A short landlord living experience

When newlyweds bought a house that was 30 years old in the metropolitan area, the Marriage fund 100,005,000 a little loan. At that time, the fact that the apartment was like a chicken coop, and no one cares about my house in the yard, because the romance about 30 million won the remodeling work and started a single family home life. After a year of living, the third-floor shopping building that is adjacent to the 20th floor of the building of the Office of the Hagessdamyeo, I came to find the same building as my house. If you buy my house, listening to the one-year-old can grow as much as possible if you want to buy. I didn't know it now, but I guess it's pretty frank. I'm out of my hand. So I sold the house at a price that was quite high than the ticker. It was a very nice place to live in the house. It was a single house that I bought in romance, and I had a much sense of the shortcomings that I did not know when I lived one year. High-quality winter condensation problems, toilet odors caused by old water pipes, and the inconvenience of having to leave the place when you work every day. This is why I have a problem with difficult things to solve if I don't have to take the big gold. The idea was to soak in the head. I was lucky to sell a house with a high price, and the loan was purchased at the time of purchase, and the borrower was almost settled and bought the apartment with this money or if you have a reasonably cheap villa, you can buy another home with a charter deposit, and you will receive a monthly rent in 100 million yuan. I had trouble. This time, let's enjoy the landlord life as a fire income monthly rent! I bought a new villa in a very wet, and I purchased a multi-generation house with four generations in the first generation of charter with the remaining money. I didn't know. The old multi-generational homes are so monster that you eat the money you give…. The second generation of the ring, the security deposit of two thousand monthly tax of 30 and the first generation of the first floor chartered, the second floor, the first generation of the owner lived and went to rent, even after the repair to the sink in the basement, the real estate was paid. Deposit 3,000 to 450,000 a month. This is a monthly tax of 1,050,000 per month. Collar. This is why the owners on the maker! Are you praising the landlord? I thought. To pay the rent, I spent 1.5 million to replace the empty two-storey mess, the boat + the sink. If you still have three months of 450,000, you'll be recovered. One month after I received my first monthly rent, a single-year-old Harmer came in contact with me. The kitchen was very clean. Your? Reflux? Maybe I'm a lot of a hurry or I'm looking forward to the evening. If you're not, you'll have to call the repairer and wait. It was a situation where I went to work and visited, and the water flow from the drain to the kitchen while the house had been slammed with a cucumber + stench. Over 70 years old, he was in the middle of a mop-up barricade and a rip-off. In a hurry, I contacted the real estate, and I called the repairer nearby, and I had to have a septic tank, and the purifier replacement construction had been blocked in conclusion, and the toilet drainage pipe should be construction, and the construction costs a total of 2 million won… Ah… With a capitalist perspective, it's a million-year-old monthly tax that takes seven months to recover. There was also a wet kitchen in the water… More than 150,000 won. We apologize to the Emma for having trouble, and we were half-old in the month of March. In fact, it was not easy to afford the cost of living in the salary of three million people of the common small and medium-sized companies, and the former, but only after the second time I started living in the landlord, so I began to live in the house selling home. The second floor repairs the construction of a back-to-back septic tank, and the meager account balance began to be ground. It's OK, I'm in the second floor of the wall and only one year to recover all the money that went in, I'll suck honey from then on. I started a happy circuit. Four months have passed. Second floor rent? No enquiry… Not