Diablo M Announcement!

In November 2018, BlizzCon announced Diablo M, the mobile version of Diablo.




2018 BlizzCon Diablo Mobile version? Diablo m, MO-play video revealed

Blrija Entertainment has unveiled the BlizzCon 2018 schedule, and the Diablo event is held shortly after the opening ceremony. < 오전="" 4시="" 30분-="" 5시="" 15분="">The 2018 BlizzCon Diablo presentation was held for 45 minutes. A lot of people were getting attention while they were interested, whether it was released as a mobile version of M, or a series of 4, or two, and it became a lot of interest to come to master.

As a community manager in Diablo, Brandy Carmel told me that several projects related to Diablo were being prepared, and many people thought that it < 디아블로4=""> </>would be right. Many game webs, and users were judged to be four versions, but the problem was that Diablo Mobile began to divergent people's response.

Of course, we're excited about blizzard. I don't think I should open the lid yet. I think that as long as the first start of BlizzCon 2018 starts, there will be a lot of fun elements. So let's take a look at the public footage to see what the Diablo's motal is all about. The response is not much, but I have to wait, but I have to try to be disappointed.

Once in Diablo Crusader, the Crusader you can choose from six iconic Diablo character professions: the Barbarian (barbarian), the monk (monk), the Necromancer (necromancer), the Demon Hunter, the wizard, and the customization of the high quality is possible. We are looking forward to providing various events such as story line, character occupation, new loot, etc.

Other equipment upgrades, items can be made, you can enjoy with friends, I think you can play party. In addition, we have developed Blizzard Entertainment in collaboration with NetEase games, and in the case of Netiz games, the charge is less than the charge, but still, I look forward to seeing how the changes will be made.

Once Diablo M is released, I'm going to start. Personally, I am attracted to the monk or Necromancer (Nekrommensa). The wizard looks like it's going to be a lot of hands because it's a little bit of a delay. I think it's good to have a character that can just roll. The Barbarian isn't too bad. But the wheel windproof nail me…

In fact, these days, games are becoming more and more mobile games in the online PC games, Blizzard has to think that the change is driving the rent. However, if you induce excessive charges, many users will not be disappointed. Of course, there is no more information, you can say that once you try to play the game is not. But the bottom line is that I want to be expected.

Indeed, the 2018 BlizzCon Diablo is expecting to see how it will appeal to the 30-40 generations expecting the second series of memories. I also look forward to new changes. Since the 2018 BlizzCon announcement hasn't been completed yet, I'll be finished with this review, waiting for any additional stories.

In this way the ball home has pre-registration ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