BigBang wins VR business 29.5 billion investment bid (November 1 week Weekly VR News)

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Weekly VR News

Week of November 1 main news


Major company News

Facebook, Oculus Rift s coming early next year

Facebook, Oculus reorganization

Planning a building for VR research and Development on Facebook and Washington

Facebook, next year's investment will increase 40% YoY

Facebook, ' Quill ' works in the development of Oculus Quest integration

HTC, Japan's first developer forum held

HTC Vibe joins VR Standard Consortium ' VirtualBox link '

Google, eye tracking technology patent application

Added support for Google ar Core, LG V40, iphone xs and Pixel 3

Sony, Lenovo and PSVR design Patent partnership

IMAX, New York VR Experience Center closed, next year's VR investment plan

KT announces 10 gigs of internet commercialization plan

KT discloses key technology for 10 gigs in internet commercialization

SK Broadband, professional basketball SK home Game "Corn VR" live scores

LG U Plus announces VR AR content enhancement strategy


Majaka, XR 13.9 billion fund for investment purposes

AR experience Developer ' one dome ', 3.3 million dollar investment

Acquisition of Game Studio ' Bublar ' and ' bobling ' in AR/VR Enterprise


* Hardware

Launched ' Booz XR ', Human Aizu Tech, 360-degree camera

Omni Vision launches silicon liquid crystal display device

Vibe Store, ViiV Pro protection Skins released

* App

The ' Play XR ' launch, a 3d immersive spatial content

Editor launches for stylish, VR content production

Marui, Maya and Blender VR support plugin released

Crunch fish, AR glass introduced gesture response system

Introduced ' Levitt ' plug-in to the Arviio, MR Studio

Kayak, VR platform ' VR spark ' coming soon

The non-mammalian platform, ' The Fliz 3d camera ' update

* Game

November VR Game release status

Recommend a VR game released last week

Smile Gate, ' Logan ' revealed

Enhanz, ' Tetris effect ' free demo revealed

Launched "Alternative Girls 2" by Seshi Soft

3f factory, ' Mystic Apartment Ghost Hunter ' released

Launch pixel, ' Wrldcraft '

Black Delta launches ' kart craft ' early access

PNI Company, VR Simulator and game will be unveiled

* Other

Netflix, DreamWorks, launched ' Shaura ' VR version

Launched ' VR Arena ' for VR sports

Axis Studio launches VR short animated ' The Bond '

Released the V-AL, VR Instructional School uniform

V's V al, ' VR battle Experience ' truck launched


Held a meeting of the corporate forum for the virtual training system and the forestry industry

Gyeonggi-Do technology exchange meeting with VR companies in China

TEC Concert held in VR and film theme in Gyeonggi Province

Incheon City, VR experience chapter installation in City regeneration New Deal business

Conducted a VR rides ride experience, Songpa-gu

Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk NEXT game content vs. Festive fees

held a seminar on VR, AR and MR content in Kyoto, Japan

Launched the VR content creation course in naval education

Daegu Science Institute, Elementary/Middle school teacher AR · Conducting VR job Training

A special lecture on the release of VR and storytelling

Suwon Station, VR BIM leading Manpower Bureau non-educational recruitment

The Gender Association, the XR center of the campus opened in November

Epson Korea hosted the AR content competition using smart glass

Industry trends

VR startup ' Lip motion ', Apple's acquisition proposal twice declined

Epic CEO, obstructive criticism of the Oculus platform

Ulow, haptic vest kick starter, 300 million won in pre-orders

IRL Labs, ad blocking damage reality glasses kick starter

Aerospace company ' PACE ' participates in MS MR Partner Program

Somniham space, community garden intellectual Property acquisition

VR Studio ' Joanne ', Helsinki VR start-up work

BigBang wins, launching franchise brand headlock VR

VR theme park ' Illusion World ' enters Malaysia

Visual Camp provides eye tracking technology to Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