coming… The landlord has been slammed into a real estate attorney lately. The charter loosens up a bunch and I'll be picking up the stars in the sky as the tax is falling and the tenants ask… To make matters worse, a water-slammed, old- ㅠ ㅠ A few times, I gave a phone call, and my son took off the construction money, and he had a huge price. My son was taken off the construction money, why do not want to be a brother… I did not understand, but I did not know, the old man was a new blue, a young guy was a landlord, and I hated the picture of the month three. If yes, then please fix. Well, it's been a few years since the money finally sold back home. I honestly gave up; It is about half a year, and the monthly tax which receives statically is only 300,000 yen… The cost of the initial purchase is approximately 4 million yen. The monthly cost of living is not collected Bbadeushago. To make matters worse, the Saeb is on the second floor, with the rains pouring out in August. To. 49 ㅕ 5 ㅑ 54 ㅓ ㅛ Shah 45 ㅓ ㅛ 0956 ㅛ $ #% I really got a bath. I called a contractor and I contacted the roof waterproofing, and the minimum is 300. It was hard to bear the cost of construction at the time the wall tax was not good. Then, once we had the second floor, we thought about repairing it and securing the funds. A couple of Korean couples who have chartered and raised one child have joined. I didn't know. That is the Phase 2 is… The old multi-generational housing is not able to quantify the usage by its nature. So it usually has 1/n as the number of households at full cost. The first floor was a lady who had kicked off the water bill, but after a couple of Korean couples came in, they won the capital from 7 to 8 million won a month. Regain its dwindled. I call me and I say something. I'll try to tell you… But what the landlord says, you have to spend some water. If you think about it, you have to be the upper. Still here, the usual one of the seven or eight people came out, 150,000 won these days, and others are a little hard to give consideration and asked me. Next month, just 20,000 won… Again, the water bill did not go down, and complaints from the first floor and others were taken two or three times every month. Since then, a large number of complaints received for six months due to the Korean couple. The water bill was only a skirmish… The residents of the residence + the close-up complaints caused by unauthorized dumping of garbage… Castle Banga. Not far from the dawn of the interlayer noise… And I'm going to come home three or four in a day to filter out the home is not so much, it is not a joke. Did they come in for the third month? I have a phone with tons of ants in the house… Your? 1 Millau?.. (Why is it to me…) Oh boy.. How many are you? I took a photo and sent a bag of food garbage like that one week is piled up in the living room, there was a pile of ants… No, I'm not going to… If you are a long-time ant and cockroach, but of course, the house is a pest of pests in the home, if you are a chartered landlord, I'm sure regain its dwindled… What if you're a baby? Mental health-50 drops… Not sure where the wall was cracked or when the worms came to boil, I would be responsible for it, so I'm not negligent in managing residents, which is a twisted thing that accumulates food waste? The logic of this is that they have a shield that negates the logic of the ear shape. Mr. Al did not eat, but he was cut off, I was going to stop… Geuddaejjeum, I'm so stressed out, I can't do this. and hung up on the phone, I got a few more letters came contact. What's floating… To. The prefecture gets strong. I'm doing this to enjoy the Buiear movies… It's a good idea to buy an apartment. After all, I beotidaga my house for a year. In the meantime, there was a thief on the first floor and a civilian who would have a window of crime. No one has touched the fluorescent that alone (?), and the call to change the back. Oh boy.. The landlord also needs to have capital, and he wanted to suck the honey. I'd love to be a little smarter or more resourceful, but I think the stress I received in my work life is a sequel. In the future, the purchase of a multi-generational home is not a good thing.

