Phpexcel related error: fatal error ' break ' not in the ' Loop ' or ' switch ' context in Phpexcel

I have a phpexcel that supports the creation of Excel in PHP, so I opened an Excel file, and I'm not going to open the error and spit out the data! Fatal error: ' Break ' not in the ' Loop ' or ' switch ' context in Classes/phpexcel/Calculation/functions.php on line 581 I was here, there was a break under return. (Why is there a break…?) So I commented on break and saved does solved. (um?) Break Naturally found in stack overflow. And it is a problem found in the 1.8.0 version of Phpexcel, and is Fixed in the 1.8.1 version, it is also OK to change the newly downloaded from the git? Github: Https://    

Fatal error: ' Break ' not in the ' Loop ' or ' switch ' context in function.php

I am trying phpexcel and I get an error in output when I perform my script:

Fatal error: ' Break ' not in the ' Loop ' or ' switch ' context in/opt/lampp/htdocs/xlsphp/test/classsess/phpexcel/calculation/functionsm.php on line 581

I don't know what I am doing wrong in my PHP script. It seems that everything is correct. Does anybody any idea how to solve it? Here's My PHP script:

What version of Phpexcel? Hi, I am using Phpexcel version 1.8.0. It's a bug that was fixed for version 1.8.1
(Hmm 1.8.1 The problem was that the bug was fixed, 1.8.0 I did.) Just remove the "break;" statement in functions.php file. As break is after return statement, so it giving fatal error. Just to clarify – PHP complains not because the break statemant is found after return, but because it isn't inside switch or loop block For me also same problem but now it's working (OK solved!)

[PHP] Ereg () is deprecated (or eregi) solution On Error/PHP Ereg installation

A popular Ereg/Eregi function that is used to retrieve a string as a normalization pattern. However, with the addition of an error level of deprecated, the Ereg function will cause the error "ereg () is deprecated" in PHP 5.3 and later. If it is strictly followed, this is a warning message rather than an error, which means that PHP 6 is a function that disappears. If you have already made the PHP 5.x version complex, we recommend that you do not use Ereg/eregi functions for future maintenance/higher version compatibility, although you can prevent messages from being output by exception handling for deprecated levels in the error_reporting of PHP.ini. The function you can use to replace the Ereg function is Preg_match. Let me give you an example of how changing a function would make the pattern factor slightly different.

As you can see, a slash (/) is added to the first argument (the regular expression pattern). ※ Note that the Ereg is based on PHP 5 by default, but has been completely removed since 7. This is a basic configuration function, not a separate installation, and is included with the core.

What to check for PHP image upload error/PHP image error

If your server uses PHP, the most common problems with uploading images would be the file permissions and the GD library. Symptom 1: Uploading images to another source is not my source. Or as an external library. Symptom 2: Using a library such as simpleupload.php is not an error check. Symptom 3: Simple file storage and import are not image-related jpeg, JPG, GIF, etc. Symptom 4: The image is not to be resized. - The first thing you should look at in these cases is the GD Library of PHP.

"I think I've installed it?"

Check it out!

If you install PHP with yum or apt-get, you can easily fix it by simply using the Install PHP-GD command. If you have installed it as a compile & build type, you will recompile and put GD in your options. (Usually, if you write wordpress, you can easily fix the error output of the GD library-related, but there is no such small-scale PHP services. If it's mixed up with Ajax, it's hard to find.  

PHP PHP 7 Constructors deprecated issue/php 7 in PHP 5 upgrade attention points

Note: Error printing in PHP Local settings only first update to PHP 7, and then see the page here and there, the following error occurred.

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Mpdf has a deprecated constructor in file with Pathfilename. P on line 88

It is recommended that you do not use PHP constructors (to define a method of the same name as the class name), so it is expected to be deleted in the future. Therefore, in PHP 7, if the e_deprecated is not defined outside of this type of constructors within a Class, the implementation of the __construct () method does not cause this warning to occur.

For example, if the following situation occurs, deprecated.

To be easier to explain, you must put a public function __construct () {/* nothing */} inside the all class declared zone to resolve the error. Reference site:

Print a PHP error message 

PHP error message output By default, you can set the php.ini file to output an error message, but it is not easy to find a novice and change the setting. So the simplest thing to do is to paste the following code into the PHP Source: Error_reporting (E_all); Ini_set ("Display_errors", 1);

<?php error_reporting(e_all);="" ini_set("display_errors",="" 1);="" $string="Hello World ! <br/>" echo="" $string=""?>

Error message. PHP.ini error message settings related to: