone mode, or a hovercraft or RC car mode, and then operate the air block depending on the mode you choose.

Air Block Create Screen

In particular, the core functions of the air block are immediately create. You can make your own smart toys, such as ' your own drone ', ' your own hovercraft ' and ' your own RC car ', because I can choose and build how to assemble the air block and how it will fly from start to finish. Everything depends on how the Power module is assembled into the master controller and how the control keys are placed. For example, you can set the air block to go in any direction, the intensity of the wind speed to a certain extent, and the motor speed to be fast or slow down.

Everything from assembly to connection, air block

Then assemble the air block yourself and get to the driver. The test was centered on the mode of drone mode and the user window through coding.

Sturdy and powerful, drone mode

The easiest way to access the air block is in the drone mode. This is because the master controller or power module is most comfortable to use in drone mode. First, let's start with the assembly to fly the air block into the drone. First, connect six power modules, one on each side, based on the hexagon master controller. Three of the Power modules (black) and the propeller rotates in a clockwise direction, the other three (red) because the propeller rotates in the counterclockwise direction, there is a socket that must be connected to the master controller. I applied a magnetic material to the plug of the power module and the plug-in socket of the master controller so that there was no wrong connection when connecting, so it is easy to avoid the need for a separate manual from the time of assembling the air block into the drone.

Air Block drone mode with assembly complete

In any case, connecting both the master controller and the power module through this process will be ready for drone mode. The point to check here is that all six propellers are facing up, based on the upper part of the air Block's master controller, whether each propeller is inserted to the end, or the battery at the bottom of the master controller. If you've done so well, you're ready to drive the drone in earnest.

Connect to the app before (left) and after (right)

Now you need to connect the Makeblock app with the air block. The connection allows the app to automatically find and connect to the air block when the battery is inserted into the air block without a complicated process. After you have finished connecting, select Play in the Makeblock app and select ' Air control ' to guide you through the basic setting values that allow you to fly the air block. Just drive drones here.

Air block drone mode control screen

The mini-drone was only in one hand, and I was stunned by the sound of the propeller when I turned on the air block. The air block is also more stable than I thought, with a roaring sound than I thought. The basic setting of the air block is also the most formal configuration that can be easily adapted for novice drones, because it does not slow the driving speed. In addition to basic drone driving, you can also showcase a variety of eye-catching stunts with just a single touch.

Air Block drone mode

Can create anything, user window mode

User window Mode

The appeal of air blocks is not the end. I can just assemble the air block in the form I want, and move the air block the way I want it. This is the User window mode. The air block presents a few guides for those of you who are new to this coding block to make it easy to follow, but I decided to follow the ' SP-t ' once.

You must select Customize from Create

First, it takes the same process until the air block is running in drone mode, but the air block must be assembled in the shape of the spin-top. The spin-top is to assemble the power module to the port number 2, 4, and 6 in the master controller in the direction of 90 degrees rotated respectively. You can then attach the battery to the master controller and connect the Bluetooth to it, then select Create instead of play and press ' windows ' to run the User window mode.

You can run the User window mode after assembly in Spin-top mode

In ' free ', you can place a variety of key modules in any location and literally design your controller. Once you click on the key module, the ' Code ' button will be activated and you can start programming right here. Spin-top only need one ' Switch ' key module. Put the ' switch ' key in the desired position in the right edit section and click the Code button to switch to the coding screen.

Coding screen

Follow the guide and put a block-shaped "programming language block" into one. First turn on the switch and pull the ' Set motor throttle ' block under the default setting. You can specify a power module to run the action on, and customize the Power module to move at any speed. After the motor, after Port 2, throttle and 2000, the sentence "Set Motor Port2 Throttle 2000" is completed. This is ' the motor connected to the Master Controller 2 plug-in socket is back at the speed of the number of Revolutions 2000. Similarly, ports 4 and 6 also pile up additional programming blocks at the same speed. Finally, if the switch is turned off and the power is turned off, the Spin-top's programming is finished. I actually ran spin-top, and I looked at the guide. However, the number of Revolutions 2000, the speed is too fast, and repeated the phenomenon that the air block is decomposed to change to 1000, it is a stable look back.

When you have programmed the number of revolutions to 1000

When you have programmed the number of revolutions to 2000


Both children and adults love to enjoy

The air block was a lightweight body, a coding drone that is hard to find where to run, even if it is difficult to connect to a smartphone, and a fast reactivity, such as where one is lacking. In addition to drones, you can use hovercraft frames and protective covers to create and control a wide range of smart toys, so it seems to be very versatile. It is also possible to create a variety of toys, such as the coding of the "nasal peg", which makes it easy to directly code and give a high score. Of course, if you try to do coding from the beginning without a guide, it doesn't make sense. However, with a few guides in hand, the number of revolutions must be set to a certain degree, and the port can be directly programmed to learn how to connect and how to move it. It seems that it is interesting to have fun and coding, so I can see that puffy is not noticed from overseas.

Air block