A reality in China

It's a video that makes the Chinese characters on the street, so surprisingly, there are a lot of people who don't even have very simple words like toothpaste thumb or sneeze. 
Some Chinese women even wrote a different letter to a school test because they don't remember how to write them too easily… And even if the teacher writes on the board, I can not write the idea;
In other languages, we also adopted Hangeul.
It was not because the people in the country had to write a




The CR-Hanja?… death Written by the Chinese, because the computer is severely illiterate. . https://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=104&oid=005&aid=0000578263. . It's a problem in the modern society dominated by the digital character, a little primitive, which is a bit of a raw letter… If you write in the alphabet first on a smartphone, China is writing by pressing it to float above, for example, to write a country (国), press GJ… So if you enter a school in China, I learn the alphabet first than kanji; I heard that this is a very troublesome situation for Japan, but I think it would have been reconciliation if 1.3 billion people've used them hangul.

Reconciliation, like the northeast process, the character that they invented, I did not write
I'm glad you thought you might be happy, thank you to King Sejong the great king. Thank you Dear King Sejong.

IMF 2018 World GDP Rankings

1. United States 20 trillion 2,866,614,564,826,472,448 (+ 1 billion) 2. China 507,128,806,723,419,392 (-630 billion) 3. Japan 2,520,941,931,401,954,816 (-100 billion) 4. Germany 4 trillion 5,594,140,359,869,072,384 (-180 billion) 5. United Kingdom 2 trillion 3,467,726,349,788,541,440 (-130 billion) 6. France 7,868,603,110,505,106,176 (-130 billion) 7. India 6900 billion 2 trillion 8482 billion (-150 billion) 8. Italy 2,970,640,845,618,133,760 (-90 billion) 9. Brazil 1 trillion 3,668,101,973,009,231,104 (-230 billion) 10. Canada 1 trillion 6,996,772,890,413,900,032 (-70 billion) 11. Korea 122,744,395,770,401,792 (-30 billion) 12. Russia 1 5800 7199 billion (-140 billion) 13. Spain 1 trillion 8,260,355,386,174,855,168 (-70 billion) 14. Australia 1 trillion 6,395,643,330,551,831,040 (-70 billion) 15. Mexico 1 trillion 400,754,053,841,379,328 (-10 billion) 16. Indonesia 1 trillion 1,864,713,064,923,024,128 (-10 billion) 17. Netherlands 909 billion 945.3 billion (-40 billion) 18. Saudi 769.8 billion 748 billion (+ 2 hundred billion) 19. Turkey 713.5 billion 909.8 billion (-200 billion) 20. Switzerland 709.1 billion 741.6 billion (-30 billion) 21. Taiwan 602.6 billion 613.2 billion (-10 billion) 22. Sweden 554.6 billion 600.7 billion (-50 billion) 23. Poland 549.4 billion 614.1 billion (-60 billion) world 84.84 trillion


Chinese sake know eat-bamboo leaf/incense Rice liquor

Bamboo leaf!!!

This is a really familiar drink for those of you who have read the martial.

The starting point of all the events is necessary to the dot-in-the-OX!

The main character or a companions order.

In fact, it is not the most popular drink, which is old history than the bamboo leaf.

It is liquor which is made by dispensing medicine which is the specialty of the town of the town of Seosan.

In fact, it is a medicine.

It's a lovely citrus or fruity scent.

There are also a number of modern cocktails that come from the bamboo leaf base.

If diluted, women can enjoy them, too.

In fact, it's really famous.

First of all, you need to know the hustle and bustle of the bamboo leaf.

As for the sake of Chinese silk, I do not question the history of the kite.

It is really a history old liquor.

It is a clear record of the two beams of the twelve mountains at the time.

A couple of poems in the village of the town, where you can hit a cup of eggs and move your name.

The Ibeongeul is about the bamboo leaf, and I will only look at the pavement lightly.

Please refer to the bottom of the dispensing.

The dispensing ' is a cheonghyang mainly produced in the city of Shanxi province, the high-quality brewing of the high-level, the alcohol is clear, soft and gentle, sweet and immediate fragrance, which is known as the three-fold.

The dispensing is distilled to a weak fire, respectively, for more than three years (no-back dispensing is more than 10 years) to store the typical dispensing is aged, the distinction of the name of the liquor to be sold and the label according to the quality of the post-split.

In the 10 kinds of products in this dispensing, put more than 20 kinds of herbs and bamboo leaves

When I spend my time, I'm dying.

Looking at the herb

Gardenia: Down the heat, faded moisture, chilled blood and shed blood.

Standing: Clears the air, and removes moisture.

Lilac leaf: Warm stomach reflux, soothes pain.

Beech Leaf: It lowers the heat and looks good in the body, stability and urine.

White chrysanthemum: cold, high fever, cool heat, dull, and clear eyes.

Light Tree Incense: Cough stops and soothes pain.

It's a beautiful herb that's really unfamiliar with tangerine and apricot seeds.