GPM, selected as the company of Gwangju AR/VR Production Support Center composition

Seoul XR startups and new mentors

M-line studio, China West VR Industrial Safety Training Package Demonstration

The funder Menttal VR-Mayo Clinic, a medical training solution partnership

Samsung Electronics-Mint pot, VR Mock interview Service partnership signed

Pocket queries-Heroz, MR · Partnership with AI Technology Union

OSO VR-Medical Sales University, partner for Learning Solutions

So-Billy Billy signed up for the virtual U-Tutor Business

Korea Exhibition Design Society, XR held content related society

Japan-Taiwan VR, AR · Mr Industry

Hosted the Expo, China VR AR Entertainment Show

Business use

Bell Helicopter, using VR to reduce helicopter production speed by 10 times

Disney, Costume synthesis technology ' AR costume ' development progress

Adidas sells limited edition footwear with AR technology

Lotte, Shinsegae, Hyundai Department store, VR service expansion

Introduced VR experience to Coca-Cola and youth career camps

Moschino-H&M, Magic Reef one AR use on fashion show

Nomura Real estate launches indoor browsing service in VR

We carry out experience wearing Nitori, AR bag

SK innovation, ads drawn in VR 50 million view breakthrough

Song Seung-hwan, director of video technology use ' Nanta ' to prepare for subsequent action

Introduced VR job experience to Korea Employment and career education event

Carried out VR experience of Korea Ministry of Land Information Corporation and street name address

Presentation of VR AR application of electronic parts lab, distribution system

World Cultural Heritage Tongdosa, VR Red storage building Plan

Woljin Safety Experience Center VR firefighting trial installation

Daegu National Museum, AR Royal Doubles experience Zone operation

Jeonnam Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency, festival experience type game zone operation


(column) Palmer lucky: Free is not all

Column KT and Yun Jeon: New realized media, the rise of AR

VR headset share status with steam user Count

Headset and Game recommendation guide for VR characters

SKT KT LGU + 5g strategy for differentiation versus age

Surgery and repair of remote equipment… ER Commercialization Wind

The internet of things that came deeper into the logistics area along 5g · Ar

How much is the socio-economic impact of 5g?

AR An AI-applied and evolving building industry

Department of the fourth Industrial Revolution related to some universities

Introduction to "VR Sports class" in Busan Transportation sec.

Introduction of SK Broadband kids AR content ' living fairy tale '

Jeongseon ' skybucks VR Monorail ' review

VR game ' Logan ' review

VR Game ' Astro Bot rescue Mission ' review

IOS AR app ' Measurement ' review

VR game ' VR chat ' guillotine executions review

CEO of AR Technician Max Pak Jae-Wan interview

Won the grand prize for VR Club, fisheries competition

Received the "4ir Awards" award from the pop Line, AR and Adtech Division

Awarded the ' 4ir Awards ' for the ' net chain ', AR division

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Pen 10/Handwriting is good for writing pleasure Best 10

Source: Naver Post

No matter the era of laptops, tablets and smartphones, there are still a lot of people who study by hand. It is the starting point of the study that a good pen to write on a piece of paper, jot down a formula, underline a book, rather than put on a thing by necessity, a habit by a preference, a type by a taste, and to be studied. The feeling of writing down the handwriting with a good pen is more enjoyable than I thought, and this process makes a little bit of your study fun. There are some who prefer pen to be used softly depending on the way of writing tastes and handwriting, and there is a pen which feels a feeling of rattling. I would like to introduce the 10 different pens that are well known for their handwriting, so I hope to help you in your future studies.

1. Jet stream

Photo: Jetpens

Mitsubishi's jet stream has been raising the share of the Meteor ballpoint pen in the domestic pen market by the brand message of "A feeling of tender writing habit". The jet stream develops a low-viscosity, high-lubricity ink that can not be seen in conventional planetary ballpoint pens to reduce the number of friction with the paper to a large width, providing a premium ballpoint pen that can be written with only about half the force. It is easy to say that the jet stream is not easily absorbed into the ink and paper more than twice as much as the conventional planetary ballpoint pen, and is characterized by soft and crisp writing. Expensive is also popular among workers and students.