There are some people who eat a lot of Chinese people, and those who are good in the snow, too

Only reproductive activity is hwalbalhae, which is difficult.

The breakfast was very nice.

Bamboo Leaf Cheongju

Jukyeop is a Chinese old traditional health name, and its history dates back to the north-south. That's a busy. Based on the excellent dispensing, it is processed using a unique production process with a combination of ten kinds of rare medicinal herbs. The innocent, sweet taste and pronounced curing health function were recognized by the people,

Efficacy of Jukyeop

Jukyeop is a re-product belonging to the dispensing as a production machine such as dispensing. The dispensing as a raw material, yeonjukyeop, dermis, neck incense, sweetness, signs, sandeungseong, such as 10 kinds of medicinal herbs were re-prepared as a secondary material. The rice porridge is a refreshing drink, and it has the potency to refresh the heart and to lubricate the liver.

The rice porridge is full of fire, and digestion is good, I am strong, and the efficacy of the pain is immersed, and it is the scientific data which is effective in stomach and heart disease and cardiovascular disease arthritis, and through the National Hygiene Supervision examination, JUKYEOP is said to promote the intestinal strain group.



The level of almost panacea.

It is a liquor that has a side effect as well as the efficacy.

Be careful when drinking too much poison

The bamboo leaf of the pictures I have uploaded belongs to the local high-level 200 yuan-700 above.

It is a lot cheaper than 100 yuan of the bamboo

Do not solicit.

Climbing know-how

1. If your hands and feet are up, head to the cap to take 30% to 50% of your body temperature control. If you do not use a thermal cap, it will emit heat to the outside, like a large rotor. When the body is cold, it will spend less blood on his arms or legs to warm up the vital parts of life maintenance, such as hair. A warm-up hat such as Balaclava helps prevent this action from happening. If the hands and feet are eventually well-maintained in the body, then the systemic necrosis and the exposure of the tissue caused by the body being operated, and the blood supply is not sufficient, a system that preferentially protects only the head and vital organs. 2. As the temperature increases, the temperature drops farther away from the ground by the sun, and it is called the temperature sensitivity and falls by 0.5 ℃ to 1.0 ℃ (average 0.7 ℃) each time it rises 100m. It's a cool reason to climb high mountains. In addition, the wind of 1m per second, 1.6 ℃ degrees, drop the perceived temperature of the person feels. When the temperature of the Sokcho is 0 ℃, if the wind is blowing a muzzle velocity of 5 cm (1, 708m), the experience temperature is 0 ℃-(17 * 0.7) + (1.6 * 5) =-20 ℃. Wind of 5m per second is a weak wind of the fan as it is commonly encountered in the mountains. 3. Climbing is a technology that produces/preserves/conserves energy. Keeping your body temperature in the mountains or outdoors is the basis for sustaining life. Body temperature is the heat or energy inside the body, and every garment, equipment and technology involved in climbing is the technology that manages this energy well. In other words, energy production technology is climbing food, conservation technology, climbing clothing, conservation techniques, and many other climbing techniques, including walking techniques. During the climb, you need to maintain good energy to maintain your body temperature in any situation. The climb should be prepared for 1% bad luck, not 99% luck. 4. When moving, take off, stop, and wear. During the climb, the external climate and the internal body temperature change, depending on the situation, the body temperature is always wearing clothes often to maintain 36.5 ℃ this is called layering system (underwear/warmth clothes/outerwear). Underwear is sweat absorbing and quick drying function, warmth and gouty and the outer garment is a function (windproof/waterproof, etc.) to prevent the external bad conditions. Many people go up in clothing like windjackets when they climb up, and they begin to sweat and take off when they rest. should be reversed. Seasoned climbers are often dressed in three different layers of clothing and take off. 5. Eat food before it gets hungry in your pocket.  The food in the backpack is like a golden calf in the house. In the backpack of most of the distress, there are statistics that there were enough food and warmth clothing. In order to prevent exhaustion and hypothermia, which is the culprit of distress, it is necessary to consume food as a water tank before feeling the long term. In a much weary state, the appetite and digestion are inferior. If you are in a backpack food when you climb company, you cannot easily take it out and control your own condition. To avoid the eye of your peers, it may be better to leave a sound-acting expression in your pocket. 6. Jerky is not suitable for emergency. Energy sources are digested. The order in which they are absorbed and used is carbohydrate-fat-protein net. In the beginning of the exercise, glucose is mainly used in carbohydrates, and if the body is somewhat hot, it is used in small parts of fat, and exercise lasts more than three hours, the main energy source becomes fat. Protein is not used in everyday. Jerky is the main component of protein and fat, and digestion is not good. It is like giving a jerky to an exhausted distress. Emergency expression is good carbohydrate food of the sugar that changes to glucose fastest. 7. Candies, nougat chocolates, dried fruits, etc. If you spill a lot of sweat, damage all liquids will drain the surrounding heat when evaporated into a gas, called the evaporation heat, the principle of the refrigerator, and the energy source of the typhoon. When sweating is taken off, the evaporation heat is 200 times more than when the skin is dry. A lot of unnecessary sweat during the climb can cause waste of energy and be exposed to hypothermia sooner. It is simple to shed sweat as little as possible. Walk slowly or dress cool. Mountain climbing is different from a climbing mountain that simply sweats for exercise. 8. How can I come to a hard stop? How do you save power? Change your thinking. Lighten clothes and hiking shoes, reduce unnecessary burdens and keep your backpack from slipping. It is to walk, and to move the center of gravity to the left foot, the right foot in the end. You can use less force to match the toe-to-knee-to-normal position and then stand up. Straighten the hind legs perpendicular to each step, lift the front foot comfortably and take a break for a minute, 0.5 seconds ~ 1 second, the fatigue material out of the tired leg muscles in a continuous motion, the technology that gives the time of oxygen and nutrients is the rest step. 9. Exercise your upper body as you climb. There is no exercise as good as a half-body movement. But relatively upper body exercise is lacking. Using the Alpine stick in the hands of the playing can also be used to share the hard labour that ascend. In the plains, the Alpine Stick is held in both hands to push back, allowing the power to move forward. When you climb up, you can lift up the alpine stick and spread the weight by pushing your arms down, reducing the burden on your leg muscles by about 30%. When you come down, you'll get a good balance, and your knees will be protected. Use only one if you go with three wheels and look like a car. 10. Overcoming death is like a vehicle's gearshift. During the climb, everyone reaches the limits of the heart and lungs, and there comes a painful moment. This is the dead Pint, and if you take enough rest, you will experience a death. When we greet the four points and continue to lower the pace, the body is "uh? This person strengthens my practice, "and it enhances the body's different abilities. In other words, it is the same reason that the gear is shifting with the power to the car engine. This condition is called second wind (second breath), increases the ability to consume oxygen, and endorphins can be hard to remove by relieving fatigue/pain substances. 11. Ankle-catching hiking shoes? The ankle of the human body is flexible to move and balance well. Tighten the ankle with hiking shoes, and the ankle flexibility will fall or be better. The long-necked hiking shoes are designed to prevent snow and debris from coming in, to increase warmth, and are suitable for climbing in winter or rough places. During the cold season hiking trails usually have shorter neck and light hiking shoes. Low-friction floor windows make more power. A frictional-good floor window is only a body. However, if you increase the amount of butyl rubber, the wear is better. 12. Use a slightly larger backpack. The size of the backpack is closely related to the most important basic technology of mountaineering, the layering system, the intake of climbing food, and the need to put clothes and food in the backpack often. A backpack that is just right for bread is uncomfortable to pack and tries to do this often during unconsciousness. You should use a heidern saw backpack to ease the storage. The backpack is tightened using a pull strap by the side of the bag. Wearing a waist belt, wrapped around the pelvis bone, can balance the backpack weight and lower the burden on the shoulders. If the backpack is not close to the shoulders and back, or has something to lug, the force is dispersed and the energy is wasted.