2. Uni-Voliano

Photo: Jetpens

It is a great advantage that Mitsubishi's uni-Bolsi is a gel-type ballpoint pen that can be used with pigment inks to soak in water and not bleed well. It is possible to have delicate handwriting with a thin core, and can make it feel comfortable to be able to use it neatly without slipping the fine print. It is said to be in high-tech and competitive landscape, and is popular enough to not have written this pen in school.

3. Jim Nistyx

Photos: ZEBRA

It is a pen that uses the newly developed oil ink from zebra to provide a very smooth and clear writing experience. The UK has a 30% increase in sharpness than traditional oily inks, so you can make clear handwriting. The ball also foreshortened by varies from 0.5 to 1.6 mm and can be used to select the thickness according to the application and taste.

4. Arari Multi Pen

Photos: ZEBRA

The meaning of ' the Arari ' means the appearance that goes smoothly without a hitch in Japanese. In other words, the Serari multi-pen, which means a tassel-used pen, is a product that has developed a new ink for five years in zebra. The heart thickness is 0.5, 0.7, and use 0.7 mm to provide 1.0 mm, and can feel vivid handwriting, calm colors, soft writing, and in the case of 0.5 mm, it is well suited to the needs of the person who writes with a feeling of rattling. There are nine ink colors in total and a pen depth refill is an advantage.

5. Uni-style Fit

Photo: Jetpens

Mitsubishi's Uni-style fit is an optional multi-femtoproduct line, with one-color body, three-color body and five-color body. Three-color body and five-color body is a way to put three or five shims separately after the consumer buys a three-color or five-color holder. The color of the shim is 17, including Rose pink, golden yellow, sky blue, and lime painting, so that consumers can choose their own color to their liking and fill the pen with color.

6. High Tech-Mr

Photo: Jetpens

High-tech-Mr. is a historical pen that opened the height of a thin ballpoint pen. The water-based gel ink ballpoint pen Hi-Tech, produced by the pioneer of Japan, is consistently popular among students despite its expensive equivalent to 4,000 won. The ball size is very small and it is advantageous to take the fine print, and the distinctive creaky handwriting makes the print look more neat. A lot of similar products have come out of this product, but none of them are going to follow hi-tech-seeds.

7. Mahafen

Photo: Morning Glory

It is the mercury Roller ballpoint pen which was developed by investing 500 million for two years, and raised Morning Glory which was popular in popularity again. A fountain pen-like appearance, ample ink cartridges, and a long life, 10 million bags were sold in 2011. It is a well-known product that is very popular among the snowball, with a comfortable grip and a sense of writing that looks like a piece of paper.

8. Slub cheese

Photo: Jetpens

Pentatel's representative neutral Pensley cheese is a two-color, three-color body that offers 15 different colors. The Sllicheese is a multi-pen to the high-tech competitor's slab from Pilot Corp. A stable grip that does not slip, the solid structure of the pen, the thin and smooth writing sense, no smearing ink is a big advantage.

9. The presentation

Photo: Jetpens

An innovative pen that broke the stereotype that once written with a pen can not be erased, it is a new product that developed an ink that makes ink colorless by temperature changes in zebra. After writing, rubbing with rubber under the pen, the friction heat is erased, and the residue is very low compared to a pencil or a sharp pencil, repeated several times was written, it is possible to write.

10. Pine Liner

Photo: Pilotpen

The Eterler's fine liner boasts ultra-fine, metal-treated tips and minimizes the hand fatigue of handwritten handwriting with an ergonomic triangular body. With the ' dry-safe ' function, it is advantageous to differentiate it from other products even if the pen is not dried without a lid for a few days. The colors are bright and clear and can be used for quick handwriting with a smooth writing feel.